Surviving the Gaming Life

By Meteordash and Saverdien. Art by Arhops.
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Both rooms, Survivor and Game Corner, are user-based rooms for fun games and much more! Whether luck or battling is incorporated into these fun games, you know what they say: "The more the merrier!" Both rooms always have fun mini-games in stock for all to play. We're here to show you the fun, yet undiscovered part of Pokemon Showdown. Survivor and Game Corner are both rooms that are rather fun to be apart of. It's pretty unbelievable how addicting these rooms can be when you start getting attached to them and getting into the swing of things. So, without further adieu, let's begin.

Survivor Room

This room is mainly about the important and exciting path of luck. May the dice be in favor of you! We have a series of games for all of you to play. Most include luck, so always be on your toes! Anything could happen, So watch out, and welcome to the room, everybody!

The Basics

This room showcases a TON of games to play; some involve skill, but most involve luck. This room often uses !roll 100 / !dice 100, to test your luck of, well, survival. The aim of the game is just to have a higher roll than others to try to kill them! As brutal as that sounds, it's actually pretty fun. You can team with your friends, betray them for fun, or just attack pretty much anybody who's playing! The game revolves against your luck and your mind. Welcome to the room, and have fun.


Three popular game modes are Pokémon Survivor, Hunger Games Anonymous, and the well-known Classic Mode! Classic Mode is a pretty basic game. It's what the room started with, and it has been played many times throughout the room's existence. The normal rules that you hear of are typically for Survivor games. Pokémon Survivor, on the other hand, is a game mode revolving around interesting skill. It's up to luck to give you a Pokémon to use, and you have to make a competitive set for it! Once you do that, you battle others and try to win. Not only is it all about luck, it's also about competitive play, So you'd better hope that you get a good Pokémon. Last up, we have Hunger Games Anonymous. This surprising and exciting game mode gives players secret nicknames and has them attack one another without knowing who is who. Not only that, but no comrades are available, meaning that you're all alone! Better wish yourselves all good luck, and join us now for some good ol' fun.


Game Corner Room

Game Corner is a place where you can play a myriad of simple, fun games against other competitors. What started off as a little room for just one small game expanded to a room with several different games requiring many different types of skill, making it fun for everyone! Our array of games can fall under four different categories: Puzzle, Question, Competition, and Elimination.

Puzzle Games

Puzzles games are those that involve a strategic question where the players are to find the correct answer to the problem. Puzzle games include Commonyms, Letter Getter, and The Missing Link. For example, a game of Commonyms is being often played, and the puzzle is "A ladder, a rope, and a mountain." To find the solution to these kind of puzzles, you need to find something that is correlated to all three of the words. In this case, the correlation is that they are all things that you climb.

Question Games

Question games might not be considered as "games," but what makes them interesting are the choices that the people in the room choose. The most popular questionnaires we use are questions starting with "Would You Rather." (Fun fact: Would You Rather was Game Corner's first game! It dates back to before more games were introduced.) A fun way to get to know some people, the game of Would You Rather is liked by many and served as the first building block of our growing room.

Competition Games

Competition games are games that bring the most fun to the room. Most of these games require creativity with hardly any sort of skill whatsoever, whereas our other games do have some skill involved. The creative side of competition games allows you to use your creative mind to create certain things related to Pokémon, such as nicknames, new Mega Evolutions, or even your own variants of created Pokémon. Whoever hosts gets to be the judge and determines the top three round winners based upon their opinions and thoughts. Games like these often go for 3-5 rounds with an overall winner. On the other hand, the skill portion of competition games are all implemented in the Game Corner bot, known as Luig-E. These games consist of trivial questions and anagrams of Pokémon-related topics, and everyone competes to find the correct answers and reach the predetermined number of them required to win.

Elimination Games

Alongside the competition games, we have an elimination element of games. Elimination-type games require a good amount of skill, and maybe even some luck. The game of Ambush puts you into a deathmatch against the other competitors where you want to shoot at your opponents and raise your shield before you get ambushed by the barrage of bullets. The concept of elimination may also be used in some competition games; may the most creative win. Likewise, as with Survivor, Game Corner does have its own competitions of luck where it's anybody's game, whether it's avoiding a trap door or risking an overbid.


Like Survivor, Game Corner's got a bot of its own! Stated before, it can host its set of competition games and elimination games, such as Ambush. Not only that, it also offers over 700 Would You Rather questions that the staff and peeps have contributed to! Although it needs to be told to start a game manually, when hosting, Luig-E can go through one of its scripted games automatically without any troubles (most of the time).

Game Overviews

So what are some of the cool signup games here at Game Corner and how do they play out? Glad you asked! One of our fan favorites happens to be Ambush. It might seem simple to just shoot at someone (using /me fires @ ...), but it's not always a walk in the park. Sometimes, even those few milliseconds shaved off of your time can be detrimental and can cause you to be eliminated. Another thing that keeps you on your toes is the element of surprise. If relentlessly waiting for the fire command isn't bad enough, there is a chance that the host gives a fake fire command. Firing prior to the actual fire will leave you completely vulnerable to attacks, so you'll have to be fast and alert! Another game that people enjoy playing is one of our many competition games, the first of which is Nickgames. As mentioned above, competition games allow you to unleash your inner creativity, and nicknaming Pokémon is a prime example of that, whether the nickname is cute, cool, clever, fitting, etc. The host or hostess gets to choose which Pokémon the players have to nickname and chooses the top 3 best nicknames according to their opinion.

Other Notes

The signups of competition and elimination games are announced in the chat and can be joined by using /me in. If you are a regular wanting to host, you can get permission from one of our staff members. Game Corner is always open to new ideas every day, so if you have an idea of a game, PM a room owner with the game details, or submit it to our scripted game contest for a chance to win a possible Room Voice! Currently, we're looking for easy but challenging games (oxymoronic, I know), as they are the kind that users most enjoy.

These are only two of the several games that we have, and if there are any questions, be sure to ask any of our room auth, and they'll gladly give you the information that you need about the room. Everybody is encouraged to compete in the games, so come and join the fun at Game Corner! ...Just don't touch the switch behind the poster.


Both Saverdien and I, Meteordash, hope that you enjoy your stay in both these rooms! And MOST importantly, we want you to have tons and tons of fun! Enjoy your stay, guys!

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