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Last Activity:
May 16, 2013
Mar 28, 2008
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    1. PkmTrnrRed
      To my great regret I never received your Gyrarados lol.That's not why I'm posting though. Not even sure if you'll ever see this. Just wanted to say Hello Mr.Bozo
    2. Kafei-
      your team in battle tower platinum latias tricker salamence registeel is usable in emerald battle frontier? please responds
    3. Mackenzie
      That's fine. thanks so much.
    4. Mackenzie
      thanks for the guide. i was wondering why did 1 folder have 9 save states per number. does that mean they have the same MIDS, or do you put multiple save states per play? sorry i got confused
    5. TorchicBlaziken
      Is the part that TRUTH is in ALL CAPS important to you? Because in 5th Gen where everything is in normal capitalization the ALL CAPS clashes.

      I do not have TRUTH, but I was just curious.
    6. Loukas
      Great 3rd gen shiny breeding guide thanks
    7. AncienTLorD86
      dude...i have your Truth Gyrarados...cool...
    8. tag3r
      Hey bozo. I have your gyarados. thanks for spreading it everywhere
    9. LolcakesxD
      Hello Bozo, I'm here to tell you that I have received your TRUTH.
    10. Giorgans
      Hi bozo i have your gyarados ,TRUTH.Awesome pokemon and very nice moveset :)
    11. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      Hi Bozo, hope all's well. I see members are posting here they have your TRUTH still. You may also be interested in this novelty giveaway going on now.
    12. PkmTrnrRed
      Wow, I didnt know you made truth redis, thought that would never happen o.o
      Anyway thats not why I'm VM'ing you Mr.Bozo just dropping by to say hello :3
    13. totem
      Hello. c: I have you gyarados, TRUTH.
    14. PoJ
      Since your thread is locked, I'm VMing you to tell you that I have TRUTH ^_^
    15. FinalGetsuTensho
      I has teh Truth.
    16. Rename Card
      Rename Card
      Well I haven't been playing too much, but I also haven't lost a round since I started using it. Right now my streak is just at 70.
    17. christos21
      ok,thank you for the information:)
    18. Rename Card
    19. christos21
      i got your awesome gyarados(TRUTH).could you answer to a question i have?for which strategy is this ev spread?i mean there is no gyarados with this spread.is it for battle tower?
    20. Plumoe
      hey, i just got ur Gyarados. Truth :D
    21. DrDimentio
      ... or this weekend either. It's definitely worth waiting until when it happens (hopefully next week) before I reply.
    22. mingot
      it really seems like you dont have to worry about delays much -- honestly, i have not looked at it to hard yet. been soooo busy.
    23. DrDimentio
      Yeah, it actually won't be this weekend after all... but it should be soon.
    24. mingot
      Hey bozo! Nah, Omega Donut and Kapho and mattj and a few others have it under control this time around :)
    25. DrDimentio
      Btw, I've purposely delayed my PM response since there is something quite significant happening next weekend.
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    For the first time in my life, I realised that there was something more important to me than God, and that was Truth.
    And for the first time in my life, I knew that if I had to choose between God and Truth, I would choose Truth.


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    4082 1095 0501
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    0904 1369 0993
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