The Orange League - Round 1

The Challenges

  • Pokemon Snap (N64) - Highest score in the Volcano level
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC) - Fastest playthrough (shortest time after clearing the Grand Masters and Ronald)
  • Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (ADV) - Greatest number of combined double circles in a Pokeblock mix
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (DS) - Longest PokeRadar chain
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS) - Highest Bug Catching Contest score

The Teams

Team SteelSeed:
Garud, Dinosaurdan, Atsync, LockDown, and Espeon65

Mowdown Hoedown:
Birkal, Solace, WildEep, Nexus, and Charmander

Team euheuheuh:
Django, CrashinBoomBang, McMeghan, DTC, and Zebraiken

The Grammar Slammers:
SuperJOCKE, CherubAgent, Shnen, and DHR-107

Team Tumbleweed:
Zystral, jas61292, billymills, Princess of Johto, and Deinosaur

Team PSDuckie:

The GastRODANs:
Rodan, Level 51, Showsni, TalkingLion, and Wobbanaut

The Results

Volcano Level

  1. Showsni with a score of 2716900! (5)
  2. CrashinBoomBang with a score of 2646300! (3)
  3. Django with a score of 2577200! (3)

Fastest TCG Playthrough

  1. CrahinBoomBang, with a blistering time of 45 minutes! (5)
  2. Garud, with a time of 1 hour and 35 minutes! (3)
  3. Wild Eep, with a time of 2 hours and 37 minutes! (1)

Pokéblock Blender

  1. Garud with a score of 137! (5)
  2. atsync with a score of 133! (3)
  3. billymills with a score of 131! (1)

Poké Radar Chain

  1. Nexus with a chain of 112! (5)
  2. billymills with a chain of 68! (3)
  3. LockDown has a chain of 58! (1)

Bug Catching Contest

  1. CrashinBoomBang with a score of 389! (5)
  2. Second is atsync with a score of 387! (3)
  3. Third we have McMeghan with a score of 381! (1)

Sudden Death

Team SteelSeed and Team euheuheuh found themselves tied with 15 points each, so a 48 hour sudden death playoff was issued. The challenge was the highest score for a photo of Mew in Pokemon Snap! Garud managed to earn 10,000 points, just 80 more than CrashinBoomBang's 9,920. He and his team were awarded one more point for the leaderboards, winning the first round of the event. Congratulations Team SteelSeed!