The Player

Issue 5

2nd December, 2014

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Cover art by Blue Frog

Editors' Notes

Editors Scene and Vacate reflect upon and share their thoughts about this issue of The Player.

Interview with Vacate

Spydreigon interviews the winner of the staff interview poll: Vacate!

The Gossiper Returns

MattL returns with yet another humorous edition of The Gossiper!

The Teambuilder

For those of you who are confused about how the PS Teambuilder works, look no further! unfixable covers all that you need to know about teams, backing them up, and more!

A Healthy Obsession With Fitness

slayerx725232 presents a look at how to get fitter through the Health & Fitness room and the real facts behind fitness.

How to be a Good Presence in the Lobby

Lost and not sure how to contribute to the Lobby? No worries; Goddess Briyella and Antemortem will show you the basics and how to make a good impression in the Lobby!

Chess Room

Timbuktu and Austin give you a quick tour of the Chess room and what it's all about.

Surviving the Gaming Life

For those who are unsure of how Game Corner and Survivor works, Meteordash and Saverdien will give you a quick tour of the room and the games that are hosted!

Much Ado About Free Time

slayerx725232 introduces you to the Free Time room and its purpose.

How to be Successful at Challenges

Zodiax covers exactly what you need to do to be successful in the Challenges room.

PSPL II Coverage: Round 2–Finals

Spydreigon analyzes the events that took place during PSPL from Round 2 all the way to the finals!

Introduction to Almost Any Ability

Unsure about the mechanics or even how the AAA metagame works? asterat writes in great detail about all you need to know to be successful in this OM!

Recently on PS!

Get caught up on all the latest news and promotions from the Pokémon Showdown! server!