Ubers Art by Juicy Fruit.

Introduction to the Ubers Hub

Welcome to Ubers, where all of your Pokemon dreams come true! Being the highest tier of all, the metagame includes every single (released) Pokemon you could want but never got to use in the lower tiers. Ever wanted to feel the brute force of unleashing ridiculously powerful Draco Meteors from top-notch Pokemon such as Dialga and ? Ever wanted to bring The Creator of all that is Pokemon, Arceus, from its heavenly hall to the battlefield? Or perhaps you've just wanted to feel the adrenaline of the action lurking in our tier? If so, this place is just for you!

The Ubers hub contains the latest news regarding the tier, be it tournaments, new projects happening in the forum, or just fresh information. On the menu to the left, you can find the Ubers forum's running projects and resources, check the leaderboard for the forum's top posters, and explore your favorite Pokemon's analysis. But, if you want to get deeper into the tier, it does not stop there! Hop onto the forum to participate in discussions, start new threads, and enjoy high quality Ubers discussion! For live discussion, please visit #ubers and #pokemon on IRC.

Latest News

Sweep is the New Ubers Co-Leader

Sweep, known for being a skilled Ubers and LC player, a Leader on Pokemon Showdown, an RO in the Ubers PS room and many other achievements, was recently promoted to Ubers Co-Leader — alongside Fireburn — to supplement the loss of Hugendugen. Congratulations to Sweep on a prestigious, well-deserved promotion!