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Move Animations & Room Events

By Dell on November 8, 2014

Updates to move animations are being made! Graphics will be frequently updated as we cover all of the existing moves (where either new or improved changes will be added), and changes will be applied to battles.

As what happened today, the MMORPG room will be hosting another game night next Saturday at 8 PM EST! They will be showcasing Realm Of The Mad God.

Free Time is hosting a talent show, where singing, card tricks, art and more are accepted!

Seasonal Ladder Returns!

By Dell on November 10, 2014

Remember the OM Seasonal Ladder? It now returns to Showdown in a brand new installment! Unlike the previous seasonals that celebrated specific holidays, Seasonal Strikes Back intends to celebrate the comeback of the format itself, mashing up the mechanics from the previous seasonals all together into one. This combination brings an enjoyable experience for everyone, with a nice hint of nostalgia for the older users, so don't miss out!

PS is back up!

By Zarel on November 30, 2014

Actually, PS main has been back up for over a week now, and we've been slowly fixing the remaining parts of the website.

New today: The news system is working again! As before, you'll be seeing updates about our new features, tiers, events and many more as they come! Stay tuned... :o

Changes in the Ubers Tier

By Dell on November 30, 2014

Upon redefining Smogon's tier system, Ubers is now known as the tier above OU rather than just a banlist. Mega Rayquaza will not be allowed in this metagame, and instead is moved to our new format named Anything Goes! Outside of the Endless Battle Clause, this format intends to permit the use of anything legal in the cartridge games! Be sure to check it out and play!


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