RarelyUsed Resources

If you are new to Rarelyused, then this page will provide various resources that may be helpful to you. If you have any question in regards to the tier that can easily be answered with a few lines, then post in the RU Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread and people will be more than happy to answer you.


Metagame threads (also called "Now Playing" or np threads) are are the centerpiece of every round of the RU metagame. General discussion of each metagame will usually be found in these threads, and a new one is posted after every suspect test or significant tier shift.


The RUles of the road.: This thread contains the various rules when posting in the RU forum.

The RU Viability Ranking thread: In this thread, the community will rank every single usable Pokemon into ranks that go in descending order, a fantastic resource for teambuilding.

RU Tiering Info: This thread contains information about the RU council as well as the results of the Suspect tests and quickbans of the RU metagame.

ORAS RU Sample Teams: This thread is mostly for new users trying to learn the basics of RU teambuilding. Check it out if you're at a loss or want to pick up some expert advice from veteran players!

Good Cores: This thread is for discussion pairs of Pokemon and how they complement each other to form a solid core.

ORAS RU Speed Tiers: This resource contains the Speed stat of every Pokemon in RU and allows for players to quickly see how many Speed EVs they need to run in order to Speed creep, among other things.

ORAS RU Teambuilding compendium: This resource provides visual information about RU Pokemon and their different roles.

RarelyUsed Contributions & Corrections

All the analyses and guides featured on Smogon don't just write themselves! Everything that is written must go through a process that involves quality and grammar control before going on-site. If you are interested in contributing, or you just want to see the up-to-date sets currently being worked on, check out the RU Analyses subforum. Be sure to go look at through all the important threads to get a good idea of everything if you are want to contribute.

RarelyUsed Moderators

The following users are the moderators of RarelyUsed. They are there in case you have any questions about what threads are okay to post in the forums and are generally super friendly. These are:

RarelyUsed Tutors

The following users are available tutors for the ORAS RarelyUsed tier in the Battling 101 Program:

Check out the stickied threads in that subforum for further information about the tutoring process.