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May 27, 2012
May 1, 2011
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    1. deadfox081
      Mate, your Hall Challenge is about 8 hrs past DQ. If you haven't posted by the time I wake up (~8 more hours) I will have to end the challenge and DQ you.
    2. Steampowered
      I'm back from vacation and ready to continue our battle
    3. deadfox081
      Your Battle Hall challenge is ready to go mate.
    4. Lyris1035
      Guess what? I completely thought all along that 11 = 4th brave bird! LOL I'll edit and recalculate, OK?
      2. Rock Polish goes, according to this: All Stat Boosters/Drops received on the second action of the current round drop/restore towards 0 at the end of the third action of the next round.
      Also, you are VICTORIOUS against pimpgangster! Just letting you know, thanks!
    5. Lyris1035
      You forgot recoil!
    6. Lyris1035
      What are the numbers for? Confusion (Real Life) reasons.
    7. Fire Blast
    8. Lyris1035
    9. Lyris1035
      Never mind, dragonboy52 Challenged me, and I am about to accept.
    10. Steampowered
      That was what I was thinking. His tutor is Fireblast so we can ask him what Glacier Knight up to and if we should get a new ref. But yeah we probably should
    11. Steampowered
      when will glacier knight be coming back to ref our match?
    12. Tortferngatr
      BTW, your turn in our 2v2.
    13. Lyris1035
      Weird, according to your Registration post, you only have 2 ongoing battles...? You know you can drop some of your battles...up to 3 in progress are allowed...
    14. Objection
      Your battle is right here
    15. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      Objection is reffing our battle; send him your mons, please.
    16. AGL
    17. Blaze55555
      Also, sorry for the wall of text, but I didn't think this need be a public thing, all of this is an optional read. If you wanna try out my strategy or one other strategy (with Chand) I give pointers to the purposes of the use. Beyond the first line of the next message it's just a clear lay-out of my logic behind the two set-ups I'd do for chandelure. Sorry for being a bother. :/
    18. Blaze55555
      Okay, sorry for sounding stubborn, but seriously, you should at least test out my version of chandelure. Just test it.

      How to use it and strategy/reasoning behind it:
      With Flash Fire and Ghost typing there are 3 types of moves you can switch into on a good predict, and Ice moves are 50% effective, plus most often special, thus more Sp. D
      A ?Modest? Nature (+10% Sp. A/-10% Atk) gives it 425 attack with 244? EV's. Combine that with shell bell and the good defenses and you're good.
      Has trouble with blissey, thus why *I* support it with hitmontop and scizor, one or the other for mach punch or bullet punch.
      Not a lot in speed. Speed is mainly put there to beat out those slow pokemon that people pack speed into to catch you off guard. It also allows it to beat out No speed EV versions of itself... (Not common, but the like, any pokemon with matching speed that doesn't often run Speed EV's, and 80 is a COMMON speed)
    19. Blaze55555
      With his moveset, it's really meant to rely around W-o-W + Hex, but more often relies on W-o-W + Flamethrower. Most often, you can predict a switch out, rather than shadow tagging them, let them leave for FF's Fire type immunity and fire move boost, use w-o-w unless you predict a FF switch in, but do that, if it's a special wall, switch in a physical attacker. Energy Ball with 425 Sp. Atk almost always murders, OHKO's just about anything. Flamethrower and Hex are for Stab. Hex done right with W-o-W is a one-turn, turn-losing-less Ghost Hyper Beam. It works well if you know how to use it right.

      I think that's it.
      I understand EQ is a great move, I have it twice in my team, but I noticed you now have it 3 times... I'm not saying change it, but if you experience more problems in the future I'd just take a look there first.
    20. Blaze55555
      Alternative to my Chandelure is
      Shadow Tag/Modest Nature (+10% Sp. A/-10% Atk)
      EV's: 20 HP/244 Sp. A/244 Speed
      IV's: 30/30/30/31/30/30

      Energy Ball
      HP (Ground)
      Shadow Ball

      With Choice Scarf, standard no-setup revenge killer/sweep. Fire you are no longer immune to, but considering how common Heatran is (in my experience) HP Ground is actually good, you can switch in on him with this. Only reason I say Overheat is b/c 90 acc ain't bad, and 425 Sp. A + 140 + STAB boost of 70 + Scarf, you should be able to OHKO anything but after you use even flamethrower, they'll see you like that and just switch in a poke most resistant to fire, or a blissey, which gets you. Energy Ball rapes the pokemon he's weakest to on his fire side. With my 205 speed "special tank" chandelure, I've twice now outpaced (out of two encounters) a swampert and Energy Ball... it's a no-option, it went down.
    21. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      I gave a little rate to your team, nothing special, just some suggestions on adjusting EV's...
    22. Blaze55555
      I don't mean to be... "hostile," so I hope you don't take this that way, but I want to ask:
      I keep reading your comments with a harsh tone, is that my imagination..? Just wanna know the truth.
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