Smogon's Semi-Official Channels

by hollywood, with descriptions by Birkal, jonathanrp, jumpluff, and hollywood

There are many IRC channels affiliated with Smogon that are considered to be "semi-official". While they aren't considered to be on the same level as #smogon, they are used for discussion. These include the channels for the tiers, teambuilding channels, the Grammar-Prose team, general Pokemon discussion, the mentorship program, and internal policy. This article will serve as a list of the channels, as well as the ranked members of the channels.


The main channel to discuss all things pertaining to the Create-A-Pokemon Project. You can expect lively discussion on the inner mechanics of Pokemon here, from how to create a legitimate movepool to writing realistic Pokedex entries.


Come here if you're looking for some in-depth discussion on competitive Pokemon. All of the Contributions & Corrections greats meet here to discuss optimal sets and share their opinions on their respective metagames.


Singles battling not cutting it for you? Check out this channel and the Smogon Doubles metagame here. Probably the most diverse Smogon metagame available, Doubles allows you to play with two Pokemon at a time, patching up one Pokemon's weaknesses with a partner that can cover them. You can discuss anything from teambuilding to the Doubles metagame here.


Members of Smogon's GP team hang out here. The GP team is very helpful and knowledgeable, and if you're interested in discussion about grammar or need assistance with writing, they'll be happy to oblige. If you're writing an analysis and need a quick GP check, this is the place to go.


The best place to start for someone new to Smogon. Any of the members in the channel would be glad to help you out with getting accustomed to the site. If you're nervous about jumping into the competitive scene or just want to learn about any unfamiliar area of Smogon, then this is the channel for you!


The channel where Smogon's badged community members gather to discuss Smogon policy and rules. You will not be able to chat in this channel if you do not have a badge, but you are more than welcome to view the conversation in silence. Check out this channel if you're curious as to how our staff operates.


The channel to go to if you want to discuss Smogon's Little Cup metagame. Take a break from the fast-paced Level 100 metagames filled with Mega Evolutions and legendaries and relax with a metagame where only the first form of each evolution is allowed. The userbase isn't as cute as the Pokemon you can play with here, but they're still nice enough!


Come here if you're looking for in-depth conversation of Smogon's Neverused metagame. This diverse metagame features some intense competition, and all of its regulars fight with pride and creativity. Check out this channel if you're interested in one of Smogon's most innovative tiers, which has created both an enjoyable metagame and a lively forum culture.


One of the most relaxed channels you can find in all of Smogon IRC. Here, many of our casual players gather to discuss in-game experiences and events. From battling Bug Catcher Wade in Pokemon Silver to watching Pokemon movies as a group, this channel is all about enjoying the culture of Pokemon. It's a great place to take a break from the fast-paced competitive environment that Smogon is known for.


The place to go if you're itching for something completely new and inventive. As the birth child of Smogon's Other Metagames forum, this channel is for discussing the delightful potpourri of newly-invented metagames that Smogon users create. Here, you can discuss metagames including Balanced Hackmons, PU, Tier Shift, and a host of other metagames. For more in depth discussion of the PU metagame, visit #pu.


The most relevant channel for discussing Smogon's RarelyUsed metagame. Christened as the "perpetual middle child" of Smogon's metagames, RU has an incredible amount of diversity to play within its tier. It has a unique flavor for a metagame and all of the RU regulars are as intellectually intimidating as they are helpful and friendly. This is definitely the channel to check out if you're interested in a metagame experience that differs from the norm in a good way.


The best place to go if you're eager to discuss all things relating to Smogon's Rate My Team activities. If you're looking for some specific feedback on how you are doing as a team rater, you will receive some meaningful feedback here. This channel features some intellectual discussion on topics such as teambuilding, team synergy, and team goals, among others.


The hallowed grounds for discussing our past metagames, which are all hosted in the Ruins of Alph. Don't assume that these metagames have dulled over the years; competition is still intense and focused in these metagames. From old school RBY to the highly acclaimed DPP OU/UU metagames and even the recent BW2 generation, you're in for a blast from the past if you check out this channel.


The official IRC channel for Smogon's simulator, Pokemon Showdown. This channel is primarily used for technical purposes such as coding for the main server and help with technical issues and as such should not be used to socialize.


The cultured art chat of Smogon; all of our great artists meet here. This is a great place to get feedback on your art pieces (whether it be Pokemon-related or otherwise) from Smogon's most famous artists. You can also pop into this channel if you have a general art request.


When playing on a simulator just doesn't cut it, the Wi-Fi crew is here to help out. Come here for all your Wi-Fi needs, from help with breeding to trading and Wi-Fi battling. If it's related to competitive cartridge gameplay, it is welcome here.


Home of our most boisterous brawlers, Smogon's Ubers metagame is packed with powerhouses, and this channel follows suit. Come join the fray by duking it out with the most powerful Pokemon Smogon has to offer in this channel full of larger-than-life personalities.


All discussion of Smogon's UnderUsed tier takes place here. The highly competitive UU scene gathers quite a crowd in this channel. Make sure to frequent here if you have aspirations for getting better at the tier; you'll get to hear plenty of detailed thoughts on strategies and playsets.