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Last Activity:
Apr 18, 2015
May 6, 2007
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from Hawai'i

kaonohiokala was last seen:
Apr 18, 2015
    1. Skoony
      Hey. Just wanted to give a big thanks for making that Pokédex spreadsheet years ago. It's been very useful and I've since tweaked it to my needs. The reason I do this now is because I was looking for an updated Pokédex (with XY/ORAS add-ons), and I came across your thread again.
    2. oSeasons
      thanks m8 :D nice join date
    3. soulgazer
      Looks like you were my real opponent *-*, i'm GMT-5 and i'm pretty free all the time after 1pm my time, when do you want to play?
      1. kaonohiokala
        hi, i should be online PS for most of this weekend. you can find me at thehappyplace chatroom if i am. also, i'm GMT -10. what's your PS username?
        Dec 14, 2013
      2. soulgazer
        If you are still here, we can play right now (althought I would prefer to play on oriserver.psim.us because ps! lags so much for me, but if necessary I'll find you on main)

        My nick on ps is either Soulgazer or Utage Doraku
        Dec 14, 2013
    4. SoulWind
      what are u doing lol
    5. SoulWind
      lets play now oriserver.psim.us im die 4 evaa
    6. Beast Mode
      Beast Mode
      Hey were paired for the XY walkthrough tourney. Im GMT-5, when do you wanna play?
    7. SoulWind
      we're paired for the flying blind tourney r1. im gmt+1 and if its possible id like to play this saturday around 6 pm my time
    8. ScraftyIsTheBest
      So apparently we are paired together for the #yolo tournament. Tell me when you're available, the weekend is probably the best time for me to play.
    9. diabeticon
      A friend and I added lines to your previous Pokedex. Not sure if you're working on it still, but it's here: http://goo.gl/Ty7p8z
      Not complete, but has core updates with latest gen pokemon.
      1. kaonohiokala
        Oh nice. I've actually updated it myself as well, but haven't uploaded it yet. :|
        Oct 28, 2013
    10. Diana
      Ah okay, just making sure! Feels weird that something as obscure as Swalot managed to have that happen though.
    11. Diana
      Did you want to take Gulpin/Swalot? I could go onto something else if you're in the middle of it too.
    12. Pocket
      yea that's fine
    13. Molk
      lol sorry about that, saw the pic with no description and assumed it was a joke post :s
    14. AfroThunderRule
      No, no. I'm _KGC_.

    15. AfroThunderRule
      GameFAQs da best
    16. -Manu-
      Yes I'am but it's rainning all the day since one week !
    17. rtc3
      ayy my nigga. with X and Y coming out soon you better get yoself active again. peace
    18. Shotgun Squirtle
      Shotgun Squirtle
      zombachu's friend how are you
    19. zombachu
      Uhhh... Not really the guy who keeps track of that stuff...
      But I'll be sure to check on it eventually, though!
    20. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Can I push UU Golurk through GP?
    21. zombachu
      What's up? We haven't talked to each other in a while...
    22. DarkSlay
      Hi there! I am your opponent for the Value System tournament. When would you like to battle?
    23. zombachu
      Wow, I really misread that correctly. I entered the team you made in the last tournament (even though I had to leave early) and I could've gone to the final 8! But I had to go to that orientation... It seems that that certain Breloom set the guy had last time was a very effective counter to my whole team. That was the only time I lost with it, though! (Thnx a lot, again. ;))
    24. zombachu
      Who was the one before Swady?
    25. zombachu
      Swadloon so cute!
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    I hate these changes solely because :jump: doesn't work anymore.


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