Ubers Forum Resources

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Ubers Forum Rules - must read!

Simple Questions, Simple Answers is your go-to place if you have any questions about the tier.

The Ubers Analyses Forum is the place to go for writing analyses. You may reserve an analysis in the Index Thread or comment on analyses that are a WIP.

In the Ubers Replay Thread you can share and watch amazing Ubers games.

The "Are My Pokemon's IVs and Nature Good?" thread allows you to ask experienced players their objective expertise on whether or not your Uber 'mon's nature and IVs are optimal.


#ubers on synIRC is Smogon's splinter channel for the best metagame! Join this channel to discuss with a few of the best contributors of the Ubers community—don't hesitate bringing up a topic too, we don't bite! Click on the link to join the channel via Mibbit or go here for a mIRC guide.

Creative / Underrated Sets was created to promote and encourage creativity in the static tier.

The Ubers Teambuilding Compendium thread assembles many of the tier's top-notch Pokemon and organizes them according to their roles so you can simply search the thread for a Pokemon that fits in your team!

Much like the Ubers Teambuilding Compendium, the Sample Teams Mega-Thread showcases Ubers' best teams provided by Ubers' most skilled battlers, in order to bring up discussion and improve the teambuilding skills of the Ubers battlers.

The Ubers Viability Ranking Thread asks to rank Ubers' common Pokemon, be it from Primal Groudon up in S-Rank to Mega Latios in Chansey Rank, every Pokemon that you find viable in Ubers should be listed. If the Pokemon in your mind is not listed—feel free to bring it up to discussion!

The Good Cores project is a compendium of the best defensive and offensive cores in the Ubers metagame that serves as a point of reference for players that are interested in getting started in Ubers, but have no idea where to begin as far as teambuilding goes.


Overview to ORAS Ubers


Smogon's official battle simulator, Pokemon Showdown!, offers us, along with plenty of other metagame, an Ubers ladder we can battle in (and an Ubers room too!). Get out there and conquer the ladder!

Smogon's Grand Slam tournament, the premier other tiers tournament, showcases Ubers along with official tiers in its very own open. Join the tour to be known as an Ubers Elite!

Smogon Premier League is hands down Smogon's best team tournament. In this tournament, teams of 13 players are battling each other in various tiers, including Ubers! Battle or watch Smogon's best during this three months long prestigeous tournament!