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Last Activity:
Dec 29, 2009
Nov 9, 2009
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Stormboy was last seen:
Dec 29, 2009
    1. Deschain
      haha, yeah i'm almost out of room on my Platinum FC. xP good luck!
    2. Deschain
      well i have to admit, without it your chances of winning would have been much lower. so, nice one. ;)
    3. Deschain
      oh yeah, and COLBUR BERRY??? who the fuck uses a COLBUR BERRY??? xP
    4. Deschain
      man good game. i really thought i had a chance to bring it back for the end. that Hydro Pump crit kinda put a damper on that though. T_T
    5. Deschain
      yeah man, great battle. a lot of fun.

      in Platinum they nerfed Trick so it doesn't go through Subs.

      thanks goodness. xP
    6. freshest of them all
      freshest of them all
      ready when you are
    7. O.T.L
      I was sure you had that from the moment you passed it. xP idk how 1 bp could't break a sub yet a crit could kill you?
    8. Politoed666
      Getting online now. Good luck!
    9. Deschain
      well he's Scarfed, which all but guarantees a free sleep. i'm normally a fan of Toxic Orb builds, but i was given this guy as a gift so i thought, why not give it a try? Breloom is a seriously threat no matter WHAT build you use. i absolutely HATE facing them...
    10. Deschain
      indeed. fortunately for me i was able to play around it...my Dusknoir is an absolute nightmare to take down, and he is consistently the mvp of this team. him and free-sleep-mcgee...
    11. Deschain
      gg. i don't think there's anything more fucking annoying than flinchhax. what was it, 15 in a row? with back to back crits? i'd be lying if i said evil thoughts didn't cross my mind during that whole exchange.
    12. YankeeFan802
      Heh, welcome to Smogon!
    13. Chronix
      lol i welcome you to smogon man ;D you will find the best of the best pokemon belonging here
    14. Afrikio
      nice, welcome to smogon
    15. strikesocom
      I'm not quite sure why you'd get an infraction. You did say "lol" in your post... Maybe they have a harsh "Don't ask, don't lol policy", Lol (oh crap, I said "lol", lol. Damnit, I can't stop!).
    16. gamer22
      welcome to smogon xD
    17. Outlaw
      Well that is most definitely not me. D:
    18. Outlaw
      Who are you..?
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    Platinum FC: 3438-2424-7224
    Rules: Same Item Clause (Except Leftovers)-Only use one kind of each item on your team.
    Self-KO Clause-(Destiny Bond)~OHKO Clause~ Evasion clause~Ubers Clause-Use if agreed apon.
    Breaking these rules will result in an instant DC.


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