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Introduction to the RarelyUsed Hub

Welcome to the RarelyUsed hub! Here you can find resources and information about the tier. To the left of the page, we have links to the main news (this page), the RU Pokemon and analyses, the RU Forum, projects and resources, and archives for old news articles. If you are looking to contribute to RU or learn more about the tier, join us on the forums and on IRC at #rarelyused! Find out more about IRC here.

Latest News

Feraligatr Quickbanned from RU

Posted by atomicllamas on March 13, 2015

The RU council has decided to quickban Feraligatr from RU. The reasoning is below:

Gaining Sheer Force gave Feraligatr three crucial boons that resulted in its ban: the ability to hit tremendously hard straight off the bat, have the capability to run Dragon Dance and even Specially Based-attacker sets to limit its pool of checks, and accentuate the power of its already fearsome Swords Dance sets. Between its above average bulk and pure Water typing, Feraligatr found many opportunities to set up all the while being incredibly difficult to revenge kill once it got going. This significant increase in power made Feraligatr very difficult to check and nearly impossible to counter outside of a select few defensive Pokemon, especially when it employs the use of Substitute, and outside of Choice Scarf Rotom-C, very few if any Choice Scarf users have the capability to revenge kill it. In the end, the addition of Sheer Force made Feraligatr, an already good RU Pokemon, too powerful and versatile for the RU metagame to handle.

atomicllamas is the new RU Co-Leader

Posted by Minus on March 9, 2015

Congrats to atomicllamas for becoming the new RU Co-Leader alongside Molk. Best of luck to him, and hopefully he doesn't get into trouble :^)