Much Ado About Free Time

By Anto and slayerx725232. Art by asgdf.
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Running out of designated tasks to complete is an issue that many people face in modern times, especially with the technological assistance that we are given to aid in our work, causing everyone to have their own hobbies, whether it's animal watching, being a Fashionista, or just plain old collecting things. But where would an individual on PS! go to discuss such lovely interests? That's where the Free Time room comes into play. Formerly two separate rooms, Safari Zone and Fashion, Free Time is the go-to place for anyone who wants to talk about their interests. The room also helps people discover certain interests or innate skills that they may possess without them even knowing it. Say you had never cooked a day in your life, then suddenly someone asks whether or not you can accomplish such tasks. The results would be stupendous if you were to learn that you had a hidden talent or an intense passion for cooking. That is one of the main bases of the room, helping people discover what they love to do best.

But what exactly defines a free time activity? That would be any activity in which one uses the time that one has without having other prior obligations, typically to enjoy themselves. So whether you love automobiles or have a strange obsession with rocks, they all fall under such a category. And what can the Free Time room offer for such topics? The room helps provide a place of discussion and input on certain aspects. The hospitality held within the room is incredible, making the room a place of enjoyment and companionship. Aside from finding interests that you may have, a person can expect to find others who love the same things, potentially creating new friendships that never would have existed without such a mutual topic enjoyment.

Now I'm certain that at this point you're wondering, "What else can this room offer me aside from a room of discussion? Lobby already covers general discussion, why bother joining another room?" Well the answer is simple: while the Lobby is indeed a congregation of various conversationalists, Free Time is a more hands-on room which is never afraid to go over tips, advice, or any other form of help. Not to mention that the roomintro is changed on a regular basis, typically being composed of an animal fact, a travel fact, and a fashion tip to help you learn while you have fun chatting.

And when chat topics begin to hit a phase where they dwindle, and people are unable to keep a respectable conversation going on? That's when the lovely assortment of games provided by the room staff come in. Such games include:

The most amazing aspect of the room is the people that drive it towards the success it holds: the room staff, and namely the Room Owners. The amount of effort that these people dedicate to this room to ensure that it is a safe, upbeat area for people to discuss things in is outstanding, and they should be commended immensely. This goes beyond the typical chatroom modding as well, with them pulling up countless ideas, such as the #selfie page on the room's website, to make the room more interactive, intelligent, and fun.

To wrap things up, Free Time is the go-to room for any hobby-related discussions that one may want to hold, as well as just a place to have a fun time. Despite being one of the more unrelated topics to Pokémon, it is a very organized room that is backed by a ton of content, making it all the more memorable and worthwhile. It is run by a group of outstanding individuals that are dedicated to keeping the room a safe haven from all negativity. It is most definitely worth checking out, if not becoming involved with permanently.

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