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Mar 1, 2013
Jun 15, 2009
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United States


from United States

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Mar 1, 2013
    1. Delko
      How's your team coming along? ^^
    2. Delko
      Hi, it's been awhile ^^
      Anyway, yeah I'm pretty fond of Hail teams (stall and offensive), but it's mostly OU though. I'm working on a Hail article which features both OU and UU, perhaps that could help: UU Hail thread. Or perhaps BlizzSpam.
      To be honest I didn't play a lot of UU, but i used a team of Abomasnow / Flareon / Froslass / Kyurem / Hitmontop / Slowbro when UU was just created and it was pretty effective. Now the metagame has changed so I don't know if still works, in matter of fact I don't even know what to watch out for in UU.
      Sorry but that's all I could offer you. If you have any question, ask them and perhaps I could help ^^
      Welcome back!
    3. DarkCyberElf
      You know how I said "Hopefully I won't get flamed, trolled... as much" below. Well, hahahahahahaha.

      Hope just doesn't cut it.

      I got on Pokemon Lab Beta, and started playing, and the moment I either played a game, or talked in Main Chat, this is what happened (every single time):

      1) I got flamed for no apparent reason (i.e. "dark, no one likes you")
      2) I got haxed like every game I played (yet I am undefeated with my new teams so far)
      3) Even the mods joined in on the flaming, as they would double team me in arguments, and after I would say "hahaha gang bang", they would tell me to basically shut up.

      *If anyone feels inclined to follow me to the main chat, and watch what happens WHENEVER I say something, it would be awesome I think.
    4. Folgorio
      hah yeah i remember you! you used to stalk my UU matches a looooooooooooooong time ago right?!
    5. DarkCyberElf
      Yep, thanks for caring. Lololololololololol.
    6. Delko
      Good to see you're back ^^
    7. Golden Sun
      Golden Sun
      lol still remember you man. We were always within 5 points of each on lb
    8. DarkCyberElf
      Alright, for everyone who eventually reads this, I am back for more on Shoddy, and Pokemon Lab. Before the event of Pokemon Black and White, I will be there, I will be active, and I will be battling and making teams.

      Hopefully this time around, I won't get flamed, trolled, and ignored as much as before.
    9. Delko
    10. Delko
      Man I haven't heard you in a while, how are you man? ^^
    11. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Yup it is a bit late. But WORRY NOT. I've got a NEW team that I will eventually reveal.
    12. Snorlaxe
      hahahaha thanks much :]

      I put a shitload of effort into my rates so its great to hear positive things about them
    13. DarkCyberElf
      Yeah, you are a very efficient team rater, but its a good thing that I catch different things than you do, or I would hardly be a rater at all. =)
    14. Snorlaxe
      haha thanks me and blissey got a thing what can i sayy

      also I take the tr thing as a compliment :P
    15. Snorlaxe
      yeah its mostly a compliment
    16. macle
      i like the avatar
    17. Snorlaxe
      majorly creepy avatar :O
    18. dance
      eh never got to reply to your post replying to my rate since i got banned lol.
    19. DarkCyberElf
      Ah, in fact no... but I do believe I have met someone by that name before. You should check a little more around the forum...
    20. IronGross
      Dark Azelf, is that you?
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