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Tournament ZUPL II - Player Signups

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Player Name: Kiyo
Timezone: Gmt-7
Tiers Interested in Playing: SM > ORAS > SS > DPP > BW
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N): I can get busy with work and school from time to time, but I have enough time to build, test, and play each week. Team contributions are gonna be based on how much free time I end up with.

Thanks for considering me!
Player Name: iZeku
Timezone: GMT-6
Tiers Interested in Playing: SS, SM, can play others with some guidance
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N): N, just work during the day.

I need all the help to be noticed so other accounts ive played on that also have minimal recognition are Franky52 and sdfuug.
I have great communication skills and a burning desire to not only better my own ability, but the collective team as well.
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