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Jan 22, 2011
Apr 12, 2010
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Jan 22, 2011
    1. Blue_Tornado
      i'm ready for clear entry, are you?

      i'm gmt+2
    2. .CarloO~
      My nick is Carloo
    3. .CarloO~
      i will be able to battle at 2-7 pm
    4. .CarloO~
      the friday or the saturday
    5. .CarloO~
      hi, when do you want to play for st7? my timezone's gmt -4: 30
    6. Ranigad
      I'm online
    7. Ranigad
      We haven't battled so I haven't really reported anything. We need to finish by Tuesday Midnight. I'll be on 3-7 pm PST tomorrow in order to try and catch you. When're you going to be on? o-o. Once again, main PO server, name is Ranigad. Just pm me if you see me online and if I don't respond check again in like, 30 mins.
    8. Ranigad
      Hello? MazeL? We need to finish this battle soon
    9. Ranigad
      Hey, I'm your opponent for the Smogon Tournament. I'll meet you on the PO main server whenever you can be on xD It would be good if we were able to schedule a time but I'll be on most of the time for the next few days while I'm doing some apps online. Username is Ranigad (go figure xD)
    10. Faladran
      Hi Mazel, seeing as I've been sending some frequent messages recently, I thought it would be faster to communicate via VM. In response to your question regarding a good Choice Bander, the first thought that came to me in regards to your team was Tyranitar. It has the advantage of synergizing well with Rotom, and can make for a potent trapper of opposing Rotom, which will open up opportunities for Gyarados to sweep. Provided that Gyarados Taunts on the switch, even defensive Rotom with Will-o-Wisp can be trapped and taken out with Pursuit in this manner.
    11. Philip7086
      Hey MazeL, I finally found some time to rate your team. It was already a very good team though, so I didn't have much to say. Good job!
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    Soul Silver Friend Code: 0647-1320-5593
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