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Last Activity:
Aug 29, 2014 at 12:22 PM
Aug 19, 2009
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Nov 12, 1992 (Age: 21)



Flamestrike was last seen:
Viewing forum ASB, Aug 29, 2014 at 12:22 PM
    1. Speed-X
      1. Flamestrike
        I haven't, life has just been crazy and I haven't had as much time to ref as I'd like. Going to blitz all my things that need reffing today.
        Aug 23, 2014 at 4:33 PM
    2. Its_A_Random
    3. Speed-X
      "Player 1: Roost -> Peck -> Peck
      If he uses Taunt A1 use Peck instead

      Player 2: Taunt -> Peck -> Peck
      If his substitution activates A1 use Peck on A1 instead"

      I know this sounds dorky, but my first thought when I read this was "OMG PARADOX" and then I thought of Dr. Who.
      Does that really happen that often? o_o
      1. Flamestrike
        It technically hasn't happened yet I don't think, but I've had a few newer players ask me if it was legal. Figured I should just head things off at the pass haha
        Aug 13, 2014
    4. Mulan15262
      About my claim:
      I gave the extra CC to the wrong person (namemaker did equip his pokemon with an amulet coin, so he got an extra CC). I fixed
      Also, I've always done it so that forfeit means that both players and the ref are awarded as if DQ, but both players get prizes, and no one has ever said that I did it wrongly.
      1. Flamestrike
        There doesn't seem to be any official rule either way, but every one I've talked to agrees that if nothing else the person forfeiting shouldn't get rewards; after all, if everyone gets the rewards, what's stopping people from starting say a 13v13 Singles then having one person forfeit after 2-3 rounds? At any rate, I brought it up in Feedback so hopefully we'll get a resolution soon.
        Aug 8, 2014
    5. ShadowGirl
      Yo, I was wondering if you could take a look at my ASB team submisson. I made the changes suggested by akela along with a few others suggested by dogfish44 via PM. Thanks in advance ^_^
    6. akela
      I am more pissed I had all the rolls done and calced out for Throh's EQ EQ on the ones that would not have survived to throh's EQ EQ, but deleted them because they wouldn't have survived due to the DG DG.
    7. Mowtom
      You seem to have skipped my prize claim...
      1. Mowtom
        Never mid. I want to add something, so I'm deleting and reposting.
        Aug 6, 2014
      2. Flamestrike
        Sorry about that, I did check yours but I must have forgotten to put it into my post ~_~ Again, really sorry for the inconvenience
        Aug 6, 2014
      3. Mowtom
        No problem
        Aug 6, 2014
    8. Zekrom2525
      Can i battle you in ASB yet ?
      1. Flamestrike
        I'm going to be busy for the next few days so I'm not taking any new battles right now, but we certainly could once I'm back!
        Jul 16, 2014
      2. Zekrom2525
        Sounds good, i hope you enjoy your ( 2/3/4/5/6 ? ) day vacation
        Jul 16, 2014
    9. Zekrom2525
      it should be fixed now
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Flamestrike
        All that stuff is good. One last thing I noticed. Charmander has Metal Claw as both a level move and an Egg move; you should choose a different Egg move instead of Metal Claw. Deino has Dark Pulse as an Egg move and a TM move; you should replace one of these two with a new Egg or TM. Squirtle has Protect and Water Pulse listed twice in its level moves; remove the extras. Let me know once those are fixed.
        Jul 16, 2014
      3. Zekrom2525
        the double moves have been changed / removed
        Jul 16, 2014
      4. Zekrom2525
        i hope its fine now

        & thank you :)
        Jul 16, 2014
    10. zarator
      Did you get EM's Gym team?
      1. Flamestrike
        I have not, will bug him for it ASAP. I think he said something about needing to claim something before he sent in, so maybe he just forgot after he claimed.
        Jul 9, 2014
    11. Psyco_Josho
      youngjake93 has not been in ASB for over a month, I believe, you may want to think twice about accepting to ref his gym match...
      1. Flamestrike
        Well it's in the queue so I can't exactly skip it; if Pwnemon throws out the challenge then great but otherwise I have to at least offer to ref it lol
        Jul 7, 2014
    12. Geodude6
      Sorry I didn't ref your Arcade; I wasn't able to get to the computer these past couple days. Avnomke is a faster ref than me; you're probably better off with him anyway :P
    13. Frosty
    14. Birkal
      Miss ya, love <3
    15. Daenym
      Dear Flamestrike,

      Acklow wants you to join LN's Big. I think you should too B)

      <3 Daenym
    16. AOPSUser
      I'm pretty sure I order first.

      You ordered first last round, then I ordered, reffed, and now I have to order.
    17. SimonSays
      Reffing you and Emma, PM team. =p
    18. Acklow
      IT IS UP.
    19. PK Flash
      PK Flash
      I fixed my ASB profile, can you double-check it for me? Thanks in advance
    20. waterwarrior
      It seems you skipped over me when you approved. Can you please fix that? Thank you. ^.^
    21. LouisCyphre
      glacier tricked me I swear

      I didn't notice that he didn't self-approve.
    22. Acklow
      It definitely will get going for sure.
    23. yoshinite
      Can I be approved if I tell you right now. Charmander Focus Punch>Flamethrower Ralts Snatch>Psyshock and Shedinja Giga Drain>Shadow Ball! Thanks!
    24. yoshinite
      Oh thanks, I'll fix that.
    25. Gerard
      No I did meant Echoed Voice (which is a BW TM), otherwise you're right so I'll just keep the 2 MC on Kit and give an extra UC to Mollux
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    Nov 12, 1992 (Age: 21)
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