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Last Activity:
Nov 13, 2013
Apr 24, 2010
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Revolution 909


from Revolution 909

xpinsx was last seen:
Nov 13, 2013
    1. FakeGlory
      it wont let me connect with you
    2. Tepig
      I did and it still aint working oh well =/
    3. djstringbeans
      WOOOOOOW! That Crit from Salamence saved my LIFE! GGs bro, i was thining about giving up too! Thanks for the AWESOME battle! :D
    4. Plutinb
      Its all good. I completely forgot that jellicent was ghost.. and anyway that scald hax and cursed body hax DESTROYED me hahaha
    5. Benlisted
      Just dropping this here since it'd be off topic in the SQSA thread. Basically, with boosted Growth (+2 to both atks in Sun) Venusaur for example can pretty much OHKO all of OU with Energy Ball/Sludge Bomb/HP Fire barring Heatran and Chandelure, and other Chlorophyllers are just as big threats. Sawsbuck easily outspeeds and revenges even base 115 Scarfers, +2 Blaziken etc.

      Fire mons may not get the speed boost, but with Nitro Charge many can become decent sweepers, and that's not including Quiver Dance Volcarona and Blaziken with Speed Boost - whose +2 Flare Blitz in Sun is such overkill people use Blaze Kick for less recoil.

      Tales may be the weakest inducer, but it can actually beat both TTar and Heatran, its biggest threats, if played right.

      Basically that's a taster of why Sun is good - perhaps not quite as good as SS or Rain, but certainly very viable at least. Put the knowledge to good use!
    6. Danny
      Ugh can you get on and run please?
    7. Danny
      Good game.
    8. Jovian
      Yeah, I'm in the room now. See you in a bit maybe.
    9. Jovian
      I'll give you an OU battle if you want.
    10. litea11111
      ugh! i kept being disconnected, maybe next time, have to find the root of the problem.
    11. litea11111
      hang on, i am still connecting to wifi, can't connect
    12. JMagician1990
      Nevermind I can't find the rotom.
    13. -LL-
      OMG what a boring game! the victory is yours just for the patience! OMG
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    Black: 3611 0914 8228
    I use legal hacks.
    I use unreleased Dream World abilities.
    I may use pinch berries.


    Revolution 909
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    3953 9778 9190
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