Meet the Admins

Meet the Admins

With all the daily busyness and commotion that Pokemon Showdown naturally brings, the administration figured it would be nice to just take a step back and introduce each member of the admin team. They've been split into three different categories based on how PS operates backstage – Owner, Policy, and Technical – so without further ado, meet the:



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Zarel created Pokemon Showdown back when he was still known as aeo, and has been diligently making it more awesome since. He's pretty chill and easily approachable, and funnels the majority of his effort into the technical aspects of Pokemon Showdown. Zarel generally just wants to work on Pokemon Showdown, and have fun, so providing one or both of those will surely put you in his good books.

Area of Expertise: Virtually everything


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chaos is the founder of Smogon and has been playing Pokemon competitively for over a decade. Meet him on the randbats ladder if you haven't yet. He researches programming languages, and enjoys listening to and playing music.

Area of Expertise: Jack of All Trades

Policy Administrators


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EV (or EG or even TEG depending on how long you've known him) is a returning policy administrator who first joined PS staff in early 2015 after climbing the ranks in the Other Metagames community. He lords over the simulator from his secret base inside a car dealership where he also works, making him the only "paid" staff member currently. He lives in the Seattle area and in his free time, he loves to read and write fantasy and science fiction, work on his card game, and watch Joanne the Scammer and Jiminy Glick videos.

Area of Expertise: Global staff management & global rules


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Goes by LiD, Tiff, and Tiffany. Is a bird. Very knowledgeable on bird-related-topics. Does not sleep. She comes from Lobby and only accepts battle requests in the form of Hackmons Cup. Please talk to her if you see her, she is approachable and likes to pretend she has friends.

Area of Expertise: Bird facts & global policy

Technical Administrators


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Antar is a name you may not recognize at first, but if you've ever looked at the ladder usage stats and wondered "which magnificent human being is responsible for this?" then he is your man. He ran the Pokemon Online Smogon University server for a while before the transition to Pokemon Showdown and is now our full time stats man. He also has an active YouTube page, so if you've ever got some time to kill, spend an hour or three listening to one of Smogon's finest voices.

Area of Expertise: Usage Stats


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bumbadadabum is a jack of all trades and works on a lot of different aspects of PS, both on the coding end and policy end. His honest and direct approach to matters has made him one of the longest- running ROs and a dependable workhorse within Upper Staff. Don't be afraid to approach him about anything related to PS, as long as it doesn't involve battles; the only tier he plays is Anything Goes using a team of Ditto.

Area of Expertise: Moderation Tools, Room Management


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Marty, otherwise known as the second coming of Marty, is a researcher extraordinaire. Having gotten started on Pokemon Showdown in early 2012, he quickly rose through the ranks with his unique skill set. He probably knows more about Pokemon mechanics than Game Freak and has put in huge amounts of work faithfully implementing them. The job is never quite finished though, since there's always more to find and more research to be done as new games continue to be released. If you're ever in need of a game mechanic guru for basically any generation, Marty can be found using that primitive chat program known as IRC.

Area of Expertise: Research, in-game mechanics


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sirDonovan(or sirDono/Dono) is a quiet programmer probably most known for his room bots. Similar to antemortem, he started out in the Tournaments room in the summer of 2013. After being promoted to global driver, he began reading through Pokemon Showdown's source code in an effort to learn JavaScript and help with ideas submitted by other staff. He contributed slowly but steadily on GitHub, from new commands and quality of life changes to optimizations and implementing more complex features, learning more about programming and earning several promotions along the way.

Area of Expertise: Server registration, maintenance of scripted tournaments

The Immortal

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The Immortal has been part of Pokemon Showdown since 2012 and is known as the mysterious programmer from Dubai. Unlike the other technical staff, he doesn't code for a living but does so as a hobby. He actually has a degree in finance! Other than Zarel, TI has made the most commits to the PS GitHub repository, including tons of mechanics implementations. On Smogon, he leads Other Metagames, and has used his position on PS to expand its presence. TI also runs Pokemon Showdown's signature format, Random Battle! Despite being technical, he stays involved with policy on the sim as well.

Area of Expertise: Maintenance of formats, events, and general Pokemon data

What about Leaders?

Global Leaders (&) are responsible for contributing/coordinating several facets of Pokemon Showdown at a smaller capacity than Administrators. They typically contribute to areas such as public/private room management, global staff management, policy enforcement, new and existing scripts/modifications, discipline appeals, so on and so forth. There are more Leaders than there are Administrators, and as such they delegate a myriad of responsibilities amongst themselves as their interests see fit. You may view a full list of PS Leaders and to what they contribute here.