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Mar 29, 2014
Feb 26, 2011
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Mar 29, 2014
    1. Banryu
      Actually, I think that D/P/P had the worst music, but everyone's entitled to their opinion.
    2. MikaDo
      Hey, how do you get those sprites in your post? I can't copy and paste!
    3. shinyskarmory
      Our battle is up, it's your turn.

      Just search it in the window, it's there.
    4. Spenstar
      I will. soon. You would probably win, considering you had a lot more time to catch up... ._. I dont want my ASB workload to be too heavy, though. I dont wanna have to choose between ASB and my grades again...
    5. the dead mans oddysey
      the dead mans oddysey
      are you still in the battle? dq is nearly up so...
    6. Box
      Moves made, ref when you're ready.
    7. Box
      Hey, you haven't done the reffing for this battle yet.

      DQ's nearly up, so...
    8. Alchemator
      Hi! You double-posted in the prize thread.
    9. Ziposaki
      You need to pick your abilities.
    10. Ziposaki
      Hey, you PM your pokes to rickheg yet for our match? My other match already finished, so...
    11. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Is the thread up yet for my battle vs Arcanite?
    12. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Sorry Steampowered, but I'm reffing that doubles.
    13. C$FP
      OK, your actions first!
    14. C$FP
      Oh, I thought you were going away for longer (you might have specified and I didn't remember), but I'm fine with a few day delay. I will send ToastTyrant the Pokemon I am using.
    15. ToastTyrant13
      Heya there Steampowered. C$FP said we might have to cancel your match, since he's still waiting for his Duochlohm to be approved. :( I'm not the final decision-maker, so go ahead and let C$FP know what ya' think.
    16. levren
      hey your about over the DQ time for your battle with Rickheg
    17. Flora
      Vacation, huh? Well, that's a pity about ASB, but I'm sure it's not elsewhere!

      (If it's not vacation and you're just busy, well, good luck!)
    18. levren
      hey your coming up on your DQ time on your battle with Rickheg
    19. AlphaJolt
      Would you mind posting your actions in our match when you get a chance, you're way past DQ but I don't want it canceled lol.
    20. Maxim
      Ok, so I guess we have a subref for that match, at any rate, you need to take your turn at your match with Alpha Jolt
    21. Maxim
      Friendly reminder to ref my match with Rediamond. :D
    22. AlphaJolt
      I already sent it a bit ago cause I saw that in the thread, thanks for the reminder though.
    23. Terrador
      Your prize-claiming post is in the Tower; you may wish to rectify that.
    24. Maxim
      Also is the battle up already, I haven't seen it yet? 0_o
    25. ToastTyrant13
      Hey there Steampowerd. I....was a complete dumbass...and forgot that Aero was in a battle. OnO

      He was KOed, so I completely forgot about him. :< Would I be able to give you the counters after it's over, or have you claim them since Aero is now yours? So sorry for that, skljdlkjsadsf, I shoul've remembered.
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