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Jul 2, 2011
Jan 23, 2008
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Jul 2, 2011
    1. dueed from xat
      dueed from xat
      hey, i love ur vids... u r truly awesum.. u wanna battle sumtime
    2. Pokeguru01
      just finished watching your white play through, once again nice job. I am looking forward to new vids :D pm me if you ever wanna talk. peace.
    3. MetaAngel
      Hey, I just made this OU team, and wondered if you could help me out ^^ I am a big fan, so I hope you can ^^
    4. i8pichu
      Hey, can we have a stranded OU battle?
    5. MetaAngel
      G'day(Im not british). I never get contact with u on Youtube, but I found u here. U don't know how much ur vids means to me, And ive seen like 390 out of them, and I started to watch them just before number 387 came out. I have tried to find ppl as good as u, but theres no one who's got a chance of beating u, both narrations and battles, and YEAH, u have lost some battles, but most of them where new teams, and uve battled them both earlier and later, and then u won(Coz ur awesome).
    6. Human
      I just saw your post about the tournament. Curious as to how I should get a team, would legal hacks be okay, even though I generally dislike them I might not have time to RNG a team. Also will there be a VGC 2011 style tournament going on there as well, asking because that metagame is my strong suit.
    7. TheWaft
      Nacho! I've been suscribed to you since before video 100. What are your thoughts on black and white? Also, do you plan to post more videos once they come out? You've always been the best youtube battler imo
    8. TheKillerNacho
      Haha thanks dude xD
    9. jErry07
      Bro, I love your magikarp vid. :'D
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