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Jan 26, 2013
Jan 11, 2011
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Jan 26, 2013
    1. Diabolico
      Watashi wa yūjin no rikuesuto ni kansha shi, watashi wa saisho ni sorera o shiru yō ni naru made, watashi wa hontōni watashi no yūjin risuto ni menbā o tsuika shinai to, karera ga shinrai dekiru koto o jibun jishin o shōmei suru made. Gomen'nasai. :(

      (Translation: From Japanese to English)

      I appreciate the friend request, but I really don't add people to my friend list until I get to know them first and until they prove themselves that they can be trusted. I'm sorry. :(
    2. Fantom0
      ...and also, yes, sarcasm exists in the world of online pokemon too :p
    3. Fantom0
      ...Not really. Your previous team actually had a playable core, which I wanted to try out. Your new team doesn't, as far as the eye can see. Remember my "noob's steps to a bog-standard team"?

      1) decide on a versatile, powerful or defensive pokemon that will do its job well
      2) use http://beldum.org/synergy or something similar to create a team core of two to four pokemon that have good type coverage between them
      3) decide on the aim of your team based on those pokemon
      4) identify what obvious problems your team will have; both individual threats and general teams/cores
      5) use two or three of your remaining slots to build around your core that will help to combat these problems
      6) find an effective lead that compliments your team well (offensive teams will need an anti-lead or rocker, for example)
      7) then construct your sets based on your team's aims and needs to fulfill that aim
    4. Fantom0
      Hey, just saw your newest thread, and what I posted was true. Band Rampardos ftw!
      Anyway, I'd be more than happy to teach you stuff, though it isn't much, if you want. I haven't got a lot to do over the hols, so it would give me something to do anyway ^_^
    5. Elitode
      Its does exist. Its too late!
    6. BirdBane7
    7. Game Fusion Master
      Game Fusion Master
      hey can you post in team keyblade we need more active members
    8. BirdBane7
      ok, in answer to your question shotgun squirtle. no you cant. and Fantom0, what the actual hell are you on?
    9. Fantom0
    10. BirdBane7
      why dont you create a mass discussion group. what do you want it to be?
    11. Shotgun Squirtle
      Shotgun Squirtle
      can i use your wall as mass discution group and only your friends can talk on it?
    12. BirdBane7
      and i care because...
    13. BirdBane7
      btw akiratron, you are now a mod
    14. bharmalm
    15. BirdBane7
      hey no prob
    16. FrenzyB3ar
    17. arceus77
      you still used it as a threat
    18. Ereborus Nyx
      Ereborus Nyx
      Get to the pokeshadow thread now please, it's an emergency.
    19. BirdBane7
      ahh thanks.
      i was wondering
    20. Plusle
    21. BirdBane7
      no prob
      i love music.
    22. Hipmonlee

      And yeah, I guess, I did a music degree, so I ought to be.

      Have a nice day.
    23. BirdBane7
      How do i edit it?
    24. Fantom0
      Lol your thread was shut down for being too brief. Dont worry, it happened to me too.
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