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Let's Play A Monotype Challenge

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Hidious, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Hidious


    Oct 9, 2013
    I'm sure this has been discussed before although I cannot find a thread on it, but I have an idea for a challenge (more for fun than difficulty) where you must keep a team of the same type throughout your playthrough. It's fun if you want to role play as a aspiring gym leader or just want a mild challenge. These rules are subject to change. If you have any ideas or find a major flaw in one of them, feel free to make a suggestion.

    1. Every member of your party must share one type. If you white-out, you fail the challenge. You may catch any pokemon as long as it goes straight to your PC. Exceptions are:

    a. If you absolutely need to use an HM and no available pokemon of your type can learn the HM, you may use a pokemon not of your type only for using the HM. You must put it back into the PC when its job is done. If this pokemon is the last left in your party during a battle, you lose the challenge.

    b. If you choose a type that is not shared by one of the starters, you may use the starter until you can acquire a pokemon of the desired type.

    c. If you run into a shiny not of your type and your party isn't full, you may catch it, but you must put it in your PC as soon as possible. If this shiny pokemon is the last in your party during a battle, you lose the challenge

    d. Rule 10 evolution exception.

    2. To expand on 1b, if you choose a type that isn't shared by a starter, you must trade for one immediately when trading is available. Of course, you'll have to catch a pidgey or something to trade, but you must put your starter in your PC after you are finished trading. You may trade with a friend or one of your other copies, but it must be for a lvl 5 pokemon with a BST of less than 540 in its final stage.

    3. You must use set and not shift.

    4. You cannot use items in battle. You are limited to 2 uses of revive (including pokemon center) for each pokemon throughout the entire journey. However, cat pokemon get 8 uses of revive.

    5. If a pokemon faints and it has run out of revives, you must release that pokemon unless it has the ghost type. Ghosts can be revived as many times as you want.

    6. You get a total of 10 pokecenter uses throughout your journey.

    7. Mega Evolutions are not allowed.

    8. Any other part of the game that is mandatory to advance the storyline is immune from the rules.

    9. You cannot overlevel any of the gym leaders or elite four/champion by more than 5 above their highest leveled pokemon.

    10. Pre-evolved forms do not count as the final stage type. For example, you cannot use froakie as a dark type. However, you may keep that pokemon in your party to gain xp share experience until it evolves. But if that unevolved pokemon is the last in your party during a battle, you lose the challenge. If a pokemon evolves out of your picked type, for example, you pick ground and pupitar evolves into tyranitar, you must put that pokemon in the PC as soon as possible. If that becomes your last pokemon during a battle, you lose the challenge.
  2. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    There is already a thread for monotype playthroughs. They're basically the same as this, but with way fewer rules.
  3. SenshiSam


    Sep 10, 2013
  4. Serina33


    Nov 18, 2013
    But i dont have information about this.

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