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Welcome to the player signups of
ZeroUsed Premier League III!

Without players, there is no tournament. This thread is for players to sign up for ZUPL III. More information can be found in the Announcements and Administrative Decisions thread.

Our teams this season are:
:stunky: Lucky Stunkys :stunky: - managed by S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
:hakamo-o: Humilau Hakamo-os :hakamo-o:- managed by Apagogie
:persian: Pay Day Persians :persian: - managed by SBPC
:oricorio: Fiery Flamencos :oricorio:- managed by DurzaOffTopic
:morpeko: Morpeek-A-Boos :morpeko:- managed by Toto
:butterfree: To Pimp A Butterfree :butterfree: - managed by Drud

To sign up, reply using this format:
Player Name:
Tiers Interested in Playing:
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N):
The following tiers are in ZUPL III: SS ZU, SM ZU, ORAS ZU, BW ZU, and DPP ZU.

Player Name: Oathkeepre
Timezone: GMT-5
Tiers Interested in Playing: SS ZU, SM ZU
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N): Nope

Signups will be closed 24 hours before the auction date (Saturday, August 21st at 12:00 noon GMT-4), so don't procrastinate and get your signup in before Friday, August 20th at 12:00 noon GMT-4!

Looking forward to a great season! Feel free to discuss this tournament in the Commencement thread and the ZU Discord!
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Player Name: DC
Timezone: GMT -7
Tiers Interested in Playing: Any with teams (mostly SS and DPP)
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N): Prolly not; preferred to be a sub
- Willing to help with scouts and bounce ideas for teambuilding :blobthumbsup:
Player Name: AM
Timezone: -4
Tiers Interested in Playing: DPP
Any Significant Time Missed? (Y/N): Will need someone to provide teams (without banned mons ._.), will be inactive in chat (not joking), but will play my games.
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