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Apr 6, 2013
May 22, 2010
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on my computer
    1. Kara Tom
      Kara Tom
      The most helpful as well as up-to-date information I found on that subject. Indeed pleased that I found your webpage by accident. Jordan OutletsI will be opting-in to the feed in order that I will have the newest updates.Cheap Dunk Truly appreciate the information here.
    2. shuckle230
      ohh dude i didnt know and i didnt disconnect i thought it was you
    3. Bearofhonor1
      Hey you up for a 4th gen OU battle?
    4. shady6121
    5. Mulligan
      zack, do you remember that game we had like.....a year ago? If so, was your in-game name Xanxus or JD(4th gen)? I'm trying to remember for this project I'm trying to do.
    6. shady6121
      At Zack you owe me 3 credits not one lol.

      You can check my post and even your own post history.

      It was the victreebell I gave you which you needed, and we agreed on 3

      Also I would like to use my credits.
    7. lazio88


      Ubisoft tipped us off to a new Flash game they've made to promote Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Now, it may just be that I've been playing a lot of Tomena Sanner lately but I think this is damn good.

      You can check out the game here. I do recommend it. A surprisingly fun diversion, this.

      Flash Games for Teenagers
      Games for Kids
      Arcade games
      Adventure games
      Casino games
    8. Klutch
      How did you ever maintain your game's save file without some sort of corruption when you used the Walk Through Walls code? I used rebattle codes and the all items code and I ended up having a corrupt area in the game, specifically the Battle Zone area after you beat the Elite 4. As soon as I reach it, the game freezes with or without AR.
    9. Klutch
      I meant the target delay that you put into the timer.

      How are you able to check your seed anyway? I thought you don't have access to RNG Reporter anymore.
    10. Klutch
      Increase the range in Seed to Time and instead of lowering the time, you should lower your target delay.
    11. Klutch
      No problem. No, I don't mind; just let me know when you can trade; I'll be watching pokemon.
    12. Klutch
      I see. I don't remember the names, but Bakus knows of one while ToastPlusOne has made another one (check his sig).
    13. Klutch
      I've heard of 2 other timers besides Pikatimer that you could use. Otherwise, I'm not sure how you can RNG your own stuff -_- . I think the best thing you should do is to prove your innocence or at least get software that protects your PC from viruses and other stuff. That's a good point, but the partner can still attract CMTs, which bumps the thread or the partner can [unknowingly] get visitors to check out the other members' sections while they're browsing.
    14. Naos
      Ok, just let me know when you are online since I haven't seen you in a long time.
      Btw, you reached your max. message capacity (just letting you know)
    15. Klutch
      Haha, it would be awkward to tell someone I play pokemon period -_- . Sounds great, I have a list of flawless shiny spreads you can check out if you're interested; ID/SID abuse isn't too bad at all; most of the work is just playing through the actual game. I'm considering using the walk through walls and avoid trainer battles codes to save a lot of time. I don't see why they would kick you out in the first place.
    16. Klutch
      About you not being in a pokemon mood you mean. I'm not sure if you reversed your decision, but I hope that's the case. Things were starting to get interesting because ID/SID abuse is the next best thing! Well, I suppose all that RNGing (button pressing aspect) caused the DS to crack on one side. The crack(s) just kept growing until a hole formed and separated the right side's top/bottom areas. It's difficult to describe, but the point is that it's nearly [mechanically] incapacitated now, but I can still use it if I need to. The sad part was actually that I didn't get much accomplished, not the deal on the game, but then again I could've just bought a flashcart lol.
    17. Klutch
      Welcome back. While you were gone I made a joint thread, learned capture RNG on Diamond, abused for a flawless shiny spread in Diamond (caught a flawless Starly/Dialga), mechanically broke one of my DS's, and bought Heart Gold for $20 at Best Buy (sadly I think that's it). What's new with you?
    18. Wrecky
      Hey dude vm or pm me when you see me on, somebody wants you to check their thread for a shiny starly you have.
    19. Klutch
      Hey zack, I just got done with the school semester, I started up a joint thread with Ragnar, and I'm planning on ID/SID abusing my Diamond cart. Where have you been?
      Credits, mang ;)
    21. Klutch
      That's because the Wii has the graphics equivalent to a PS2 or X Box; the main focus of Nintendo isn't graphics.
    22. Klutch
      Well, that's good that you're not into fast food much; eating healthy is a good way to live longer. I know about the older CODs, but my focus was just on recent CODs. I know the Wii has World at War as well, but not MW 2 because they released MW 1 (reflex) the same day MW 2 came out for other systems -_- . Never expect the Wii to have good graphics; it's always about banking on gameplay lol.
    23. Klutch
      Fried chicken is great! I can't believe you only had Popeyes once unless you live in a place that doesn't have it. Yeah, all the gamers like to talk about stuff like Call of Duty and I didn't know the Wii's version was called Reflex; I thought it was just Modern Warfare (1) because that's what it is supposed to be lol. Yeah, WiFi makes things so much more interesting. I'm more of a PC gamer, but as far as the Wii is concerned, my game is Brawl.
    24. Klutch
      Thanks, I'm not satisfied having Ditto in just one kind of ball, especially the feminine Love Ball even though it does fit Ditto. Ham is good, but I prefer to have chicken on Thanksgiving; even Popeyes or KFC would be nice, but that's junk food. What game would that be?
    25. Klutch
      If you meant the shiny catches, those aren't mine lol. I don't think I'll ever be able to ID/SID abuse unless I get a new game because all of my games are filled up. I enjoyed the break, but I'm not that great of a fan of turkey. How was yours?
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