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Dec 27, 2015
Apr 28, 2012
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Saratoga Springs, NY
Electronics Technician in the US Navy
    1. Regime
      Yo is it possible for me to use that Sawsbuck Christmas piece as my avatar? I'll obviously give credit in my CT
    2. Darnell
      nice artwork :]
    3. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      may i just say holy fuck your altaria art is top notch
    4. Organization Member XIV
      Organization Member XIV
      Good luck with the navy.
    5. Himanattsu
      just wanted to say that your cap5 is easily the most menacing looking one thus far

      good job
    6. Birkal
      Make sure to bold your votes when you vote in CAP polls!
    7. King Serperior
      King Serperior
    8. nov
      Thanks so much Ashley! Really appreciate the feedback!
    9. Ashley11
      I was looking at the art submissions and stuff at smeargles studio and I just had to comment. LOL at the chlorophyll bellsprout. I Love it. Good job.
    10. nov
      Thanks so much Furosuto! I'll definitely keep at it. I can feel myself improving with every picture, so its a crap ton of fun.
    11. Furosuto
      Hey nov. I like the realistic feel you've got going for your pics! Pretty cool man. As a fellow artist, I have to say, I think you have done one of the best jobs at making a pokemon look realistic. Keep it up dude!
    12. Lemonade.
      nice picture for the smoog, make sure to post it in the respective thread!
    13. nov
      Thanks Omicron! I sure do have a lot of work to do, but its not like I have anything better to do hahaha
    14. Omicron
      I really can't wait to see what you can whip up for the Smog. Congrats on getting in!
    15. Mafeking
      Hi so I really like your art thread~

      but that's not why I'm here :3

      I saw your post in the artist badge thread and didn't want to answer there, so I figured I'd bring it here: you can get an Artist badge by contributing artwork to The Smog (the webzine) or to the Art for Articles campaign!

      If you'd like Smog access, head into your User CP (upper left corner) then go to Networking, Group Memberships, and apply for Smog access with the reason of intending to contribute art. I'd also shoot Fatecrashers a VM/PM asking if you can, but from what I've seen of your thread I bet you'd be more than welcome to :)

      p.s. hi! first vm :D
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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    Electronics Technician in the US Navy
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    Often scatters things
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