Tournament ZU Rigged Tournament - Won by yovan33321

Round 3:

LPY vs. Temporal Totodile - I’m pretty sure Toto quit so this will essentially act as a bye for LPY to face yovan next round if yovan makes it

AstilCodex vs. tlenit - bye week bracket finals

Michael213 vs. yovan33321 - since Michael beat my intended protege for yovan this round he can have the honor of playing yovan in her stead

5gen vs. TJ - The last of the people who performed well in that OMPL games.

czim vs. RawMelon - if I recall correctly, RawMelon had an atrocious performance in the OMPL that ZU was in. czim, on the other hand, was unfortunately on my team, so his terrible performance has had a lasting impact on my memory

Procrastinasian vs. Ampha - ZU voice battle? Is Ampha still voice? I honest to god cannot remember

deadline next sunday midnight ish as usual might extend again since ive been putting up late

LPY vs. Temporal Totodile- I do not think LPY knows what he's doing strong player but toto more up to date with meta game changes
AstilCodex vs. tlenit- Strong battler
Michael213 vs. yovan33321- Upcoming ZU star Michael213 will put an end to yovan's run
5gen vs. TJ - 5gen my favorite ZU user sorry TJ
czim vs. RawMelon - called this before I think czim is getting lazy raw melon will pull this one out in 3 games
Procrastinasian vs. Ampha - Procrast toto match destined to happen they'll both pass this round


Temporal Totodile vs yovan33321
Both players understand well the metagame but I see these games for yovan due to the fact that he is in a great moment. Interesting games though.

TJ vs RawMelon
I see RawMelon motivated for the above post so in close games he can get the series. But really even matches.

Ampha vs AstilCodex
I think AstilCodex is doing great series and plays a lot this meta. However, Ampha won against me and I saw its games playing really nicely. I vote for Ampha but AstilCodex will be something in the near ZU future.
Temporal totodile vs yovan33321
Both players have good understanding of the meta I feel like yovan is really good rn however I also think toto is good enough where I can't give yovan the win.

TJ vs Rawmelon. I think Rawmelon has more momentum here and is very motivated

Ampha vs Astilcodex



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