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Aug 6, 2014
Dec 5, 2009
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Aug 6, 2014
    1. 121snow
      Can you hatch something for me please~!!!
      my FC is 2320-6467-7372 :)
      1. Showsni
        Sure! What times are you available? I'm in the GMT timezone, and usually get on in the late evenings.
        Dec 13, 2013
      2. 121snow
        ill see you online ^^
        Dec 15, 2013
    2. masterk3ing
      Thanks for the detailed answer. Very valuable information and i appreciate your time to help :)
    3. IceArceus12
      I've been meaning to say this for a while, but many congrats on 3rd place. See you in Hawaii!
    4. masterk3ing
      Hi there. Im from the UK too and just wanted to ask you some simple questions if you wouldn't mind. Firstly, i am new to competitive Pokemon battling, although i am not new to the competitive scene as i play the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card games all over the world. I have played the majority of Pokemon games from the GBC Yellow all the way to Black. I want to start playing in events though like online and at tournaments (Such as the VGC.) So i have a couple of questions:

      What does it take to become a good competitive Nintendo DS Pokemon player?
      How long did it take you to become good and how did you do it?
      Do you think its too little too late for someone with no competitive pokemon knowledge to Win/Top a large tournament and make a name for himself even though competitive pokemon has been out for awhile?

      Thats it for now. I would really appreciate if you answer my questions as i would gain valuable information. Thank you :)

      -Dan Walker
    5. Pokérob
      Haha that's a good statement to make! Yeah I'll see you in Hawaii, if you want to train at all then hit me up on PW and I'll discuss it with you in private away from public ears. ;)
    6. Showsni
      Thanks! Saw you'd qualified at Paris, good job. Kind of conflicted about the Oxford/Cambridge thing, since I always supported Cambridge in the boat race before I went to Oxford...
    7. Pokérob
      Hey Showsni, I really enjoyed reading your smogon interview. I qualified at Paris for Worlds this year and I look forward to seeing you there dude. I just noticed your masters in maths at Oxford, I might not study at Cambridge University but as one currently situated here I think if I knew that back in 2011 I would've felt that I let down the Cambridge Blue haha.

      If you want to train at all during the Summer I should be avaliable, although my training scheme is something I'd rather discuss in private with you once our studies are complete for this year.

      Hope all is well, see you at Waikoloa!
    8. Cybertron
      Hey Showni, are you up for a VGC interview for my VGC Spotlight thread? LMK thanks :D
    9. sirndpt
      you, sir, are made of win
    10. Lady Salamence
    11. alexwolf
      Hi man i saw your battle with the Assist V-Create Victini and i was impressed.It seemed a fun and hilarious strategy to sweep your opponent with!
      Can you send me your team to test it?
    12. Ashigaru
      I heard that you were looking for a female Dream Burmy? Just wanted to notify you that I picked one up today.
    13. Showsni
      I'm free pretty much whenever, so this weekend should be fine. I'll drop a PM to you too in case you don't pick this up...
    14. ΩDonut
      Hey, Snowsni. When do you think you'll have free time for a battle? I think I'll be free this weekend.
    15. Flora
    16. alamaster
      Ah damn yeah that's too bad :/ Well I'll keep a lookout for ya anyway in the next couple days and maybe we can get it done
    17. alamaster
      Nah my team isn't ready yet, sorry :/
    18. alamaster
      can't do it tonight, I work 5-10 pm, then I'm going to the gym. Tomorrow I work Noon-4pm, then 5-10pm so no can do then either. Maybe the weekend or something?
    19. alamaster
      tomorrow evening should be good, I'm EST and can battle around 11 pm that cool for you?
    20. Pombo
    21. Flora
      Hi, did you and NightmareJigglypuff get a ref yet? I can ref if not.
    22. Toast++
      Umm.. not Eon in particular although I can look into it when I actually get my own website up. Who knows though? We might not have much need by then.
    23. Toast++
      Updated the link with all of it fixed. You can redownload the same one and it should stay at that acceptable rate. I'm glad you caught the whole thing because I didn't even think about it. So, thanks for letting me know.
    24. Toast++
      Uhh.. that's my bad there. I accidentally left it that way from when I was measuring the difference. The actual release version will have all of them like that first timer was. I just wanted to make sure it worked for everyone.
    25. Toast++
      Hey.. if you're around I have a beta I'd like you to try running, here.
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