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Apr 27, 2014
Jul 4, 2009
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from interception????

popemobile was last seen:
Apr 27, 2014
    1. shade
      i know what all those words mean but not in that order
    2. shade
      i rate you
    3. cim
      i am really glad you still post
    4. Ninahaza
      Popomobile give me your honest opinion on this toning matter, but please keep in mind that i dont mean whether or not toning is legitimate. what i'm more interested in is your reaction to the people defending toning. you can still view it as a waste of time, but what is your opinion on what i and the others have said on behalf of it?
    5. WaterBomb
      probably his Indian parents because they're afraid he'll get corrupted! </racist>
    6. tape
      i actually want to go out of my way and thank you for your contribution to the CFA thread. its really heartwarmin knowin youre not alone in this world sometimes. after seein this same topic rise up in some gay board i go to (and havin actually gay people say theyll still go to eat there) its really nice seein some straight guy fightin against that.

      heartfelt thank you.
    7. jumpluff
      i like your posts in the polygamy thread

      i actually support legalised polygamy but it's rare to actually see people on smogon consider the power dynamics between women and men
    8. Mountain Dewgong
      Mountain Dewgong
      yo, check out my post in the fitness thread my main man.

    9. His Eminence Lord Poppington II
    10. THE_IRON_...KENYAN?
    11. THE_IRON_...KENYAN?
      I enjoy every post you make
    12. VKCA
      I'm super disappointed that that thread was deleted only for this because it's awesome.
      a girl had ovary cancer and she was terminally going to die. So she was going to have ovary implants surgery. When the day was that she was having her surgery she said goodbye to her family and told her boyfriend she loved him. She came out of the surgery and had no cancer because she was cured. She saw her family then asked where her boyfriend was and her mom said wait didn’t the doctor tell you who donated the ovaries? like if you love your boyfriend.
    13. THE_IRON_...KENYAN?
      ill let this slip, but only this time
    14. Morm
      that was a good reaction
    15. Morm
      Don't toews me, bro
    16. Morm
      oh also all the stuff on Big D's album "Good Luck" might suit your fancy more. 5 Kids Down and GLD are great.
    17. Morm
      check out 'Yeah! Ska dance' and 'Pinocchio by Ore Ska Band
    18. Morm
      do you like Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra?
      Ore Ska Band?
      Big D and the Kids Table?
    19. TEA_DEMON
      i just downloaded the album and fuck me the pianist is just amazing. and the beat box has only been annoying once iirc which is pretty good.
    20. TEA_DEMON
      dude i gotta say that i fucking love you for posting that iiro rantala new trio vid, it's amazing.
    21. Magic Toaster
      Magic Toaster
      I think you and I should be friends
    22. cim
      which forum btw
    23. cim
      sometimes i forget that i love you
    24. VKCA
      Yo popemobile did you hear
      Rankuso disapproves of your posting.
      Well that makes one of us at least.
    25. Magic Toaster
      Magic Toaster
      Popemobile is a sweet name. ^_______^
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    do u even gunzerk?


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