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Feb 18, 2017
May 28, 2009
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September 23


from MD, USA

Grove was last seen:
Feb 18, 2017
    1. KimTheHuman
      Whats your fcode?
    2. KimTheHuman
      A good samaritan once helped me get started with my breeding projects first by giving me away a few of his spitbacks and letting me help him once I had a bred a few more mons' so I'll do the same for you :) I'll pass you my 4iv adamant marill (male or female?) with belly drum and aqua jet first :D You dont have to give me anything back now :) Once you get more variety of spitbacks, just pm me. How's that sound? :D
    3. KimTheHuman
      Are you interested in 4iv spitbacks of adamant marills with belly drum and aqua jet as well as careful contrary inkays? Could you offer more info(nature,ability,egg moves) about the female spitbacks of your noibat and gible? Please and thank you :)
    4. riddlinkid
      sorry that took so long, my windows decided to update. you have shuppet, pumpkaboo, and duskull
    5. riddlinkid
      I can help you, my code is 4270-0835-1493
    6. ProtoTurtle
      Added you, 3DS Friend Code: 1676 - 3964 - 7010 (Ryan)
      1. Grove
        Cool, added you in return!
        Oct 27, 2013
    7. thunderstone
      Added you, my code is 2809-8610-3505
    8. Princess Emily
      Princess Emily
      New Moon on Monday is also good 80s song :]
    9. Princess Emily
      Princess Emily
      Sorry for bumping :p
      But I know that song... "Major Tom"
      Earth below us... Falling weightless, calling, calling... xD

      I love the 80s :3
    10. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    11. Stallion
      Thanks for your support bro :) means a lot! Also keep posting good tracks you hear, I love when my favourite thread on smogon gets the activity it deserves!!
    12. Nastyjungle
      ahhh its way too good this is like my song of the year so far hahah

      and thanks :)
    13. Scheiner
      Grove by any chance can you EV check one of my pokemon]?
    14. Exploits
      Yes. I'm coming on Wifi now.
    15. jcors
      I have an HP fire one dude. Do you care if its Japanese though?
    16. chocolate-kipp
      Sorry about the disconnection! My wifi goes weird sometimes, lol.
    17. chocolate-kipp
      Will be on in ten to fifteen minutes.
    18. chocolate-kipp
      Yep, using your trading FC I assume?
    19. chocolate-kipp
      Haha, no, it's alright. It's free for a reason. Can't trade right now but I'll be available all day from Friday to Sunday probably.
    20. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Hey Grove, you available to trade over that torterra to be trained?
    21. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Yeah, I'm still interested. I understand, I've been pretty busy myself. If you want, I should be able to pick up something to train for you tomorrow or sometime this weekend.
    22. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Hey Grove. You want to send me those Torterra to be trained?
    23. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Alright, awesome. Just send me a VM when you see me on to trade it over and what ev spread you need. Also, i added it into my post in your thread, so I don't know if you saw it, but do you anything else ev trained? I really like that Shiny Secptile too.
    24. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Hey Grove, I really like your Heatran and I was wondering if you have anything that I could EV train for it.
    25. Pokéguy
      I want Kazo's Jolly Celebi; did you still need my bold redistributable Zapdos? Let me know!
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    Out and about, to return someday...

    Y FC: 2707-1616-2098


    September 23
    MD, USA
    3DS Friend Code:
    2707 1616 2098
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