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Last Activity:
May 9, 2014
Jun 15, 2010
Trophy Points:
    1. teatime1008
      Oh use Plat FC please.
    2. teatime1008
      hey emi, just wondering if you would be able to hack and IV check 4 of my pokes?
    3. Red-Anoj7
      hi uhmm...sorry if you dont like vm/pm but can you hack check a few of my pokes? maximum 6 and pm me which are hacked after that
    4. AntiMetaGame
      Thank you. To tell you the truth, I really wanted both of them. Thanks for completing my dream!
    5. AntiMetaGame
      Really? That's really nice of you. I'll get back quickly.
    6. AntiMetaGame
      Thanks, but can we trade again? I won Hitmontop.
    7. AntiMetaGame
      Please use this instead:
      1806 7062 5908
      I'll see you on.
    8. AntiMetaGame
      Is now a good time?
    9. AntiMetaGame
      Can you tell me when I could get Hitmontop from you?
    10. sichi
      okay, thanks anyway =)
    11. sichi
      hi emi, are you free? can you help me in transfering pokes and move tutoring?
    12. Gonzo206
      No problem

      How could I not quote, you burned that one kid hahahaha
      It was so funny
    13. Gonzo206
      Thanks for the friend request :)
    14. shella
      That's okay, I have to wait for Bats to trade me something before first, so you can tutor everything at once. :)

      And what IS your major wants list? You don't seem to have any wants at all. It makes me think you have a giant stock if 100+ Pokemon that you haven't put up in your thread. Haha.
    15. shella
      Hi again, Emi! You must be the busiest guy on smogon! How much do you charge for HGSS Move tutoring? I think you said that you did it in your thread but you didn't mention the prices. Actually, it doesn't really matter, since you should have unlimited credits in my thread for all that amount of hack checking. ^.^ I have quite a few Pokemon that need moves, though... Let's look forward to more (disconnected) trades if you're agreeable? :D

      But but if there aren't any Pokemon in my thread you want in exchange for move tutoring, feel free to reject me. :D
    16. sichi
      hi emi, can you do tutoring? i like you to tutor my flygon thunder punch, ill give you other pokes in return, i dont have redis right for that flygon
    17. Rocket Boss Giovanni
      Rocket Boss Giovanni
      Hey, I know you must be fuming at me for beating you in a few giveaways (sorry about that I might add)... But I know that you do hack-checks. I might have two coming your way if you're not busy. =)
    18. Bakus
      Congratulations - good to see that your hack checking didn't go to waste ^^
    19. shella
      Haha yeah! You should use more smileys!!! They're SO CUTE on you!!!

      And I'm not into milk chocolate at the moment, too bad.
    20. shella
      I think it's because I'm so used to seeing smileys and you don't use them too often, lol.
    21. shella
      Haha. Okay. You sound murderous FYI.
      Anyway, they're both from Angelteama (Pokecommunity) :D
    22. Bakus
      I see - the RNG for 3rd gen differs enough so that if asked to explain how he did it, I doubt he can, haha. Or to give evidence of the spread he used, haha.

      If he can...then it would be difficult, lol.
    23. Bakus
      Haha,I guess you have been a busy bee today - congrats on the succes with the hack check ^^
    24. Bakus
      Any luck on the Cune? ^^
    25. Timeneon
      Don't need it anymore but thanks for trying :)
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