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Esteemed power rankings that no one asked for:

Flamencos: There's always one team in a draft that does its own thing largely irrespective of the others... But it's something else to see that strategy applied to "I'm picking the good players". The Flamencos not winning this would be a choke of epic proportions, but their one weak point might be the manager. Durza is a world renowned tryhard but he loses his cool in the Discord Premier League even when not playing in said league, and as I am typing this he is beefing in the zu discord so!

Delibirds: aaron somehow managed to navigate the fact that half the signups were adamant to not go there, and ended up picking a not terrible team... But it's kind of hard to see what he was going for? There aren't really a lot of pairings that make a ton of sense, it's not super focused on playing or building, and there's some impressive overpays on that squad. There are some good pieces there though, and if he can keep this a traditional team tour environment they could maybe do things.

Hakamo-os: Solid collection of PU and ZU names, with some LC sprinkled on. I have no idea why he made the trade he did it's not like it's gonna remove what he pulled at the end of the draft ROFL

Swannas: LPY's biggest challenge will be to make 49 interested in ZU. If he manages that, that team could be a solid 2nd as it will give a lot more unique touch to builds - especially in SM and DPP - and a really good tiebreak player in case. Most other players are decent to good but it really hinges on that building here.

Basculins: Not gonna say much cause I'm not Shake and I wouldn't roast my team on this so I'm gonna talk about the fact that we traded someone who would have pinged me forty times at 5AM for the other half of the esteemed ROFL Elite.

Spindas: As someone who has spent more than 20k on Lord Sample Team, I would be wary of that price. As someone who has spent more than 20k on Lord of Stupid Tiers however, I completely understand why. Team has a good mix of cheerleaders and weebs who aren't totally bad at mons, and made a trade that makes them even better. Could be the other finalist here
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ZUPL Trends, Predictions, and First Impressions:

In here I go over my thoughts on ZUPL as a whole and a little bit of what I'm expecting. I went over some set trends that I think are going to be popular and are up and coming. For example, one of them was Silv-Dark+Egg, which was used in a game while publishing this video even lol. At the end, I went in depth with the turn based decision making for three SM games that have been played.

Expect more in the future! Timestamps for the sets + games in description.
ZUPL SM Playstyle Statistics Week 1:

Sorry for the double post but I figured this was worth mentioning. Here is a quick record of the playstyles that were used in week one, as well as their success rate, and I figured could be helpful to go along with the usage stats.

From what I've seen, only three stall games where played, and all of which were won by the stall user. Two were the same team used by the Flamencos, won was the last game of week one by Pif. They both focused on ZU stall staples with 1-2 niche picks to make teams that were very hard to break, beating balance twice and offense once. Balance was the most popular, indicated by the cores and balance staples of ZU, and had a relatively even success rate. Offense was used surprisingly a lot, although note that what I believed was offense in some games could have been balance to your perspective; this is influenced by my bias.

Here are more of my thoughts as a whole and some highlight matches from SM week one. Will talk about old gens soon! (maybe with surprise guest?).

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