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Feb 23, 2011
Jun 8, 2009
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Feb 23, 2011
    1. Defense
      Doubt you remember me, we traded a long while back, and I was just wondering how you were :)
      -----------> I'm one of your only 5 friends? Uh...yay! :D
    2. Agonist
      Hey I was wondering if you'd be able to make me a trick room banner as well? Ill give you 5 credits for it.
    3. Capuchin
      Hey, Winters Zombie recommended you to me as someone that does really cool banners, and after looking around, I would have to agree with him :D. So... I was wondering if you could possibly do some banners for my thread? Let me know if you could do it, and any criteria that I need to give you. Thanks a lot :D.
    4. -Lux-
      Not atm as im breeding so ill give you them after ^^
    5. -Lux-
      hey ^^ finaly caught you online :p
    6. darkwonders
      Hey. I'll be on this afternoon around 3ish Central. Not sure what that will be in Smogon time
    7. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      :D! My little brother and sister played as well, my sister lost first round, sad day. My brother made top... something nationals, and 24th best in the world. :D!
      yea plane ride cost $67??? ^_^

      HAHA <333 Mortify them bois! :P
    8. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      ;D! that's fine, big orders are more than welcome ^_^
      So I made top 9 nationals, and 31st best in the world >.<
    9. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      ;D! I'm lazy and much rather RNG rather than EV train xD!
      hehe, and you have 12 credits still left in my thread btw. :P
      Oh did I tell you how I did at the LCQ?
    10. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Hey it has been a long time! I put it up a while back, but I decided to stop trading my UT's, so I had taken it down, once I get the EV'd versions back he'll be up there shinen bright!
    11. Gundem
      Hey would you like to trade now?
    12. Gundem
      Just message me when your on again ill probably be around. Ill be on in the afternoon tomro aswell. Also do you want all cap letters for the nickname or just first letter?
    13. CPrime
      Hey Owlle, I might need some banners in a week or so, do you want to check my thread for payment? I could also breed basically whatever you want, so feel free to ask!
    14. SolarPowerX
      Hello, I saw your request in the simple questions thread. I could help you with the cloning.
    15. -Lux-
    16. Defense
      Ok, thank you for Shedinja!
      Enjoy Eevee!
    17. Defense
      my fc is in my sig.
      i have urs :)
      see you in like 2mins :)
    18. Ran 22
      Ran 22
      No, use my HG
    19. Defense
      Owlle! I can trade in like 5mins
    20. Ran 22
      Ran 22
      I'm online now
    21. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      haha oh yeah! You goooo! I believe in you!!! xD! <3
    22. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      :D! The picture didn't show up! D:
      And yeah I using most of my guys for VGC style, ish. As I'm going to be in the LCQ this thursday/friday. Actually ^_^

      Hawaii is amazing for imports, so I can get one here in japanese ^_^ :D! Which is pretty tight in of itself.
    23. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I meant for the Ogre what Nature/IV's.

      I know, I'm quite found of the Japanese names as well, too bad I can't put it in legit japanese characters D:
    24. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Any with my OT are NN'able. If not already.
      Rayquaza is under my OT, so he can be nicknamed. He hasn't received on just yet. :P
      I am a NN addict too, so I'm in the same boat as you :P I've had like 3 people ask me to change the name of the Eevee I had.
      So I posted a rule that all NN are permanent xD!
      What did you want on the Ogre, as I have HG and might be able to get it for you.
    25. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      hey I was looking through your thread, you said you were looking for a shiny Umbreon, Rayquaza, and various Legend catches.
      I have a careful Umbreon 31 flawless. I just recently caught an Adamant 30/31/27/9/23/24 Rayquaza. And I am looking for more legends to catch but I have no ideas, what were some of the ones you were looking for?
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