The Chess Room

By Austin and Timbuktu. Art by OhSnapple!.
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An activity that has been around for centuries with no certain origin, chess has spread to all parts of the world and continues to widen its audience daily. The Chess room is enjoyed by many PS users from around the globe. It is designed as a place where you can play and discuss chess with other users and your friends. If you are new to chess, don't be discouraged! The Chess room is open to players of all skill levels; the fancy chess talk that goes on in the room should not deter you from learning. We even offer chess help to anyone who needs it or just wants to hone their chess skills.

Basics of Chess

Chess is a turn-based strategy game in which the objective is to advance your pieces across the board and capture the opponent's pieces. You shouldn't, however, recklessly sacrifice your pieces, as defense is a very important aspect that comes into play with strategy.


The pawn is able to move one space forward and can attack forward diagonally on either the left or right side. It is the most basic piece, but when used in numbers, it can play an important part in any game; it is one of the most necessary units. Pawns are usually the first piece that you move when starting a game. This alone will determine whether or not you lead with an effective opening. There are many different openings that you can choose from, but picking the one that you know best will often be your best chance at winning.


The bishop is able to move any number of spaces diagonally in any direction. A well-placed bishop can stop your opponent from moving without giving up an important piece, such as a queen, or set up a well-thought trap limiting the number of spaces that the king can move, making the win easier to accomplish.


The knight is able to move two spaces any direction and then one space to the side. The knight is one of the most commonly used pieces for trapping an opposing piece. Carefully placed knights can give you the upper hand in a match; knights placed near the middle will offer great coverage of the board.


The rook is one of the most important pieces that you have. The rook is also able to move any number of spaces vertically or horizontally. If you play defensively, you will be able to use it to castle your king, resulting in the maximum amount of defense for your king. Having a rook on your opponent's side of the board without it being in any harm from an opposing piece will provide you with the opportunity to take a few pieces for free, set up a checkmate, or even lead one of your pawns to your opponent's side, resulting in a pawn promotion.


The queen is often described as the most powerful piece, as it has the ability to move any number of spaces in any direction horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Keeping your queen for longer than your opponent will often lead to victory or a huge advantage, so make sure that your queen is carefully preserved. However, be sure to use it to its maximum potential.


The king is able to move any direction, like the queen, but only one space. If your king is unable to move without being threatened by another piece, you lose the game, which is otherwise known as checkmate.

Organization of the Chess room

In the Chess room, users often start matches with each other using chess emulators, websites that emulate a chess match between two people, similar to how Pokémon Showdown! simulates Pokémon battles. Some examples of chess emulators include and Both sites provide practice, extra help, and thorough explanations of detailed chess strategy. You do not need an account on either of these sites, but keeping track of your records and comparing them with other Chess users can be a lot of fun and help you become a better player. In addition to battling each other, users participate in chess strategy discussions, which range from decisive leads to game-changing turnarounds. This interactive strategy discussion is open to all users, and it is very helpful for new players to observe or participate in themselves. When you are exposed to head-on learning opportunities, you have a higher chance of grasping what is being taught, which is why we often see huge improvement in players' skill in a small amount of time! Although it is not guaranteed that you will learn something new depending on your skill level, we welcome all users to engage in conversations and matches with everyone.

Voiced Tournaments

The Chess room recently unveiled one of its newest projects: chess tournaments. Anyone can play in these exciting tournaments, and the grand prize is room Voice in the Chess room! The tournaments occur weekly; the people who place first, second, and third will be rewarded with points. First place will receive three points, second two points, and third one point. The user with the most points at the end of each month will be promoted to Voice in our room.


Whether you're looking to improve your skills, find a few chess matches, or just hang out and talk about chess, the Chess room is just the place for you. Stop by and give us a hello; you're always welcome!
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