NeverUsed Art by Bummer.

Introduction to the NeverUsed Hub

Welcome to the NeverUsed hub! NeverUsed is the lowest tier available in standard Generation 6 play, just below RU. Many different, unique Pokemon find their home down here in the bottom of the barrel which creates a diversity that is unmatched by any other tier. To the left of this page in the navigation bar, you can find links to the NU Pokemon and analyses, the NU forum, projects and resources, old news article archives, and just about anything and everything about the NeverUsed tier. If you're looking to talk about the NU tier, join us on the forums, Pokemon Showdown!, or IRC at #neverused where you can talk about the NU tier in real-time.

Latest News

NU Hub Returns!

Posted by Minus on December 8, 2014

After more than a year, it was decided that the hubs should be updated again with new information about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Because of this, all the information from the BW metagames were shifted over into another tab in the sidebar called "Past Gens". Feel free to look through that if you want to revisit BW! If everything goes according to plan, the hubs should be update around every month, if not week.

This Month in NU!

Posted by skylight on September 23, 2013

Loads has happened during the last month in NU! Tachycardia won the NU STABmons minitour, the Homecoming Dance minitour was posted and won by atomicllamas and the next minitour was posted: tennisace's magical mystery tournament, which was invite-only. The Top 10 Titans of NU thread decided on the top 10 Pokemon and is now in the voting stage to decide on the rankings. We saw a huge change in Gorebyss' usage in the August stats (rising from the 30s > 3rd place). Time will only tell if that's reflected in the September stats or not! That's about all for now.

Recently in NU

Posted by skylight on August 22, 2013

With only Raseri as a NeverUsed Contributions and Corrections moderator, ebeast and Treecko have been appointed NU Contributions and Corrections moderators. Congrats! In forum news, FLCL won NU Conquest, proving that FLCL conquers every Pokemon ever rather than just every project ever. Lasagne21 posted The Top 10 Titans of the 5th Gen NU Metagame, a project based around finding the top 10 NU Pokemon of this generation, now that XY is coming. tennisace (along with help from TalkTakesTime) posted the viability stats, which took the viability rankings and compared them to the NU stats. This was to show where a Pokemon should be, where a Pokemon actually was and how accurate the stats really were compared to the viability rankings. Raseri brought back the Sweet Potato award (which you can read more about under Projects) and the 14th minitour finally finished, with meeps taking the win. That's all for now!

Goodbye Zebraiken, Hello Raseri!

Posted by skylight on August 8, 2013

Zebraiken has stepped down from the NeverUsed tier leader position, and has given it to Raseri. The NU community has appreciated Zebraiken's leadership throughout his reign as NU tier leader over the last year, and he will definitely be missed. On the other hand, Raseri has been an amazing contributor to the community and has shown great leadership throughout his time as NU moderator. Congrats on becoming the new tier leader, Raseri!

Jynx Not Banned

Posted by skylight on August 7, 2013

The Jynx suspect discussion concluded, and the vote went ahead. It was decided that Jynx was not broken in a vote of 4 Ban, and 11 Do Not Ban, resulting in Jynx not being banned. That's all for now, keep playing and discussing NU!

Jynx Suspect Discussion

Posted by skylight on August 1, 2013

Jynx will be voted on in the upcoming suspect test. This is also likely the last suspect test before XY, unless Dream World abilities for certain Pokemon are released. You can read the discussion in the Jynx Suspect Discussion Thread. Voting will happen in a few days, so keep an eye on NeverUsed for the results of the suspect test. In other news, you'll see July's Usage Stats for your favorite tier (NeverUsed) in a day or two! Keep in mind that if Jynx is banned, the stats could change significantly by the time August's Usage Stats come out. That's all for now!

Recently in NU

Posted by skylight on July 28, 2013

SCMS has been down for a while due to the move to XenForo so we haven't had a chance to update, but now we can update more regularly! In the last month we've welcomed Mandibuzz into the tier and Suspect Testing discussion has begun. In NU project news, DTC launched The Final Frontier (a project based around finding the most suited Pokemon for the sixth slot of each team) as well as BOTW (a project based around weekly battles between top players, voted by the community). Lolkomori also started NU Conquest, which is based around conquering all the Pokemon in the S to D tier in the viability rankings. Danger Zone is also close to finishing, with Fusxfaranto, Raseri and Sweet Jesus in the final three. Who will be the last one alive? There is also a new minitour, NU Stabmons, hosted by Lasagne21. In other news, Raseri, DTC and Treecko were given the Community Contributor badge for their contributions towards the forum, congratulations! Keep an eye out on NeverUsed over the next few weeks, as soon the suspects will be decided upon, and voting will begin.

This Week in NU!

Posted by skylight on June 24, 2013

The Viability Ranking has now added three levels (low, medium, high) to each rank, similar to what the other tiers have been doing. Research Week has successfully launched again after a long absence, and is now in its second week with Shiftry, Ursaring, Klang and Rampardos as the Pokemon being tested. In Contributions and Corrections news, WhiteDMist is now a member of the NU Quality Control team, congratulations!

Recently in NU

Posted by skylight on June 16, 2013

The last five months have been busy for NU - so busy that this hub hasn't been updated in that long! To recap, NU hosted NUPL (NeverUsed Premier League), a tournament similar to the Smogon Premier League where teams were pitted against each other each week and earnt points based on the amount of games won. The Sootopolis Samurotts and the Blackthorn Braviarys made it to the finals, with the Braviarys coming out on top and won the prestigious title of NUPL champions. The Next Best Thing returned and was hosted by Vivillon this time around. It has since become the most replied to thread in NU. Jynx was freed after being banned since May 2012, and Munchlax, Primeape and Scolipede dropped down from RU. FireMage, Punchshroom and Vivillon were added as NU Community Contributors for their contributions to the forum through hosting certain events and making quality posts in the forum. Past much-loved events such as Crisis Core and NUgget Bridge made a return, with FLCL reclaiming his title of Team Rocket member. NU also had a live NU-related discussion called the NUcast, which was hosted by tennisace and featured many of NU's favourites including Django, shnen and Cherub Agent. The Viability Ranking was also completely updated thanks to Raseri, Treecko, tennisace, FLCL and ebeast, after months of being untouched. And that's all! Over the next week or so this hub is going to be completely updated, so watch this space (and hopefully updates will be more consistent this time!)

New Community Contributor

Posted by DTC on January 27, 2013

Congratulations to ium for getting a Community Contributor badge! ium has been an active participant in various threads in the NU forum, such as np: and viability ranking. He was also a key part in reviving this hub by updating the content and format of many pages. Overall, ium has been a phenomenal contributor to the NU community.

Huge Changes for NU

Posted by Raseri on Jan 2, 2013

Unsurprisingly, Snover was deemed to be not broken by the NU senate. However, the recent tier shifts have taken it from us, along with studs like Emboar, Cinccino, Amoonguss, and Absol. These changes are going to shake up the tier for quite some time. Luckily, we did get some Pokemon from RU to try out as well. Roselia finally makes her return to NU, along with the famous dog, Stoutland. Hopefully all these changes make for a great metagame, make sure to get on the ladder and try it out!

New Senate Members

Posted by Raseri on Dec 30, 2012

Congratulations to Annoyer and ebeast for becoming part of the NU senate! They will be participating in the upcoming vote on Snover and will receive their Tiering Contributor badge afterwards. Thank you CrashinBoomBang and Amarillo for all the hard work you guys put in.

New Contributions and Corrections Moderator

Posted by Raseri on Oct 20, 2012

Raseri has been appointed a Contributions and Corrections Moderator for NU. He will be assisting in the forum, making sure every analysis on-site is top notch. Make sure you come to the NU Analyses sub-forum and reserve a Pokemon if you want your own ladybug or teardrop badge!

New Community Contributors

Posted by Raseri on Oct 20, 2012

Congratulations to Sweet Jesus, ebeast, and Annoyer for getting a Community Contributor badge. All three users are exemplary posters in the NU forum, all leading discussion in their own way. Thank you for your great contributions, it is greatly appreciated. Want your own Community Contributor badge? Make sure to post in the NeverUsed forum. We do notice!

New Contributors

Posted by DTC on Oct 6, 2012

Congratulations to Amarillo and Raseri for getting a Contributor badge. Both users were rewarded the Contributor badge primarily due to their excellent work in the NU Analyses forum. Amarillo wrote a total of 15 analyses and has been a QC member for a few months. Raseri has only written 8 analyses, but he is an extremely active QC member and worked on two articles as well. Their work is greatly appreciated, so make sure to thank them. Do you want a teardrop badge of your own? Well head on down to the NU Analyses sub-forum and reserve a Pokemon to do an analysis for. Your help is needed!

October Tier Shifts

Posted by DTC on Oct 1, 2012

It's that time of the year again: tier shifts! For those of you that live under a rock, Smogon's tiers are decided by usage. The tiers change every three months with the updated usage stats that reflect new trends. The smallest tier shift in the history of BW NU just occurred today, much to dismay of many NU players: nothing moved up, and only one Pokemon moved down. Metang. Metang was bashed as a mediocre Pokemon until it moved up to RU thanks to Molk and his henchman. They failed to consistently ladder with Metang in RU after that, thanks to lack of funding from head of #pokemon Aldaron, so it fell right back down to NU. Metang should be slightly better now thanks to Zangoose and Cinccino becoming much more popular as well as Pokemon such as Articuno increasing in popularity. Will Metang still be awful like many players thought it was before the additions of BW2, or will it find valuable use on many upcoming NU teams?

NU Teambuilding 101 Begins

Posted by DTC on Sept 26, 2012

Have trouble teambuilding in NU? Want to learn how the experts in the tier build teams? Well then this new project is really useful for you! Every other week, three adept NU players will make a team based on certain guidelines and explain what went through their head as they were making the team. This is an excellent way to get valuable insight from the top players. You even get free teams!

NU Pokemon of the Week Begins

Posted by DTC on Sept 21, 2012

A new project, NU Pokemon of the Week, has just begun. In it, a different Pokemon will be discussed each week. Anything and everything relating to NU about the Pokemon can be talked about. Come participate in this new NU project. Fantastic participants will be noted in the thread and you may even earn yourself some colorful postbit under your username if you continue to be a fantastic poster there.

NeverUsed Mini-Tournament 4 Begins

Posted by Django on Sept 17, 2012

Following the end of the NUlympics, a brand new mini-tournament has begun! Hosted by Raseri, this tournament will be unbanning and banning certain Pokemon from NU each round, in order to "shake-up" the metagame and play around with some new toys. Round 1 has just begun and both Sandslash and Crustle are now allowed in NU! Crustle brings a whole new dimension to hazard stacking teams, as well as being able to go offensive itself with Shell Smash, while Sandslash drops down to become arguably the most useful Rapid Spin user in the tier. Round 1 sees some exciting match ups as influential Smogon user Omicron faces off against NU regular and relatively new user Sweet Jesus. Stay tuned to the hub for news on the later rounds!

NUlympics End

Posted by Django on Sept 17, 2012 | Art by FLCL.

After over two months of intense competition, and four seperate mini-tournaments, the NUlympics have come to and end. The first event was a Monotype tournament, in which DTC defeated ebeast in the final while using a mono Normal team. Everyone was disappointed by the lack of Solrock from DTC, which managed to clutch a previous match against NU Moderator Zebraiken, and the lack of Berry shenanigans from ebeast, but trust DTC to be boring and use Normal in the finals. Next up was a tournament which required every user to ban two things as they signed up, ranging from Pokemon to items, moves and abilities. This turned the metagame upside down, making most popular strategies and plans unavailable. Established NU battler CrashinBoomBang adapted well to this however, and overcame Incon in the final while riding on the wave created by his Agility Basculin. The third event was Triples, a new battle mode for Generation 5, in which hectic battles are created by pitting half of the users Pokemon against one another. Strange gimmicks and unique tactics became more common in this event, and the triples mindset was foreign to many of the primarily singles based players. Incon got his revenge for the previous final, beating CrashinBoomBang in an intense final. The final event restored some sense of normality to the NUlympics, the only restriction being that every Pokemon had to hold a choice item of some sort. Yet again Incon reached the final, but he couldn't repeat his heroics of Event 3 and had to settle for Silver after user shnen claimed the Gold. This meant that the overall winner with one Gold and two Silvers was Incon, CrashinBoomBang came second with a Gold and a Silver, while DTC and shnen tied for third with a single Gold medal each. Congratulations to Incon for winning and everyone else for competing, and a huge thank you to Keiran for hosting this massive event!