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Battling 101
Dec 30, 2011
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Battling 101

Send your tutor applications to me!

    1. Professor Birch
      Professor Birch
      Username: Pokemasta or Pokemasta77
      Timezone: US EST
      Regular Online Hours (in EST): Depends. On At Least 2 Hours A Day Minimum
      References: IDK
      Tier(s): B2/W2 OU
      Why should you be accepted to tutor?
      To keep it simple, I feel that I know as much as I can learn. I have experience and I would like to to share my knowledge with players new to competitive play.
    2. dcae
      Username: Dcae on IRC/Galvatron on PS!
      Timezone: Pacific Timezone
      Regular Online Hours: 5-10 EST
      References: mikel, Electrolyte, Charmander, Sweep, ABfloww, wiitle, Treecko37, CoolStoryBrobat, Dr Ciel and more users
      Tier: LC and OU
      I was a relatively successful OU battler when I first joined BW back in June 2011ish. I quickly improved as a battler through the first few rounds, and I joined here in December of that year. I was an exclusive PO battler, so I only used this website for RMTs, but I was pretty well-known in PO. I made a couple teams that I managed to peak 1st with, and won a lot of mini-tourneys on PO. However, IRL stuff caused me to quit in March 2012. I stayed away from competitive pokemon for a year until I returned about a month ago, quickly immersing myself in the new meta and jumping back into PO. I discovered Smogon had moved to PS, which I had played Balanced Hackmons back in the day, so I joined there. My first week back was me experimenting with the new pokemon and team types in OU, and I got a couple teams up into the top 50 relatively quickly. However, I soon spotted the voice challenge, so I decided to enter LC, a tier unknown to me but one I always wanted to join. I came on the LC forums, checked out a couple threads, and threw together a team. I ran a few test games on my Dcae alt, then switched to my Galvatron alt. It took me about three hours or so to ladder up to the given reqs, and got voiced. The laddering experience opened my eyes to the incredible metagame LC is, and I began participating much more in the forums and IRC for Little Cup, and became a much better LC player. I peaked first with my first team, and I am also learning the previous metas, as LC is a very enjoyable tier for me. I have an excellent rating on the LC ladder, with top 20 on two alts, and I have played and beaten several of the top players of LC. Since this time, I have been also placed into LC PL and expanded my grasp of LC to Rounds 2 and DPPt as well.

      On Smogon, I am a pretty big rater, giving lots of rates that are well-developed and provide constructive criticism to the various threats in the different metagames. I grasp the LC and OU metagames very well, and enjoy teaching other people to improve them, which is why I enjoy RMTing. It always makes me feel better when someone reports improved results as a result of my advice, because I know I helped someone else. I am patient and friendly, and I consider myself a good battler and team-builder, because I was able to peak 1st multiple times and create and rate successful teams. On Pokémon Showdown, I have a bit of a reputation, and I receive a lot of questions on teambuilding in both LC and OU, and I try my best to help these people. Generally, this aids them in much improving their skills and teambuilding, lending them greater success to the tier they are playing in. I really hope to join this project, because helping people is one of my favorite things to do, and this program allows me to help people improve themselves. Not much else to say really, I just want to aid people.
    3. ABfloww
      Username: ABfloww

      Timezone: Australian Central Standard Time

      Regular Online Hours: 9 a.m to 9 p.m GMT +9.5

      References: Calloflochie, Sweep, Goddess Briyella, Icicle Fissh, Electrolyte, Shadow Lugia.. and many more users on Pokemon Showdown.

      Tier: LC and RU
      I have vast experience when it comes to the Little Cup metagame. Since joining pokemon Showdown nearly a year ago i have played over 700 LC battles, helped many people start playing LC, explaining the top tier threats, common mistakes, most used pokemon and mainly how the LC metagame works. I also Have a win loss record of 420-94 and #15 on the LC ladder. As a tutor, i am willing to introduce any newcomer to the metagame and help them build a new team, or help kickstart their battling by giving them a team of mine. I have written a few articles on smogon itself, showing i have a lot of knowledge on the common sets and counters to almost every Pokemon in the metagame. I have also tutored many people on The Pokemon Showdown simulator, many of which are now successful LC players. Strategy, battling and team building is my specialty. I spend a lot of time online, so i have a lot of time to help out!

      With RU, I have also got a lot of experience; although not as much as LC. I have had almost 200 battles again, in the top 50 on the PS ladder. I have a lot of knowledge about common sets and what works and what doesn't. Again, i have a lot of time to help anyone and everyone out, and i will happily accept any questions! My battling style is a little unorthodox in the sense that i use uncommon items, but its always for the good and works because people dont expect it.

      Well that's it. My qualities are Battling, team building, strategies, friendliness and patience :)
    4. Goddess Briyella
      Goddess Briyella
      Username: Goddess Briyella

      Timezone: Central Time USA

      Regular Online Hours (in EST): 12AM - 8AM and 6PM until 9PM usually

      References: Electrolyte, Icicle Fissh, IceyCold, Iron Manatee, Raichoice, ABfloww, Dcae (Galvatron), countless users of Pokemon Showdown

      Tier(s): LC

      I am an LC challenge voice on Pokemon Showdown and, in the process of going for it, I had to learn the ins and outs of the tier in order to finally have an alt with a rank of over 1950 after 100 battles. I am knowledgeable of every viable set of every Pokemon in the tier as well as damage ranges and how certain Pokemon match up 1 on 1. I use unorthodox sets that are "off the beaten path" at times to catch opponents off guard as well, such as HP Grass on Magnemite to hit Ground types and Chinchou on the switch-in hoping to take an Electric move, and running HP Ground on Murkrow to OHKO Magnemite on the switch-in. I've been playing Pokemon since RBY but I have only recently discovered this community. I found Pokemon Showdown 2 months ago and became an LC voice in no time, and then Electrolyte referred me to Smogon a few weeks ago. I am ecstatic about finding a community where I'm surrounded by Pokemon players and I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge and enthusiasm as a tutor to less experienced players, as well as observe and try out the methods of veterans and fellow tutors. I am still very new to this community but I look forward to staying here and being a positive and uplifting force in it. ^_^
    5. rolen120
      Username: rolen120

      Timezone: Mountain Time (-7)

      Regular Online Hours (in EST): 10PM-11PM weekdays, on randomly most Saturday between 9AM and 12PM

      Tier(s): LC, NU, RU, UU, Hackmons, Balanced Hackmons, Glitchmons, CAP, Gen NEXT (I think I got them all)

      Why should you be accepted to tutor?
      I'm a randobat voice for crying out loud, no matter what people say it isn't the easiest to ladder that high in random battles. I also hate laddering and will never do it again (unless some driver challenge or something comes out) and only like to help other people, I have more fun teaching people and rating teams than actually battling. I am a fast learner, if something has changed in the nature of a tier recently I know how to adjust.
    6. thenewguy24
      Username: thenewguy24

      Timezone: Pacific time US

      Regular Times: California time 10pm-2am

      Tiers: OU

      Reason: Im fucking good its that plain and simple. I currently have the number 4, 20, and 66 spot on the OU ladder. I've had the number 2 and 3 spots but never top spot as decay after 15 consecutive games has always boned me.

      http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=348066 : My RMT for OU

      ya thats about it lemme know Im a cool dude and wanna help some battlers become better
    7. agreavesny
      Username: agreavesny

      Timezone: Eastern US

      Regular Times: Weekends around 8:30am to 2:30pm, weekdays 3:30-6:30

      Tiers: 1. UU 2. RU 3. OU

      Recommendations: None

      Reason: I came on pokemon showdown mid-January last year, and since then have made many different types of teams for all the different tiers (Except LC and Ubers). I am a great teambuilder, and I can locate many synergies easily and quickly between pokemon. I know the basics to predicting well also; when to predict and is key in a battle, and I know many times to make predictions. More than once I have actually helped random people I didn't know on pokemon showdown, and getting to know someone on smogon will help me become more of a member of this community.
    8. Greener
      Username: greener
      Timezone: ESTtuesdays and thursdays, 6:00- 11:00
      Tiers:NU, RU, UU, OU
      I literally know everyone pokemon's name, typing, and sometimes even abiltites; its more of a hobby really, I focus mainly on offensive mixed partys, or defensive weather team. Favourtie Pokemon, Umbreon, Hydreigon, milotic, daraqgonite and Mienshao. open minded to begginers and expierinced players
    9. CJZEPP
      Usually on over weekends, sometimes during the week. Weekends are 3-8, anywhere in between then. week, usually 8-10, but its rare to find me on due to lax (not the nature).
      Tiers:NU, OU, and RU.
      Why should I be accepted?
      I love Pokemon. That's a fact. I love reading all I can about Pokemon, especially about what their habitats are, what their natures would be like, and especially devising good sweeping strategies. I like to focus on setup moves in NU and RU, but in OU i'm all for head on attacks. I also help many of my friends make teams for Showdown! in school or when they are over. My fav pkmn would have to be, Gligar line, Shuckle, Wooper, Charizard, Remoraid and Mantyke lines, and Sudowoodo.
    10. Hack
      Username: Hack He Must
      Timezone: GMT +1
      Regular Online Hours (in EST): 15 pm-22 pm (varies a lot depending on IRL stuff).
      References: None, but I gotta a couple of friends on the forums.
      Tier(s):BW Ubers.
      Why should you be accepted to tutor?
      I should be accepted as a tutor as I believe I have reach a point in my battling where I can use my knowledge about my favorite metagame to spread my viewpoints to whoever I tutor. As I am social and open to new ideas, I can both let my student(s) be creative and open minded, while also providing the knowledge needed to succeed.
    11. Gronkspike9348
      How much time commitment would I need to put into this? And do I have to meet in person or just chat online?
    12. Bluwing
      Username: BROStime
      Timezone: GMT +1 (Norwegian time)
      Regular Online Hours (in EST): 10pm-19pm
      References: Neverused
      Tier(s): BW2 NU
      Why should you be accepted to tutor? I should be accepted as an tutor because I have great knowledge about the tier I want to tutor in, as I contribute a lot too this tier. I also like too teach other people what ive learned, and love too watch them grow as battlers, and enjoy meeting new people. I'm also online a lot and easy too contact on either irc or here on smogon.
    13. Petersonpoke98
      Pokemon Online Nick:Petersonpoke97

      Time Zone: EST


      Regular Online Hours (in EST):Mon-Thurs 5:30 p.m- 10:30 p.m, Friday 3:15 p.m-10:30 p.m,Sat-Sun 10:00 a.m-11:00 p.m

      References: Tehdemonick,Fallenwolf

      I should be a tutor, because my whole life is pokemon. Im always either on pokemon showdown, or pokemon online, or wi-fi battling. Id love to teach, and welcome people to the world of pokemon. I know about EV's, IV's, Items to use, move-sets to use. I think I would do a great job. I've spent months learning about this stuff, and when I put it to use, I do well. I have an undefeated streak on showdown, in RU. 16-0. UU im 20-2. I can teach about predictions. How you shouldnt over do it. How sometimes you need to take chances for the better. Please consider my application.
    14. Ps114
      Username : Ps114
      TimeZome : Gmt Ireland
      Age : 11.
      When available : Fridays at 4:00 pm - 6 or 7 pm
      Saturdays and Sundays at 12 - 5 or 6.
      Tiers : LC, NU and UU.
      I think I should be a tutor because I love helping people if they are struggleing with something. I am ok a team building. I know a good move set when I see one.I play lots of UU and LC and am testing some NU things. And that is why I think I should be a tutor :)
    15. Brandonxwrx
      Username: OT: Brandon Online Nick: Brandonxwrx
      Age: 14
      Timezone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
      Regular Online Hours: (EST) 12:30 - 17:00 - On Saturday: 05:00 - 7:00 and then 13:00 - 19:00 and then on Sundays: 07:00 to 17:00
      Refrences: Rather new to being regular on Smogon, however I've used smogon for strategies for years, and very experienced
      Tiers: Mostly OU for all games, however knowledgeable on other tiers.

      I think I should be a tutor because I've been into Pokémon since Gen II however I have Gen I games. But now I'm very experienced in Gen IV, which would be the Generation most people would need tutoring on. I have alot of experience in Pokémon. I understand/know all the Pokémon battle and Pokemon just in general terminology, strategy, I know a decent amount of information on all Pokemon, and I am able to battle in a lot of different ways, however im currently battling competitively. I don't lose a lot of battles, and I can put a good team together if I get a little bit of time to think. If I put the full reason why I believe I should be a tutor in depth it will be quite long so I am going to stop here, but I have also pre-ordered Generation V Pokemon X and Y, if that helps anything.
    16. Professor Birch
      Professor Birch
      Username: Pokemasta77
      Age(Not Sure If Needed): 14
      Timezone: US Eastern Time
      Regular Online Hours (in EST): Usually Somewhere Between 3-8
      References: Not Sure What Goes Here
      Tier(s): BW OU And B2/W2 OU
      Why should you be accepted to tutor? Although I have not been playing competitively for a long time(began around Heart Gold), I have been playing since R/S/E and have a well rounded knowledge of pokemon. I have learned pretty quickly the competitive aspects of pokemon. The one major thing about me is my team creativity. I usually put pokemon on my teams that other people overlook. Although it is OverUsed, some pokemon are just used way to much(SCIZOR!!!). I am definitely no master, but I would like to share my knowledge with the players new to competitive battling. Here is an example of one of my teams: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3477439
    17. jackm
      PO Username: Jackm
      Age: 14
      Name: Jack (duh)
      Time Zone: PST (Seattle)
      Availiability: 4 PM to 10 PM most days, although occasionally it'll fluctuate
      References: None, but I don't have many friends on the forums.

      I should be a tutor because I have been specializing in Ubers balance/stall for a couple of years now and I'm pretty sure I've gotten fairly skilled at the tier, specifically the teambuilding aspect. I believe that the teambuilding is half the battle, and that an understanding of how to build good teams that cover relevant threats while pursuing a common goal is extremely important when it comes to battling and improving one's game. Also, if it makes any difference, I'm a tutor irl.
    18. streak333333
      PO/PS Name(I use PS):LC Elite Spark
      Hours Of Availability:Anytime after 12N
      Time Zone:Eastern Standard

      I think i should be a tutor because i've played Pokemon since i was 7 years old and have learned a lot from the many years of Pokemon,My main tiers i do are LC, and BW 2 OU,I also think i could help someone learn to understand things better.
    19. ItaliaCraft
      PO Nickname: GM ItaliaCraft
      Age: 13
      Name: Fabio
      Hours of availability: 3:20pm - 11:50pm
      Time Zone: Pacific Time GMT (London Time)
      References: CongressionalWombat, WileChase, Squirpz and Shofu.

      I think I should be a tutor because I've been battling competitively since 2006 (Diamond) and I have sort have learn't most things about OU/UU/RU which I play most.
      I don't really know my percentage since I don't battle that much on PO/PS.
      But I know most of the battles I win are RU and OU.
    20. Rating 102
    21. LampentLvl.61
      PO Nick: [P4L]NightMasher
      Actual Name: Matt
      Age: 17
      Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (New York time)
      Online Hours: Usually from 4pm to 6pm on weekdays and anytime during the day on the weekend.
      References: CongressionalWombat

      I think I should be a tutor because I've been battling competitively for a good year and a half, and I know nearly every metagame pretty well. I specialize in the UU tier and my winning percentage in that tier is .783. My rating in UU on PO is 1232 at the moment and I don't plan on losing this rating anytime soon.
    22. Narya
      Hey, my name is Niklas Henkel, I m 22 years old and from germany.
      I m new to these forums, at least from a participating point of view
      and urgently looking for a doubles BW OU tutor since I want to
      participate in the upcoming International Challenge!

      I just barely missed the applications for you current tutor program
      and since you are partially responsible for the double tutoring, I figured
      my best shot at getting in contact with someone motivated and competent
      would be this message.

      for the sake of it :

      Username: Narya.
      Age: 22
      Pokemon Online/Pokemon Showdown/Shoddy Username: NaryaDL0re
      Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT +1 (Germany) almost all day.
      What tier do you want to learn?: BW2 OU/UBERS but mainly OU doubles
      Tell us a little about yourself: I m currently studying law in leipzig, Pokemon has managed to keep under the radar of my competition oriented life since it snuck in so early and kept being part of my life for 15 years casually. I waited the later half of last year for BW2 to come out, since I didnt want to spent a lot of time into BW1, when I could have at least a halfway "fresh" start. I m a highly motivated, philosophical and clever person that learns and adapts very quickly.

      Usually I would rather look for contacts with decent players to share and learn from, but since my actual competetive experience with pokemon solely lies in event coverage, forum threads, videos and the likes, I figured I d best be humble and look for an actual tutor to learn from.

      So if for any reason you have someone in mind that can tutor me, or if not, a person
      that is unofficially willing to help a quick minded person pick up the basics as well as the advanced skillsets, I d be very grateful.

      Of course being thrown such a bone it would be only natural to show my gratitude
      in one way or another. For example writing a very detailed high quality tutee talk or participating in the next tutor program officially?

      Will you be willing to do tutee talk threads on your tutors?: absolutely!!
    23. Trinitrotoluene
      I tried PMing you earlier, but I haven't gotten a response from you, so here's my application to be a tutor:

      Username: Trinitrotoluene, Pirates_vs_Ninjas (on IRC)
      Timezone: PST
      Regular Online Hours (in EST): 7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. on weekdays; all afternoon - evening on weekends; note that I am flexible in timing for weekdays
      References: Harsha, Sayonara
      Tier(s): BW2 OU, BW1 OU
      Why you should be accepted to tutor: I do consistently well on the ladder, and I'm a great team builder. I am a great teacher and dedicated to seeing others improve themselves. I can help my tutees improve their team building and battling abilities, at the very least, and introduce them to team rating if they show interest in it.
    24. SKiM
      Username: SKiM
      Pokemon Online/Pokemon Showdown/Shoddy Username: Don't have one or know how to get one :(
      Your timezone and usual hours of availability: Pacific. All day
      What tier do you want to learn?: ALL
      Tell us a little about yourself: Been into Pokemon since I was a kid. I've played all of the Gameboy/DS games except for the 2nd and 3rd generations. I play competitive in the TCG scene and want to get into the competitive world in the video games. I have been doing some of my own research and there seems to be A LOT to learn that I just can not do on my own.
      Will you be willing to do tutee talk threads on your tutors?: Sure
    25. ala
      Username: ala
      Available: Yes
      Timezone: GMT -5
      Regular Online Hours: Most evenings and practically anytime on the weekend
      Tier(s): BW2 OU
      Personal Profile: Hey I'm a 23 year old male from Canada and I play pokemon a lot ^_^ I also enjoy hockey, video games other than pokemon and music.

      I used to be a tutor for a bit last year but got too busy to continue. I have some free time so I should do something productive with it! I try to keep up with the trends in OU and have voted in the last couple suspect tests. I feel I have a good grasp on the tier and can help with battling skills, team building and general advice. I'm a friendly guy who gets along with everyone and I will do my best to help my tutee out! Thanks for your time.
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