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5th Gen, OU, Interesting niche stall - First Time

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Thadeous Oakley, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Before we start let me introduce myself. My name is Thadeous Oakley, I am relatively new here and mostly lurk around. I have been playing since late 4th gen on a variety of servers and programs.

    Now since a week or so I have been venturing into the 5th era. This is my first decent 5th gen team, and my very first RMT. I'm pretty happy with it, but don't let it stop you from tearing this apart if you think its bad. Constructive criticism is appreciated .

    Right. With that mind, let's start:

    The Team at hand.



    The overall purpose of this team is to stall, set-up when given the chance and trying to force as many switches as possible. This achieved by a combination of Sandstorm, Stealth Rocks and Toxic Spikes, together with two niche Pokemon who are not easily countered with support from 3 walls and one special revenger.



    Hippowdon @ Leftovers
    252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Att
    Impish Nature (+ Def / - SpA)

    -Stealth Rock

    The lead and a psychical wall. Is the slowest weather inducer in the game, practically guarantees Sandstorm on switch-in. Main job is to set up rocks and sponge hits. EQ provides strong STAB while Yawn forces switches. Slackoff for recovery, all in all no surprises here.

    I'm pretty happy with it. I had a Tyranitar in it's place before, but I wanted more of a wall. I'm thinking about changing it in a SpD version but I'm not sure it fits in the team. Right now it absolutely walls any attacks, but dies horribly to special offense, like an ice beam or a surf. Jirachi provides an easy switch in though.


    Drapion @ Leftovers
    Battle Armor
    252 HP / 124 Def / 132 Att
    Jolly (+ Spe / - SpA)

    -Toxic Spikes
    -Fire Fang
    -Sword Dance

    One of the most important Poke's in my team. I wanted a reliable toxic spiker and this is what I found. In 4th gen, Drapion was a rare UU. In 5th gen, well, I'm probably the only using it one (which is part of it's success). Don't let this fool you, the Scorp has decent stats and an unique typing leaving it with only one weakness known as ground.

    The idea is simple, switch into something it can handle, get 2 layers of spikes and try to set-up while my opponent desperately tries to find out what counters it. Seriously, on two separate occasions people tried to use Psychic against it. While smarter opponents will eventually KO it, Drapion almost always gets the job done - 2 layers of toxic spikes. After that, I either switch out, set-up or use it as death fodder depending on the situation. Sword Dance gives it decent power with 90 base Att. Fire Fang is to provide a nasty surprise for Nattorei and other steels while Crunch is a decent neutral STAB attack.

    The EV's are a bit weird and open for change. I wanted to give it some bulk with a base defense of 90, plus some speed to get past a few poke's. It has a deceivingly (doesn't look fast on its design) base speed of 95. Keep in mind that the Toxic Spikes are a critical factor in my strategy, which is why the focus lies on getting them up rather then Drapion being an offensive powerhouse. I'm also thinking of using him as an optional alternate lead to Hippowdon.


    Abagoora @ Leftovers
    Solid Rock
    252 HP / 252 SpDef / 4 Att
    Careful Nature (+ SpDef / - SpA)

    -Aqua Jet
    -Stone Edge

    My only 5th gen Poke in the team, Abagoora hasn't quite made a splash in this generation seeing very limited usage. This does not reflect it's incredible walling abilities however. Having a base Attack of 108 and a whopping 133 Defense coupled with a very specific special spread to combat its lousy 65 SpDef makes him an incredible
    mixed tank. It's rare usage means counters are rare too.

    To reach this goal, the EV's and nature maximizes it's Special Defense. Nothing special (no pun intended) yet but here is where it gets interesting:
    Being a rock type (along with water) gives it a +1 SpDef boost in Sandstorm. Couple that with Solid Rock and Curse and you have a very powerful wall. It can quite easily take it's 2x weaknesses from Fighting, Ground and Electric having only one true 4x weakness in Grass and even that usually doesn't OHKO.

    This means Abagoora often can get a Curse or 2 up, while the opponent is stumped by it's incredible defenses and sometimes forced to switch. The rest of the movepool is simple. Stone Edge for STAB and power, Aqua jet to bypass it's pathetic Speed by priority. Crunch is there for kicks, Abagoora sadly has quite a limited movepool. It's main weakness is a lack of recovery, repeated beatings will take it down having no options on it's own outside leftovers and chestorest. Status also hurts.


    Jirachi @ Leftovers
    Serene Grace
    252 HP / 176 SpDef / 80 SpAtt
    Sassy Nature (+ SpDef / - Spe)

    -Doom Desire

    The special wall. This set isn't my own, though the EV spread is. Jirachi does two things and does it amazingly - Stall the hell out of the opponent and provide support for teammates. Of all the Pokemon on this team, Jirachi has the longest lifespan. Wish and Protect to stay healthy, while toxic and sandstorm shreds apart the opposing Poke. Doom Desire when the opportunity arises (which is very often) and U-turn for leaving with a bang.
    All while eating ice beams, surfs, thunderbolts, and sometimes even flamethrowers. This set does die horribly to earthquake but can rely on two immune teammates.

    One thing I'm not too fond of is that this is a mixed set. DD is special while U-turn is physical, which is why I'm running a Speed hindering nature. I also rarely see an opportunity to use U-turn and it doesn't very hard either. Would like a different move here, maybe thunderwave or a hiddenpower.


    Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
    Poison Heal
    252 HP / 88 Att / 100 Def / 76 Spe
    Adamant (+ Att / - SpA)

    -Aerial Ace

    The staple of so many teams finds its way on my team as well. Gliscor serves as psychical wall but also capable of dealing a lot of damage. It's also my check against two very prominent Poke's, Doryuuzu and Breloom. Aerial Ace and EQ provides strong STAB's while Protect is for stalling and healing. Toxic is rarely used when spikes are up but handy against certain levitators/flyers. He's a great partner to Jirachi.

    The EV spread is my own, though I'm entirely sure if the speed investment is that important, though I do need to outspeed Breloom.


    Latios @ Choice Specs
    252 SpAtt / 252 Spe
    Timid (+ Spe / - Att)

    -Draco Meteor
    -HP Fighting
    -Grass Knot

    I really needed something that was extremely powerful of the bat, especially against dragons. There are certain Pokemon in today's metagame that are just too strong to wall, poke's which need to be handled offensively. Being great at the act of revenge is also handy to regain that precious momentum after a loss. A trump card so to speak.

    Here is Latios, forming the Special attacker revenge killer. Roobushin got a bit too much bulk-ups? In comes Latios. Yache Garchomp sweeping my team? Latios again. It basically counters every dragon not scarfed (which can be played around) as well as whole range of others. A Draco Meteor from a maxed out Choiced Spec Latios might as well be strongest attack in the current OU tier.

    It's other moves include Grass knot and HP fighting, both of which I'm not too sure about, suggestions regarding these would be helpful. Trick is handy for messing with enemy walls, and gives Latios the opportunity for some late-game sweeping.

    I had a Zapdos in it's place before, but it wasn't powerful enough, failing miserly against any dragon faster or caring Yache berry.

    Final Comments

    I'd say the overall team works well. I know, because I'm winning most of my matches with it so far :) Each Poke has their own role, be it laying down hazards, stalling, setting up or attacking. The general line, however, is stalling.

    There is one more thing, and that's this team's weakness to ice, three poke's in total. Having said that, Jirachi eats Ice beams for breakfast, and Abagoora resists it.

    That's everything I got to say for now.
    Suggestions, comments, any remarks are welcome.

    - Thadeous Oakley.

  2. (Saving Space)

    Changed Hippowdon to a SpDef version and replaced Yawn with Fire Fang. Is no longer 2ko'ed by Ice beam Tyranitar, and no longer OHKO'd by Genosect, a major treat to my team.

    Changed Latios HP Fighting to HP Fire.

    Changed Jirachi, replaced U-Turn with Thunderbolt for a better counter against Politoed.
  3. Trinitrotoluene

    Trinitrotoluene Περαιτέρω φαίνεται για πάντα
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 13, 2010
    My rate. I hope this helps!

    Here are a few animated sprites for your RMT: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Hello Thadeous Oakley. Welcome to Smogon. I'm no good team rater, unlike Smith and Faladran, but I know my way around the 5th Generation. Now, on with my rate.

    Abagoora has a quad Grass-type weakness, making it incredibly vulnerable on your team when Shaymin-S and other Grass-types are flying around. If I can recall, Roobushin does a number to it as well, using Bulk Up while you Curse. If you want a special wall for your team, try Blissey.

    Thadeous, U-turn is generally not used to hit hard, unless it's being used by a Scizor. I recommend this set:

    name: Calm Mind + Wish
    move 1: Calm Mind
    move 2: Wish
    move 3: Psychic / Flash Cannon
    move 4: Thunderbolt
    item: Leftovers
    nature: Bold
    evs: 252 HP / 224 Def / 32 Spe

    Sure, you'll lose Jirachi as a special wall, but if you replace Abagoora with Blissey, then that problem is negated. As for Gliscor, I recommend you use Jaroda's EV spread for it with an Impish nature: 116 HP / 160 Atk / 68 Def / 164 Spe. I also recommend changing Toxic to Fling, and Aerial Ace to Acrobat.

    Oh, and it's "physical", not "psychical".
  4. Hi Wario, thanks for the sprites and remarks!

    Let me start by saying that I see Abagoora as a tank, rather than a wall. It's not suppose to take repeated beatings and certainly not grass moves. It can be used as a wall, but only with Wish support. Oh, and I'm mostly playing on the Beta server (mainly because Smogon is quite often down), which has Skymin banned.

    Special walling (and stalling) is for Jirachi, which your set wouldn't allow without protect. I did already change U-turn to Thunderbolt though. Jirachi is the glue of my team, and I fear changing the entire set would alter my team synergy too much.

    As for Gliscor, what's the distinct explanation behind the EV spread? And I have seen Gliscor's with Fling and Acrobat here. I don't quite understand why though; Fling is a one time use, while Acrobat has less power and accuracy then Aerial Ace.
  5. Chomper The Sharptooth

    Chomper The Sharptooth

    Dec 20, 2009
    Acrobat doubles to 110 base power when the holder has no item. When using a toxic orb you really only need it until Gliscor is poisoned, using fling
    serves both to poison a Pokemon and to power up Acrobat.
  6. min min

    min min

    Jun 26, 2010
    Jirachi with Iron Head and Thunder Wave along with 252/252 SDef and positive nature tanks LO Sazandora Fire Blast, paralyses it and wins with Iron Head.
  7. blarajan

    blarajan Rest in Bling
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    Aug 29, 2010
    From what I see, this team is incredibly Latios weak. Specs Latios with HP Fire, Draco Meteor, and Ice Beam (mine) is able to pretty much kill every member of your team. I know you like Abagoora, but it's not taking any beatings on the special side for very long, especially with Skymin and pals hanging around. As of such, I feel like he's the easiest to replace. I recommend a Rankurusu in his place. Rankurusu is an incredibly bulky calm mind user WITH SELF RECOVERY. This allows it to easily get its health back and to get insanely high special defense. With its HP stat and decent defense, the only thing I can see OHKOing it (after calm minds) is a STAB Crunch or something off a high attack stat.

    However, the one thing that is screaming at me the most is your lack of a ghost. If you're utilizing toxic spikes and stealth rock for passive damage, you NEED a spin blocker. It's required. Else, your team isn't doing much. From here, Jirachi seems to be the easiest to replace. I recommend a Burungeru, the premiere spin blocker of the generation. I don't really think you need wish support. With Hippowdon, Rankurusu, Burungeru, and Gliscor all having great recovery..well, it doesn't seem rather important. So replace that with a Buru.

    Oh, and a quick nitpick. Give Hippowdon 0 speed ivs and a speed hindering nature. That way he'll always be the one to get weather out.

    252 HP/252 Def/4 Att
    -Calm Mind
    -Focus Blast

    252 HP/spread amongst special attack and defenses as you wish
    Depends what you want to add. You can try using Buru mixed or only special. Your call.
    -Boil Over
    -Ice Beam

    Good luck!

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