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  • Hey there, it looks like we've been partnered up for the UU tourney. Message me back when you can and we can sort out a time to play
    we have to battle for unsuspected, contact me when youre ready, i can p much play whenever
    sry i haven't had the time to battle you when you talked to me.. but i'm about to get my team done now so just call me, when you see me online so we can get this one done =)
    yo man we have to battle for the unsuspected tourney so just pm me what time you would like to battle
    sup^^ we gotta battle for the mirror tourney. if you can battle me like tomorrow, it would be awesome. I live at GMT+2 and i'm usually online from 4pm til open-end ^.^" just PM me, when you have time
    Alright. I'm on there right now, and my name is the same as my username. I'll see you there, and best of luck to you. :)
    Yeah, my team's ready to go. Just let me know what server to meet you on (I don't want to just assume the PO server) and we'll get this done.
    Hey, are you good to do our Oh My Mirror ! Tournament match right now while we're both on?
    You've been subbed over Zephyr Scarlet in Oh My Mirror ! Tournament (R1).
    I juste wanted to let you know that your opponent is Ruppy.
    Therefore I'd like you to contact him and make your team ASAP.

    Have a nice day !
    Hello, when are you available to play for the Pro-Choice Tournament? I'm available pretty much any weekday except Friday, and most of Saturday as well. My time zone is EDT, GMT-4.
    You only have 2 more days of extension before I call your match with toshimelonhead
    Hey, we've been paired up for the BW UU tournament. Let me know when you're available to battle.
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