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Last Activity:
Aug 18, 2016 at 3:11 AM
Nov 3, 2009
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from Brisbane, Australia

ScantraxxRootz was last seen:
Aug 18, 2016 at 3:11 AM
    1. Stallion
      PM me :) something to tell you about my music!
    2. SevveN
      ...what the fuck. :|
    3. ScantraxxRootz
      Err alright Leon =S. I hope they troll you too?
    4. Lucalibur
      i mean serious, it look like people around here cant understand that i am best troll subject around smogon, i dont notice people trolling me until the last second...what a pain in the ass...
    5. Lucalibur
      i miss people trolling me Al, at least you are famous for something...i wish they trolled me instead! bunch of (BAN ME PLEASE) dont know about the REAL DEAL here that is called Lucalibur! the super awesome me! those dumbasses dont know they are doing wrong...so sad....
      1. Minwu likes this.
    6. ScantraxxRootz
      Agreed with reachzero.
    7. McGrrr
      Hey I heard this was where the party's at

      Did I miss it?
    8. cookie
      celia 2.0
    9. LoveDensity
      ya nigs gotta take a chill pill. this shit is getting sad and annoying
    10. reachzero
      tbh this user isn't cute enough to be getting trolled this badly, guys must be getting desperate
    11. -Mind-
      hi im stallion i have 200 girls in my mobile if i add you i have 201
    12. Scofield
      You may be right, but I still got left in the cold =(

      But I suppose that thoughts of you will have to do until you can rejoin me, at least the problem is somewhat alleviated by your keeping posting new avatar pics of yourself....
    13. Scofield
      Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you feel that irc isn't being compassionate towards you. Yeah, sorry about that, I just blame setrack and horny 14 year olds. Give it a bit of time, but do come back, things will cool off....and then we can heat them up again.
    14. ScantraxxRootz
      No idea whether to take that as a comliment or an insult 0_o.
    15. reyscarface
      oh and stallion im a girl do you want my MSN so you can hit on me

      i have a cam
    16. reyscarface
      this wall is the best one in smogon
    17. panamaxis
      I feel kinda bad for you scantra. You seem like a nice person so don't get too..hmm what's a good word.........overwhelmed? by this. (First serious post in a while I'll bet..)
    18. ScantraxxRootz
      Scofield, IRC just annoyed =P if i thought i was getting trolled here then IRC is a million times worse =P. And yeah i know right Luca -.- didn't think i could tke an uglier picture!
    19. Scofield
      What are you talking about Stallion, the avatar definitely worked for me....
    20. Stallion
      hahah looks like the avatar didn't work out after all (based off below :P)!!!
    21. Scofield
      so, I see that you're in the quick club, does this mean that you like quickies? also, get on irc more often.
    22. LoveDestiny
      nice avatar, i like your tongue.
    23. Stallion
      Stop checking out the Handsome men club and get on MSN at a reasonable time this time :P
    24. versailles
      lol no dear you're fine :] UU is always interesting to watch as well
    25. Stallion
      Sorry my Internet disconnected last night >:( we shall continue our conversation soon though ok :)! Xo
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    Brisbane, Australia
    Real Name:
    Alexis Paton
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