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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2010
Jul 15, 2010
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from Fla.

Bats was last seen:
Aug 31, 2010
    1. Ryner
      R.I.P. Bats
    2. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Have'n't been on in a while.
    3. Bubble Head
      Bubble Head
      Bats where have you been ? it's like 2 month now XD you too busy with your girlfriend or something :p ?
    4. labarith
      Hey Bats! I posted in your thread... we should so trade again!
    5. Buckert
      I cancel our trade, since you haven't been online here for more then 2 weeks. Ofcourse, I don't know why that is, so feel free to VM/PM me when you get back online again.
    6. lanced99
      Pikachu! Do you like my kind?
    7. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      according to the new wi-fi rule -.- could you add this lOlpO Pokes in each poke with my OT? thanks
    8. CPrime
      Still having Wifi problems? I mean, I would like my Vaporeon back sometime...
    9. Buckert
      I've got the Shiny Yanmega ready for you, VM/PM me when you are ready to trade :)
    10. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Did we ever finish our trade?
    11. Buckert
      Yeah that's alright with me. My school starts next week as well, but I'm always near my wi-fi, finally xD. I'll just add it to my pendings, just message me when you think you can. :)
    12. Buckert
      Hi ^^ I just took a look at your trade thread again, you still want my Shiny Yanmega? I think I might like your Shiny Machamp ^^
    13. DTrain5742
      Hey I see from your conversation with CPrime that you are having trouble with your router. DSi works with WPA2, but Standard DS Games will not. I suggest you open your web browser on your computer and type into your the URL and press enter. This will bring you to a page which will ask you to log into your router. The password should be admin unless you've changed it. Leave the username blank. You will then be brought to your routers settings and you should be able to change your encryption.
    14. DTrain5742
      Hey have you had any luck with that Togepi yet, you've been at it a couple of weeks, I figure you should have been able to hit you seed and frame by now.
    15. CPrime
      Well, that sucks, but it happens. I just wanted to know what's been going on, so thanks.
    16. CPrime
      Not to bug you or anything Bats, but you've had my Eevee for like a week...Can I have some kind of update?
    17. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Could you go on the nintendo site and see about your problem?
    18. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Oh. I have that too. Can't you transfer the FCs?
    19. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Oka. Tell me when its fixxed. What kind of router is it? Linksys? Nintendo?
    20. Gonzo206
      Can you trade now?
    21. jcors
      No problem dude, just let me know when you can trade.
    22. DTrain5742
      Hey did you get it yet?
    23. Freze
      No I do not like it anymore... I want full flawless... Sorry trade off ok.
    24. jcors
      Sorry to keep nagging you but can we do our trade soon? I kind of need that Drapion for a battle with a friend later :)
    25. Freze
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    Platinum - 1849-6186-3820 (Trading + Services)
    Soul Silver - 1033-5671-4660 (Battles)
    Gotham's Finest - Trade and Service Thread. I'd prefer responses to CMTs in my thread if you don't mind :)
    Please no Rotom forms or other legal hacks :3


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