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Last Activity:
Aug 20, 2014
May 3, 2008
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    1. Thorns
    2. SkyNet
      Goldfan =D, long time man!
    3. Legacy Raider
    4. Haunter
      welcome back!
    5. Legacy Raider
      Legacy Raider
      hey man, i've not been keeping up with things, i don't even have the sim downloaded on my PC atm. medicine's been taking up too much of my time, i don't want to tempt myself to not keep up and play pokes instead. i plan on catching up over the december break :)
    6. satchmo
      then im not that satchmo. but there can only be 1! he must be sacrificed!
    7. satchmo
      whats MB?
    8. Legacy Raider
      Legacy Raider
      genuinely back aka bored stuck at home over the summer while friends are away... old habits die hard :P as you very well know lol. i'm just hanging around tbh, but it's not like once i've got uni on my plate i'm going to try to maintain my activity. anyway how are things with you :)? having a good summer?
    9. Taxie
      You said that you had quit Pokemon. In that case, is there any chance of you coming back?
    10. Sprinkles
      nothin really. you?
    11. Legacy Raider
      Legacy Raider
      i was just flicking through the rmt archive, like you do, and i saw our "team ILR" thread. the banter in our comments totally took me back and made me all nostalgic :(
    12. Taxie
      Hi Goldfan, have you quit Pokemon and cricket?
      Dude, you look a lot like Goldfan
    14. jumpluff
      ah ah ah

      roma roma ma

      gaga ooh la la

      sup :D
    15. Eppie
      Is that why you're on this forum?
      To insult people?
    16. Eppie
      Do you see the X in the right corner of your internet browser?
      Why don't you click it and never come back here?
    17. Eppie
      I think I don't, why are you posting nonsence in my thread?
    18. tennisace
      because i had no idea what you were trying to say =(
    19. Colonel M
      Colonel M
      Dude, you obviously know I'm a tier and a half over you in all tier lists.

      How's it go?
    20. reachzero
      I laughed and spread them all over IRC! The only real question was, "why on earth did Imran do it?"
    21. Erazor
      Sup Imran? Yeah, it has been a long time. I'm no longer a noob!
    22. Legacy Raider
      Legacy Raider
      you are still around :), popping in to say hi
      do you remember my promise of driving down to come meet you when i learned to drive? well i passed my theory test yesterday :P that's one step closer to our upcoming meeting haha
      hope life's going well for you
    23. twash
      Pretty much :P.
    24. Legacy Raider
      Legacy Raider
      For medicine you only get 4 application slots on your UCAS form, and I used them all above the border unfortunately :( - Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow. And my birthday was in late August so I'm 17 already :) learning to drive is good fun!
    25. Legacy Raider
      Legacy Raider
      Life's good mate, though 6th year is a lot more work than the year of relaxation we were promised >:(. I've sent off my uni application, it's all done and dusted, now I just have to wait to see which of my 4 choices offer me an interview for a spot. Pretty daunting stuff but day to day life keeps you occupied you know? Anyway a lot of my friends are turning 18 around this time, so lots and lots of good parties happening lately :). I'll come down and visit you once I learn to drive :P I just had my 3rd lesson today and I'm going strong!
      Good to hear from you as always :).
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    Possibly the most interesting thread on Smogon.Bored of having to type coherantly?
    <LegacyRaider> it just feels nice to be able to whack that thing lol
    If you are where I am, I'll give you my crsid and we can go to a pub or something :)
    I make music, please take a listen if you are that way inclined. Here is my Soundcloud and my Youtube.


    33 / 38 / 28
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