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(skip to post 2 for the interesting stuff, ie game and player analysis)

I'd like to tell you guys why I made this game.

Beginner games have a long history of not going very well. Ever since the tiering system of games was introduced, the Beginner tier has largely failed to accomplish its goal. Beginner games were supposed to be launchpads, where new users could play to see whether they liked Smogon mafia and from there move on to play other more complicated games. This has not happened for a number of reasons. But first, why bother? What is the downside to having a Beginner tier that works in a slightly different way? I’ll start from the top.

A tiering system was added a while ago. The best addition of the new system was the (necessary) addition of Expert games, which allowed games to be played by the best players without the risk of a new or poor user making the game less fun for all of those involved. This created a ton of great games, and has worked. Unfortunately, it completely decimated Standard.

This happened for a number of reasons. Firstly, good hosts almost exclusively made Expert games. Secondly, players who had made names for themselves in the community could now count on getting into these Expert games, and as a result stopped playing in Standard games. As a result, the only players who were playing in Standard games were beginners. The quality of play in Standard games became consistently poor, and the playerlists for them were similarly poor. This caused a vicious cycle in which quality players started to avoid the games more, and the games started to get worse, etc.

While this is a problem, it’s not one that we can fix, and it’s not one that we should try to fix, at least not from this angle. You can’t force players to play in games they don’t want to play. That would be stupid.

What we can fix is the underlying problem that I have ignored up to this point. What is probably the biggest reason why Standard was so terrible was that Beginner was not producing very many good new users. Beginner certainly was not producing new users as fast as more experienced users left. This effect could even be seen in Expert games, with hosts often being unable to pick enough users they actually wanted to play in their games. Additionally, the Smofia playerbase dwindled dramatically, dropping to frighteningly low numbers.

But what was wrong with Beginner games?

Alright, on to the actual reason why I’m even posting this. Beginner games were obviously going to be subject to the lowest quality play of all of the three tiers (or so is thought), and as a result very few experienced users wanted to make their games Beginner. As such, the only Beginner games that there were were hosted by beginners themselves. Since there were no rules outlining what was reasonable for a Beginner game, these games were almost always over-complicated and required too many users to play. There was not nearly enough demand for these games, as they required as many as 25 players to play, and as such other players, often NOT beginners (*cough* UncleSam *cough*), would have to play in order for the games to continue. This ruined the Beginner mafia experience for everyone.

There was another more worrying problem with Beginner as well. There was a group of users who started to play only in Beginner games. They thought of themselves as “beginners” even if they had been in the community for a while, simply because that was the tier they played in. So the system produced no new users, since any new users who enjoyed mafia and still wanted to play got stuck in this mindset and played a bunch of Beginner and left Standard games for the users they had been told were more experienced. This, in addition to making Standard worse, was also elitist and wrong. Beginner status shouldn’t be determined by your “skill-level” or anything subjective of the sort. Personally, I think it should be determined by how many games you’ve played.

These were the three big problems with Beginner: the games were too complicated, the games were too big, and there was no mechanism to get users out.

After discussions with billymills, we realized we needed to reverse this trend. We needed Beginner games to be simple, using common roles. We needed them to be small, so there would be enough true beginners to play them. We needed some way to force users OUT of Beginner, so they could actually move up the tiering system. So I made this game in order to fit those three criteria, as an experiment of sorts, to see if we could fix Beginner.

SO, then I actually had to make the game.

I wanted the game to be fairly formulaic. Perhaps I made it too much so, as users like penguin344 were able to draw from this fact later in the game and use it as evidence against the claims of Solace and Draycos7, and it made false-claiming much harder. I gave the village a ton of power roles, and to offset that I made the balance fairly anti-town. If the mafias and the wolf worked together, they could win the lynch after Night 1 if they killed the mayor since they had persuader and silencer roles. Obviously, I didn’t expect this to happen and it didn’t, but Jimera0 realized this at one point (the LME were, unfortunately for them, uncooperative). I did expect for some crossfire, which is why I made the mafias numbers slightly favorable. As it turns out, crossfire was the biggest factor in this village’s win, so I feel the balance was pretty good.

I didn’t give the mafias bodyguards, which resulted in more crossfire than there might have been if I had given them some. While this made the game more interesting, it made it so that the mafias had much less of a chance to win than they would have otherwise.

The wolf role, I decided, had to be fairly powerful. Winning as wolf is always a challenge, no matter which powers you have, but I decided against mole roles for this game as those are annoying at any level. So I gave him an inspect so he would know who he’s hitting, and a BPV (bulletproof vest) so he could survive a bit longer. It turns out that this BPV wound up being useless in the end, as Draycos7 was unable to overcome the advantage the village had gotten from all of the mafia crossfire.

I had been unable to come up with a good theme (I was thinking maybe Cowboys? you could have cowboys vs indians vs aliens but I dont know enough cowboys to turn into roles for the village). Eventually I settled upon the hilarity of the 2012 Republican nomination candidates. To clear things up, I am both a fiscal and a social liberal, so I took this as an opportunity to make fun of people I disagree with.
The part you all care about: the actual game.

Night 0:
Nothing too interesting happens other than me messing up an inspection result (sorry Aliens and Steamroll!).

Day 1:
MrcRanger97 steps up as village leader and begins to get the village organized. Rogue is not a common role to claim as, and some people feel uneasy trusting their information to him, and as such Tan steps up with an even less common role to claim as, vanillager. There are, however, upsides to having your power roles more silent, such as the mafia not knowing who your martyr / hooker / inspector is. This actually turned out quite nicely for the village in the end.

Personally, I think the ideal choice of leader would have been Nexus at this point. He was the hooker, a role that is definitely on the village (and will receive a counterclaim if he’s lying). He was also inspected by YAYtears on Night 0. I don’t think YAYtears told him as much, so Nexus wound up not leading.

None of the villagers had gotten any incriminating information, and as such the Day 1 No Lynch made a lot of sense.

P.S. Sorry Tan for saying that the next election was in 2012... luckily it didn’t cast too much suspicion on you!

Night 1:
LME and Draycos7 both hit Republicans. One of which is
Dear Steamroll,
You are Mitt Romney.

The former governor of Massachusetts, you are the current Republican nominee for president of the United States. You are notorious for your flip-floppery.

You have no night action. However, since you are flexible, you can fill in any of the roles your fellow Republicans want you to. As such, once in the game you may copy the role of a dead Republican and use it for the remainder of the game.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

I figured, Mitt Romney is such a flip-flopper, he’ll just do what everyone else wants him to do. Backup seemed like the perfect role for him. Steamroll didn’t get to do much, sadly, but kept paying attention to the game even long after his death! Better luck next time. :(

The other death was Tan.
Dear Tan,
You are Jon Huntsman.

Poor Jon Huntsman. Everyone had such high hopes for you before Mitt Romney had to enter the election and take all of the moderate vote. Maybe in 2012...

You have no night action, but may still vote in the daily lynches.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

Poor Jon Huntsman. Actually, poor Tan. This game was just a series of unfortunate events for him, largely due to my mistakenly putting 2012 instead of 2016 in his role PM. Sorry once again!

Day 2:
I have always disliked the strategy of “proving” the mayor. The lynch is the single most important weapon the village has. To waste it on “proving” a role that doesn’t need to immediately be checked is a waste of a day in my opinion. Having said that, many users I respect disagree with me on this point and still do check mayors in the daytime. In this instance, as in many others, proving the mayor actually ended up backfiring, fiving the village false information and not killing either of the two candidates they had in mind (who were both evil).

The Liberal Media Elite, however, do lose Darkaxis today due to not following his persuasion (crossfire #1).
Dear Darkaxis,
You are Keith Olbermann.

As the former chief Democratic pundit, you used to be satisfied with simply calling out these Republicans for their misdeeds. However, since you got booted off of MSNBC, you’ve acquired a new goal: to kill all of them.

At night you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Call <user> the worst person in the world.” <user> will be so taken aback by your claim that they will be unable to do anything that they planned on doing that night.

You are allied with the Liberal Media Elite. You win if the Liberal Media Elite are the last team standing.

Olbermann’s show was always so unintentionally funny. I wish he were still on. Anyway, dying of persuasion is pretty indefensible. Darkaxis was unfortunately too inactive to post during the day and died, giving his team, the LME, a massive disadvantage.

Night 2:
Jimera0 makes the smart move to call to his fellow anti-villagers to help him and his team out. The LME and Draycos7, however don’t contact him! Either they don’t trust that he’s evil, or they were still uneasy about letting anyone know who they were at that time. This ends up backfiring tremendously for the LME, as the Aliens actually hit Trollmonchan, whom the village trusts enormously. I still don’t understand why the Aliens didn’t just kill AOPSUser, whom they knew to be the bodyguard at that time. I believe they wanted to get a shot at the inspector, but this did not go to plan. Anyway, Trollmonchan was:
Dear Trollmonchan,
You are Jon Stewart.

The chief Democratic political comedian, you are a pretty funny guy. Despite not being a news show, I get most of my political news from your show.

At night you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Talk smack about <user> on my TV show.” You will shame <user> to such an extent that <user> will be unable to vote or speak in the thread tomorrow. If <user> does speak, he will be killed.

You are allied with the Liberal Media Elite. You win if the Liberal Media Elite are the last team standing.

Jon Stewart is such a bro. I just noticed the misplaced modifier in this role PM. Please forgive me, grammar nazis! Anyway, Trollmonchan played excellently in this game, until a stroke of bad luck got him killed. I still think he should have contacted Jimera0 when he had the chance, as he would have been able to avoid his death that way. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that he was one of MrcRanger97’s confidants from a very early time, which is quite a feat! He was believed to be a villager by everyone in the game up to his death.

The other death that night was that of Nexus, whom Draycos7 knew at that time to be the hooker (or so I think).
Dear Nexus,
You are Newt Gingrich.

You are a baby-headed politician who was once Speaker of the House. Despite being a staunch supporter of “family values,” you have been divorced twice.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Divorcing <user>.” You will get a divorce from <user>, and in the process <user> will become so angry that they will not be able to complete any night actions they may have wanted to do that night. You may not get a divorce from the same user two nights in a row.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

Newt Gingrich is awesome. He just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about him and says the most outrageous things. Nexus didn’t get to do too much in this game due to his early death. Sucks!

Day 3:
The fall of the Aliens begins. To this point, they have been the dominant faction of the game. However, Jimera0 can’t keep up his shtick for so long, so he’s lynched.
Dear Jimera0,
You are Chewbacca.

You are the Wookiee copilot of the Millenium Falcon from the planet Kashyyyk, and no, I did not misspell that word. You hope the other players of this game will let the Wookiee win.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Fly the Falcon by <user>.” You will get a good look at <user> and figure out who he or she is. You will receive <user>’s full role PM.

You are allied with the Illegal Aliens. You win if the Illegal Aliens are the last team standing.

Chewbacca is an alien. I had less fun with the Alien PMs than I did with the political ones. I thought it would be funny if the Republicans were actually fighting real aliens, so I had them do that. Jimera0 played pretty well, helping strategize even after his death and being pretty on top of things, even when he was outted as Alien. Reaching out to the other teams WAS the best strategy he could have taken, but unfortunately the other baddies didn’t contact him.

Also today, MrcRanger97 makes the terrible decision to break his persuasion and suicide. Seriously, what were you thinking? Bad decision all-around.
Dear MrcRanger97,
You are Herman Cain.

You are the eccentric politician who once led polls for the Republican nomination. You became famous for your “9 9 9” policy in which everyone would be taxed the same percentage, and spoke the words to a song from Pokemon 2000 twice.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Recite Pokemon 2000 to <user>.” You will recite the whole movie, line for line, to <user>. <user> will become so endeared by this that if <user> is trying to kill you that night, he will change his mind and you will survive.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

Herman Cain is the coolest. I wish he had won the nomination. MrcRanger97 had taken the first stab at organizing the village (always a difficult spot to be in, but someone has to go there). He was occasionally wrong about certain users, but never mislynched anyone and didn’t give away anything gamebreaking (I don’t think he did, correct me on this if I’m wrong). Unfortunately, he decided to end his in-game life too early, which cost the village a great deal.

Night 3:
Draycos kills an info role, in an attempt to get further into the village. As a result, The Royal Guard dies.
Dear The Royal Guard,
You are Rick Perry.

You are the governor of Texas who at one point looked promising as a candidate for the Republican nomination for President. However, you quickly proved to everyone through your inability to speak coherently that you were not fit for the job.

At night you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Speak incoherently next to <user>.” If <user> is a Republican like yourself and does not have anything better to do that night, he will talk with you. You will be told whether or not your target is a Republican with no night action or not.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

I had a lot of options with Rick Perry’s role and PM, and I’m kind of disappointed with what I came up with. I apologize to my family. Anyway, The Royal Guard didn’t get to do much, but he did claim and was able to help the village as much as he could without leading.

The other death that night was a sad one. The Aliens, who at this point still held the game in their hands, become ineffectual once Solace kills Blackhawk11. I don’t think Solace knew that Blackhawk11 was an Alien (I think she thought he was village, like everyone else did), but once again due to the fact that the LME never contacted Jimera0, crossfire happens.
Dear Blackhawk11,
You are The Doctor.

You are the last Time Lord, come to save the Earth from various evil beings that would kill us all otherwise. You fly around space and time in a machine called the Tardis that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside and is generally amazing.

At night you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Convincing <user1> that <user2> is evil.” You will take <user1> back through time and show him all of <user2>’s misdeeds. <user1> will be forced to vote for <user2> the next day.

You are allied with the Illegal Aliens. You win if the Illegal Aliens are the last team standing.

Doctor Who is great etc etc... Blackhawk11 played superbly in this game. He had a believable claim, got deep into the village, and would almost certainly have won the game for his team had he not been killed Night 3. He spotted Draycos7 as wolf immediately as well.

Day 4:
Draycos7 starts his mafia-killing crusade. ButteredToast puts up a lengthy response but to no avail. He is lynched.
Dear Vix ButteredToast,
You are ET.

You are the adorable friendly alien from the Spielberg movie ET. All you want to do is phone home, but the Republicans want to deport you before you can do that.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - ET phone <user>.” You will call <user> on a phone. <user> will have to pick up, and will be unable to do anything they were planning on doing that night. You may not target the same <user> two nights in a row.

You are allied with the Illegal Aliens. You win if the Illegal Aliens are the last team standing.

ButteredToast couldn’t get on IRC, but still tried hard and seemed to have a good time! His Day 4 defense was pretty thought-out and fairly impressive (I think Jimera and Blackhawk helped him write it too) and in general he was a nice addition to the Aliens team. Sorry Vix for subbing you out without contacting you first!

Night 4:
Now with the only kill of the night, Draycos7 wanted to get rid of the one villager who could give him away, YAYtears. Little did he know, YAYtears had already done all that he had to in order to secure the village a win.
Dear YAYtears,
You are Michele Bachmann.

You are the crazypants politician who once led polls across the nation for the Republican candidacy. Despite being a woman running for office, you have been quoted as saying that all women should be subservient to men, as it says in the Bible.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Being subservient to <user>.” You will be subservient to <user> and simultaneously gather all of the information you can about him (or her). You will receive <user>’s full role PM.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

Michele Bachmann necessitates the use of the word crazypants. No apologies. YAYtears played pretty well. For the first few cycles, he was pretty uncommunicative (I think) but he told the right players what they needed to know when they needed it most. YAYtears ONLY targeted Republicans the entire game, and created a small network of cleaned Republicans before his death. These villagers were able to fairly easily deduce that Draycos7 had to be wolf. Nice job, YAYtears.

Day 5:
Solace puts up a valiant defense but can’t stop Draycos7’s mafia killing crusade. I don’t understand why he decided to target you; he was almost certainly going to lose if he did, and if he could have redirected the lynch onto someone else, he may have easily been able to win. Anyway, Draycos either didn’t like that option or didn’t realize it, so he leads the lynch on Solace.
Dear Solace,
You are George Stephanopoulos.

You used to be one of the campaign managers for Bill Clinton before changing careers and becoming a journalist. Also the host, askaninjask, once met you in real life, and it was pretty awesome.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Run a news segment on <user>.” You will discover everything about <user>, seeing his entire role PM.

You are allied with the Liberal Media Elite. You win if the Liberal Media Elite are the last team standing.

Solace played pretty well, putting up a decent defense when she was lynched and surviving surprisingly long after both of her teammates were killed. The Aliens were pretty sure (before they were killed) that Solace was clean as well, and that the evil players left were Draycos and penguin344. Unfortunately, Solace only realized her claim wasn’t workable after she had claimed, and was unable to defend against her old claim. Rough!

Night 5:
Draycos7 does the only sensible thing left and kills AOPSUser, but he’s redirected to idiotfrommars, who is part of YAYtears’s cohort of villagers who know that Draycos7 is wolf.
Dear idiotfrommars,
You are Richard Nixon.

You are the former US president who forged today’s bond between the United States and China. Additionally, after reassuring everyone that you were not a crook, you were the only president to ever resign from office.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Forge bond between the US and <user>.” You will come to a trade agreement with <user>. <user> will be forced to target you that night.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

He played pretty well. He realized the power of his role and chose not to abuse it; until Night 4, he hadn’t targeted a single other user, wanting both to stay hidden and to stay alive. He used his ability to its maximum potential on Night 5, alerting the village that they were right and that Draycos7 was the wolf. Well played.

Day 6:
Draycos7 is pretty much boned at this point, so he suicides.
Dear Draycos7,
You are Sarah Palin.

You used to be a member of the Republicans, but since then you’ve gone rogue. That’s right, now this Alaskan soccer mom is calling the shots, not these bigwig party leaders you always used to have to listen to.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Shooting <user> from a helicopter.” You will use your moose hunting expertise to shoot and kill <user>. <user> will be eliminated from the game.

Additionally, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Going on FOX News with <user>.” You will have a segment on FOX News with <user> and surreptitiously figure out everything you can about him and his beliefs. You will receive <user>’s full role PM.

You have been studying martial arts over the last several weeks. As such, you will be able to fend off the first person who attempts to kill you.

You are allied with yourself, The Lone Wolf. You win if you are the last person standing.

Draycos7 played pretty well! He got himself FAR into the village, leading it for a few turns, but eventually couldn’t escape his fate. I don’t understand why he was so unwilling to work with the mafias; he essentially knew for sure who they were as soon as he saw their claims but instead of working with them, lynched both of the two remaining ones. This caused a lack of nightkills that made his loss almost inevitable. However, he still gets props for getting himself into such a great lategame position.

Then there were the three living winners.

Dear AOPSUser,
You are George Bush.

The father of George W Bush, you are a former president of the US. You also used to be head of the CIA.

At night you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Using CIA to protect <user>.” You will get the CIA to make sure <user> is not killed in any means. <user> will be immune to all kills that night.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

I put George Bush 1 in and not George Bush 2. Weird! AOPSUser was lucky to be the only bodyguard in the game. He was considered a prime possession by both the village, the wolf, and the Aliens. All three thought they could convince him of their legitimacy, but in the end AOPSUser pulled through and helped the village win on the final day.

Dear penguin344,
You are Dan Quayle.

You are the former vice president of the US under George H. W. Bush. Over the course of the many speeches you gave, you’ve probably misspoken more often than not and you have become a joke.

You have no night action. However, you have some secret service agents still around from when you used to be VP, so the first kill directed at you will fail.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

Yeah, so I actually did put a BPV in this game. Dan Quayle is too funny not to put in, and I don’t understand why you guys thought it was so farfetched that he would be in... Granted, I kind of screwed over whoever got this role, since BPV is a difficult claim to defend on its own, and Dan Quayle is not the most prominent Republican. penguin344 did a surprisingly good job with the role, however, and was able to avoid being mislynched and was the most active member in the anti-Draycos coalition that won the village the game. Props.

Dear Isaac 2.0 Honus,
You are Ronald Reagan.

A former president of the United States, you are idolized by many current Republicans, despite the fact that you actually raised taxes. You used to be an actor, too.

You have no night action. However, because everyone admires you so much, your vote will count as two in the daily lynches.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.

I will never understand why Republicans honor Ronald Reagan so damn much. Whatever. Honus played a little bit too cautiously, I think. It’s difficult to sub into a role later in a game and still know which end is up, but despite this, just by being alive and being inspected, he helped the village win. YAYtears’s inspection of him really sealed Draycos7’s fate, confirming that Draycos was lying about his role and that he was wolf.

Awards that don’t matter and are completely subjective:
MVP: YAYtears or penguin344
LVP: Darkaxis
Best LME: trollmonchan
Best Alien: Blackhawk11 (but that team was all pretty great)
Worst Luck: Illegal Aliens, crossfire + crossfire + immediate lynch. Rough times.
Best Play: YAYtears disseminating his results to cleaned players just before his death
Worst Play: MrcRanger97 suiciding
Coolest Kid: Steamroll

If you have been, thanks for reading. It’s long...

Oh also, I probably got some stuff wrong in this post, so let me know what mistakes I've made, so I can correct them.
Just throwing it out there, Solace was going to die D5, whether or not Draycos instigated it. The best case scenario was to play along with him as not to alert him, but one of the two needed to die for us to win. (By D4, we had figured out who all of the scum were, mainly because of how the roles spread out over the number of people worked out. All of the claims were redundant with already given claims, which the number of people in the game wouldn't allow.)

My spreadsheet, just in case anyone is interested for whatever reason.
(this was an excel spreadsheet before)
My postgame:

So I get my role PM, I'm a bit excited but think "fuck", since I hate playing wolf. Oh well. I decided to randspect Steamroll that night, since I didn't really have any leads. Found out he was backup, decided he needed to die.

First day rolls around, and I decide to just ride the bandwagon after throwing up some suspicions of Tan. I seriously didn't know about the irc client thing, though.

Night 1, I kill off Steamroll and inspect Jimera, because I was suspicious of him fsr. Imagine my surprise when I find out he's the investigator.

However, on Day 2 people are suspicious of me, and I overreact. I slap together a role PM. I included the 1-time inspect because, as most people know, mayors often have a small perk to them, usually a one-time inspect or announce. It looked like Jimera would get lynched, but then for some reason people decided they would test me, and thank God Honus didn't change his vote. These results of Day 2 got me the identities of nearly every player from Ranger and logical deduction.

On night 2 I decide to randkill Nexus and randspect Solace. Luckily for me, Nexus was hooker, and Solace was investigator. :toast:

Day 3. Massive Jimera shitstorm. I ride the bandwagon once more, but I still don't understand why Ranger killed himself. Better for me, I guess.

Night 3, I got contacts from Jimera with AOPS and TRG. I decided to kill off TRG as*
the less info roles, the better. I also tried to mole Solace a bit, but that didn't work out very well. I found the rest of the scum that night, mafias were the only ones that claimed to me, ironically. Investigated penguin.

Day 4, lead lynch on Toast, who eventually killed by the powers of tl;dr.

Night 4, decided that either Penguin or Yay was inspector, went with Yay. Also investigated ifm.

Day 5, lynched Solace. That's it.

Night 5, was GOING to kill AOPS, but you meddling kids made me kill ifm instead. AOPS, you're just too trusting of people.

Day 6, endgame. I wave white flag, whatever. To be honest here, ANY mislynch, even no lynch, would've led to my victory, as I had my BPV and would've tied votes until I won. Soooo close.

So that's the game. I knew who most people were Night 3, and had a good plan for the endgame, but IFM ended up screwing me over.

Oh well, it was a great game! Props to aska for being a cool host. A few players i wanna touch on for a second:

MrcRanger and AOPS; You two gave me WAAAAAY too much information. I'd shut up in the future if I were you. AOPS even implied the whole bg/martyr thing, which I was paranoid of since I inspected ifm. And you trusted me enough to BG me! Be less trusting.

penguin; You were veeeeery suspicious early on, mainly due to aska making you Dan Quayle, but you did a great job getting the town together, kudos to you.

Honus; thankyouthankyouthankyou for voting Jimera Day 2, I didn't get lynched for that.

IFM; I underestimated you, man. Good job screwing me over. :P

Tan; should've claimed a power role to relieve pressure on main town roles, but good effort.

Aliens; needed to kill more townies instead of LMEs. Also props to BT for portraying an offended person so well.

LMEs; Good job in getting Trollmonchan implemented as a mole, you definitely could've won through that. Also, not bad work with Solace staying undercover so long. Thanks for not leaking my identity when I was lynching you, bro.

Me; is best player

I had fun! Again, great game everyone!
My postgame:
Night 3, I got contacts from Jimera with AOPS and TRG. I decided to kill off TRG as the less info roles, the better. I also tried to mole Solace a bit, but that didn't work out very well. I found the rest of the scum that night, mafias were the only ones that claimed to me, ironically. Investigated penguin.

Day 4, lead lynch on Toast, who eventually killed by the powers of tl;dr.

Night 4, decided that either Penguin or Yay was inspector, went with Yay. Also investigated ifm.
But yeah, agree with most of the stuff here. @AOPS, I even told you that Draycos was scum the previous day :/

Also, gonna put massive ButteredToast/me pm chain here, because why not.
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
Hey man! I literally just saw that you were in the same mafia game as me and I just wanted to say hi to my old warlight buddy. So hey! :D
hey there! it's cool that we're in the same game!
Yeah. It's real good to have a friendly face in the crowd. I got asked to sub in for Vix, so I'm kinda at a disadvantage there and don't really know exactly what I'm supposed to really do. These other people are quite cut throat and it's hard for me to trust anyone. I'm just lying low right now and see what unfolds...
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
Wow. What do you think of those night kills? Didn't see that whole thing going down like that.
eh it was kinda expected
1 for the wolf, mafias get bi nightly kills
it just figures that an important villy was killed.
I mean I didn't see Tan telling the truth. Like you, I thought his role was hacked. Could of almost bet it all on it. And steam's ability could have been REALLY useful if something happened to anyone. It's like we lost a backup.

I should start to emerge a bit and try to help out with the village. I got to ask though, did you claim to MrcRanger97, because I don't know if I trust him totally and I'm kind of in a hole here...
What do you mean by that you are in a hole?
I don't really trust anyone enough to claim, but my ability could help the village if I do.

Kind of a Catch 22. That's why I kinda want your opinion on what I should do...
well, here is the thing. if you have information on who is scum, you need to speak up. I understand the predicament. I personally have claimed to ranger, as he seems clean to me.
It's nothing like that. I honestly have no clue about anything really. You're the only person I really trust not to cut my throat because of how you played with our alliance in warlight.

I'm just playing it safe. But I feel that if I don't claim in time for the night, it would hurt our chances.
Well, the village needs as many claims as we can get, otherwise we will lose for certain. I mean if you want to I will take your claim, but if you have a power role we need you. I will not force you to claim, but keep in kind that silence will draw suspicion.
I don't feel bad telling you, it's just that speculating on past mafia games, there is a 7/14 chance that you are mafia or wolf, and that's kind of too close for comfort. I'd ask for a trade of roles to fix this, but because you're my only contact, you could just kill me at night and no one would know your role.

Just saying, I thought about it and don't want to misplay and end up hurting myself/the team with my foolishness.
I completely understand. Remember, the same goes for you too.
And yeah, no matter how much I assure you I am village, I can't really confirm it to you.
Even so, I assure you that I cannot kill.
Yeah, I know. And there is the catch 22. If I'm on the one side of the 50%, I can help the village. But if I'm on the other side, I hurt the village. And the longer I wait and not help, the worse the odds could get.
The politics of the situation are very confusing :/

ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
I'm doing some math, might have figured out a solution.... :D

Provbblem is, it's pretty confusion.
I feel up to hearing it.
I haven't quite got the numbers to work. Damn probabiltiy. Give me a few minutes and I can make a very strong argument. Unless you want to help me with the math...
Give me the numbers and I will see what I can do.
I need the probabilities for randomly choosing each of the following without replacement on two random picks out of the current mafia population of 14, the 15 remaining alive players minus me because I can't pick myself. Work would help, because I'm trying to find my error on my work.:

Two Villagers
1 Village, 1 Mafia/Wolf
2 Mafia/Wolf

Sub set of this being:
1 Liberal Mafia/Wolf and 1 Alien Mafia/wolf
2 Mafia of same team
Well, the probably of picking a villy is 1/2, so the probability of picking two is 1/4. Same goes for when you pick between bad guys and good guys or just bad guys.

The probability of picking a liberal/wolf is 4/14, or 2/7, thus picking two would be 4/49 (this applies to any group of four)

picking a mafia of one team is more difficult. since the first pick needs to be either mafia, the odds are 6/14, or 3/7. then for the next pick, it needs to be the smae mafia, so it would be 3/7 * 2/14 (1/2), or 3/14
That's more off than what I got.

I know these are correct:

2 Village: 3/13
1 Village, 1 Mafia: 4/13
2 Mafia: 3/13

Working on the subsets of mafia, will explain my math when I'm done.
how did you get 13 ._.
unless you are counting both of us as clean, which I didn't do.
I'll explain it when I get the subsets of mafia to work. Give me a minute, something is still wrong. You ever take a probability class in high school/ College?
erm, no :P
I only have a rudimentary knowledge of probability.
I thold you this was complicated. :D

I think I messed up with the first part (that I said was certain above, foolish me) and that's why it's not working. I'll send it to you when I'm done, but it may be awhile.

ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
I got it, finally. I did everything the long way through combinations and found my error. Forgot to account for two mafia in the 1 Mafia, 1 Wolf subset of two mafia.

Do you want me to explain it Readers Digest version or do you want to trust me on how I got these numbers? I'd rather there be no doubt when I explain it so you trust me 100% on this...
I'll trust you on how you got the numbers, but it would be nice to know what they were
OK. I'm compossing a huge ass PM using them and explaining my theory on what I can do to fix everything. For now, I'll just giive you the numbers...

Prob of randomly picking these out of 14 Remaning players (Because I already know that I'm village and it wouldn't work if I picked myself randomly)

2 Village: 3/13
1 Village & 1 Mafia/Wolf: 7/13
2 Mafia/Wolf: 3/13

Subgroups Of 2 Mafia/Wolf:

Both Players from same Mafia: 6/91
One player from 1 mafia the other from the other mafia: 9/91
1 Mafia and 1 Wolf: 6/91

ButteredToast said:
OK, so here's my plan. I'm going to claim to two people, one of which will be you the other will be random. It's great if you agree to it and think it'll work. The plan is, I'll claim in exchange for a claim myself on the other person. I will alert both parties on who the other person I claimed too is, but I will not give them the others claim.

If you two are both village, there is no problems. I'm safe with my knowledge, everything works out peachy. This is only a 23.077% chance however, far worse than the 50% chance on just claiming to you, but hear me out some more.

If it is 1 village and 1 maifa/wolf, a 53.846% chance, things still work out well. If one of you tries to kill me, the other villager can arise suspission and get the mafia man lynched. In a sense, it will be deturant for the mafia targeting me as there will be hell to pay if they do. And if they do kill me, a me for mafia trade will be a plus for the village.

If it's two mafia of opposite teams, a 9.9% chance, the same thing happens. Same thing if it's a mafia and wolf, again at 9.9%. If one person kills be, it will expose the other teams mafia and they will most likely oust/kill the other mafia, making a me for mafia trade a + for the village. Though I won't get connected to the village like the other two, it still is effectove and a plus for the team.

The final option, the only way it's not a plus, is if I pick two mafia of the same team, which is only a 6.593% chance. Even then, I'd only be screwed the same amount as if only you were mafia.

In summary, there is a 76.923% chance (2V and 1V 1M) I get in contact with the village. Far higher than the 50% if I just trust you. There is a 13.187% chance that I get two bad guys, but if they act on it, they get screwed over because the other will most likely kill the one remaining. And finally there is only a 6.593% chance that I get screwed over and don't help the village, which is far better than the 50% chance before.

By doing this I improve my odds to help the village and to get something going. All I can ask is do you feel comforatable doing it? I've thought of a way that will allow the 2nd person I claim to to be pretty close to random, so just tell me if you're in. The odds work for you too by the way if you're village.

penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
ButteredToast said:
penguin344 said:
are you comfortable claiming to draycos? please, respond to this, because we are running out of time in the day and I want to know whether or not you are afk.
If I get some info on why he was a step away from being lynched, than yeah, maybe I'll think about it. I got a role that right now would be pretty useful, but if I missplay and end up doing mafia work, it would be a death sentance to our team after jim's comments. I'm hoping that he is really village and is just making a play to get mafia claims for the village, but I can't be certain.

I'm also kind of confused why this is the first time I've heard from you. You've been on multiple times, posted in the forum, was private messaging someone other than me after the Night 2 actions...
Alright, here is what has happened:
First of all, I've been very busy in the past few days. Second of all, I've been musing over the plan you suggested and the recent developments, and it didn't seems like it would be good if any mafia were found.

On draycos:
Ranger had been previously trusted jimera to be not scum. Draycos claimed to be a mayor with a one time inspect. Naturally, he seemed to be scummy at first. But he was the one who came up with the chewbacca role pm. We figrued either draycos was scum or jimera was. So, we tried to test this with a lynch on jimera that was one away from majortiy, with draycos as mayor. however, it didn't work. This was because aops screwed up (multiple times) voting. Then, they thought draycos was scum because of this. However, I proposed that we clean him through this: 5 vote for draycos, 4 for jimera, with the mayor (draycos) voting for jimera. Thus, if draycos was mayor, it would tie the vote, and we'd know he was clean. The vote was tied, so jimera was scum. (And now he came out with it, furthering the veribility of the claim)

Draycos was never actually being "lynched". He was being cleaned.
It seems like you are trying to bully me into claiming while trying to get around my plan that I outlined and thought over. While your plan makes sense, the votes could have been tied other ways. I can't be completely sure that what you say is the truth.

If you want me to claim, the only way I'd do it tonight is through the plan and I don't have the time to get your answer, contact someone else, get them to agree, and send in my actions before deadline. And if you really wanted me on board, why wait until the 11th hour? I'm sorry, but it all seems suspicious. My thought is that you want to learn who I am in order to kill me tonight if I'm against your plan.

I'll claim to you only if you follow the plan I placed. The odds are now really in the villages favor as we now have a majority. Don't see whats wrong with you doing it UNLESS you are mafia. It's all a little suspicious.
main reason I waited this long was because I just got home and the developments only recently happened that made me fully trust draycos.
please, get into the irc channel at least. now would be preferable
also, jimera is definitely scum. he's been admitting it in irc.

finally, main problem with it isn't with me. the problem is with you. if a mafia find you and kills you, we can't use your role and we will probably lose.

but coming into irc would be really, really great of you to do.
I can't go onto IRC. I only have a family computer with internet blocks for my little sister.

But here's what I got. You want a claim, I'll give it to you. I'm the village role blocker, and I can block anyone's actions for the night. Right now, I think you are pretty damn suspicious of being mafia. Turning the tables on me in the 11th hour? Don't like it. Don't like it at all.

So here is the thing. I made out my PM to aska with my block. I WILL BE BLOCKING YOU IF YOU DO NOT GIVE ME AN ACCURATE REASON WHY I SHOULD NOT. If you're wolf, you can't kill me and if your mafia, well, you can't preform the kill yourself and deadline is apporaching.

I'm sick of not helping the village and hiding. Now I'm out. If your village, I get in contact. If your mafia, I fuck you over for tonight and help the village.

Ball is in your court penguin. I need a reason.
well a really good reason not to block me is because i don't have an action.

Dear penguin344,
You are Dan Quayle.

You are the former vice president of the US under George H. W. Bush. Over the course of the many speeches you gave, you’ve probably misspoken more often than not and you have become a joke.

You have no night action. However, you have some secret service agents still around from when you used to be VP, so the first kill directed at you will fail.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.
There. That was my role pm. I'm sorry that I had to do this like this, but no one has been claiming. without claims, we have nothing. and with jimera's sudden move, we will have less than nothing if he is successful. You have everything on me.
I might still do it then. No harm, no foul. It looks like it's ok, so I'll trust you. Give me a moment to think.
honestly you don't need to claim to draycos, I thought you would trust him more than myself since he was clean.
please, hook jimera so that he cannot inform his scumbuddies.
Yeah, it's either between you or jimerao. I'm leaning toward you though...
If you want to hook me, fine, do it. Meanwhile, jimera0 will get one person closer to finding you, and the inspector. The decision is yours.
Yeah, or I don't, you're wolf, and you kill me because I'm good...
If I were the wolf, why wouldn't I have killed you n1? You made it very clear that you were an important role. I would have killed you immediately if i was the wolf.

also, a recent development, there is a chance that the wolf doesn't kill

penguin344 said:
Yeah, the hooker just died last night. Your claim, the hooker. Would you care to explain this?
ButteredToast said:
askaninjask said:
Dear Vix ButteredToast,
You are Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You are a famous actor turned politician, and former "Governator" of California. Being such a famous actor, many people know who you are and want your autograph.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Sign autograph for <user>.” You will sign anything and everything that <user> throws at you. <user> will not miss out on such a chance, and will be unable to do anything else they were planning on doing that night. You may not target the same <user> two nights in a row.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.


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Ill keep this short because Im on my phone.

I really didn't want to use my role for as long as possible because it had the equal chance of back firing as it did of working. YAYtears contacted me night one after he inspected me and we set up a little village group of us and nexus. Unfortunately Nexus ended up dying the next night but we were able to add a new user each night thanks to his stunning ability to only inspect villagers. Once he inspected Honus we realized that draco was lying about his role so after yays death I told everything to penguin who I was almost positive was clean at that point. Turned out I was right so we set up for me to use ky power on draco and AOPS to protect me but obviously that didnt go through since I died. Either way enough happened to insure a villager victory since Honus had been cleaned and him and draco both claimed mayor.
I randomly switch between past and present tense in this. Sorry!

N0: Jimera and I write like 5 fake role PMs, desperately try to contact Vix, do general planning. Jimera actually inspected trollmonchan, which would have lead the an immediate mafia coalition and a village loss for sure, but alas, we are delivered steamroll's PM by mistake. At the time we didn't realize that draycos also had steamroll's PM, so we were ok with it.

D1: Jimera claims role inspector to ranger. We assumed there would already be a regular inspector in the village, so claiming an obscure kind of inspector wouldn't lead to any counterclaims. Jimera weeded his way into the village, gaining ranger's trust, all the while we were continuously planning and writing more fake PMs. ButteredToast joined our team this round and we tried to get him caught up, although we had to do it via PM since he couldn't access any kind of chat we tried (IRC/google doc chat). We later realized he could chat via PO, and utilized that for our last couple turns. We were really hoping for a Tan lynch, but unfortunately it didn't happen.

N1: A terrible night for us for sure. Ranger wants Jimera (the only inspector who has claimed to him) to inspect tan. We are tricked by his claimed role PM and surmise that he is the wolf or perhaps LME. Jimera had already fake claimed to tan, so we thought that Jimera may be a night-killing target if Tan indeed was bad. We had two plans: one was to kill tan, and inspect whoever we wanted, saying that we inspected tan (note: we thought we had a kill every night, since our team PM did not say we only killed on even nights, this was the mistake that ended up increasing N1 by 24 hours). Our other plan was to inspect tan, hook tan (so that he didn't kill jimera), and kill whoever we wanted. We ended up going with the second plan, opting to kill Honus (we were pretty sure he was a villager since he didn't get subbed in as soon as BT did). I idled for the second night in a row. Then we found out we don't actually have a kill, and we did the exact same thing minus the kill on honus (since our first plan would not work regardless). At the last second (actually the last couple hours) I decided to persuade darkaxis on himself. I figured it would be funny and probably wouldn't do much damage anyway.

D2: Ahh yes, the day that Jimera could have been lynched but wasn't. :) BT and I really just played village and I did whatever penguin/ranger told me to do. It was cool, until darkaxis killed himself (actually it was still cool until his role PM was revealed; i excitedly asked aska "doesn't darkaxis get godkilled?!" after seeing the update). In my defense, he wouldn't have died if he had been active! :P
Also, I have no idea why Honus didn't say something immediately to get draycos lynched. He knew draycos was lying, and it would have saved Jimera! :(

N2: Our first kill, cool. Jimera opens up about being mafia, asks for people to contact him, nobody does, bummer. If we had gotten anyone to contact us, we could have easily won the lynches and killed off the village, as well as prevent crossfire. i repeat: prevent crossfire!
Oh well. We had a nice little gap in our spreadsheet, so we decided to use our three decent abilities (my persuasion wasn't really a way to get any info) to fill it in. First, we decided to kill trollmonchan, he was high up in the village, but not likely to be bodyguarded, plus we didn't know what he was. Second, we decided to hook Nexus, just see what happens/doesn't happen. Third, we inspected solace or ifm or someone else, I don't remember exactly, but it didn't matter. I persuaded ranger to lynch himself just in case we were able to cast suspicion on him (we though he may be wolf as well) (note that we though everyone who was bad was good and everyone who was good was bad for the most part). Our plan backfires again, killing a second LME, and hooking someone who had higher priority than our own hooker. And guess what, he hooked jimera, so we didn't get any inspection results. Boo.

D3: We pretty much knew that Jimera was a goner and the LME were probably pretty ticked at us, BT and I just stood back and watched. We knew that Jimera wasn't necessary for us to win, his inspections and potential village moling would have been very useful though :(

N3: We had a plan to win. It hinged around killing Solace and draycos (although we weren't sure that was exactly who we needed to kill at the time) and then controlling both the night kills and the lynches using my persuasion. It would have worked out nicely if I hadn't died I think. At this point, we suspected draycos and penguin were the last bad guys. We decided to hook penguin to see if it stopped a kill. It didn't, but I guess BT got a PM from aska saying the hook didn't work (not sure if this is actually true or not, BT suggested that the wolf might have much higher priority to make up for his disadvantage in numbers). Anyway, I died and our hope of winning kinda went out the window since BT would have a tough time winning the lynches on his own, plus he claimed hooker to penguin right before the village hooker was revealed, casting a lot of suspicion on him.

D4: BT decided he's gonna give it all he's got. It was him and him alone who wrote that entire novel of a post, and I probably would have been convinced that penguin was wolf after reading it! Unfortunately, BT still lost the lynch and the Illegal Aliens were the first team out of the game :/

After I died i took a stab at who were the remaining bad guys.
[22:16] <askaninjask> who are your guesses
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> draycos and penguin
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> no
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> not penguin
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> we hooked him
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> draycos
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> and
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> ifm
[22:16] <askaninjask> third guess?
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> ugh
[22:16] <Blackhawk11> solace
[22:17] <askaninjask> alright
[22:17] <askaninjask> how long have you suspected draycos for?
[22:17] <Blackhawk11> umm, since i heard he was mayor and inspector
[22:17] <Blackhawk11> that seemed wrong

I was so close :P

A few last notes:
-Honus could have saved our team by claiming mayor earlier.
-the LME's could have saved our team by claiming to Jimera and not killing me.
-Draycos could have saved our team by claiming to Jimera.
-Askaninjask could have saved our team by giving us the correct inspection N0.

But it's cool, all three of us had a blast and are all excited to play more mafia! :)

Also, I don't deserve the IA MVP, I'd say it should go to Jimera, as he was much better at moling the village and was the driving force behind most of our plans. I was most useful for organizing our team (I created our spreadsheet and the IRC channel [with aska's help]), writing the fake role PMs, and killing people (note I had as many kills as our team had other useful night actions).

Edit: I would love to know exactly why the LMEs didn't claim to Jimera. I have a feeling draycos liked his position of being "cleaned" and didn't want a mafia knowing who he really was, but the LMEs had practically nothing to lose. Also, Solace why did you kill me? :(
Blackhawk pretty much nailed our struggles. Literally something went wrong every turn except the time Jim his lynch avoided. :/
I just have some points that I want to state.

Blackhawk11 said:
It didn't, but I guess BT got a PM from aska saying the hook didn't work (not sure if this is actually true or not, BT suggested that the wolf might have much higher priority to make up for his disadvantage in numbers).
I didn't get a PM saying that, it was just a lie. I reused the "error message" I got from when I tried to hook Nexus the night he hooked Jimera0 and died. (I still don't know how that priority system worked out. I hooked Nexus when he hooked Jim, thinking my block should have had priority.) When I blocked Penguin and nothing happened, I knew he was not mafia or wolf, but still thought his role PM was fake and that he was a power village role. I was going to use the questionable PM to oust him while proving my role to the village. I knew it was a long shot, but I tried to sell it.

The thing that hurt my plea the most, besides the fact that I claimed hooker, was the roles of the people who were left in the game. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the dead republicans were modern. I used the fact that Dan Quale was not a modern Republican to try to sell my point penguin was wolf, thinking that the people alive were mostly modern as well. Turns out, literally all the remaining republicans were all old Republicans (Regan, Bush, ect.) and this didn't sell the strongest point of my argument as well as I thought it would. Found it real funny.

Draycos7 said:
Aliens; needed to kill more townies instead of LMEs. Also props to BT for portraying an offended person so well.
We aliens did need to kill more town (All the LME's were complete accidents), but YOU SHOULD HAVE STOPPED KILLING US MAFIA! As a wolf, it's pretty much a race against time. You need the town gone as fast as possible. Yet once you became leader, you decided to lynch all the guys that could have helped you win! By killing me and solace (understand blackhawk was an accident and taking out, and jim was a smart move to weaken us early on), you ensured that you couldn't win. I don't see the mindset behind that. Even if you were suspected as wolf and did it to save face, this was not the winning plan.

As for my awards:
Village MVP - Penguin, for seeing through all my shit and not taking the "plan" that I tried to fool you with. It would have been fun playing on your side again.

Liberal MVP - Trollmonchan, for commanding so much village influence that we felt we needed to take you out. I honestly thought you 100% village and was convinced you were secretly calling all of the shots of the village. Sorry for the crossfire!

Aliens MVP - Vix, for being inactive and letting me get in the game. :P But honestly, it was Blackhawk, for keeping me informed as much as possible despite my limitations, for being psychic with the helicopter/Alaska/Palin thing, and for being our best chance of winning with your smart play. Not to say Jim wasn't deserving, but he got unlucky and didn't get the chance to make as big of an impact on the game.

Notable Moment- When EVERYONE was convinced that Tan badly faked his role PM when he was telling the truth. Though there were some big mistakes, this one was probably one of the worst in the game. Feel bad for him...


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Might as well complete the chain of all the IA posting in a row :P

Blackhawk already put most of it out there, he has it pretty much worked out. I cannot emphasize just how ridiculously unlucky we were, as almost all the things that led to our demise were the mistakes of others or just plain bad luck. I think one of the biggest things was darkaxis getting himself godkilled on Day 2, since that really weakened my plea for the opossing mafia to work with us later on. The village (penguin especially) made some very convicing arguments showing that we had the distinct advantage over the other mafia if we did work together. I would have actually preferred we didn't have that advantage. But hell, how were we to know darkaxis would be LME? Hell, how were we to know he'd be dumb enough to get himself godkilled? It really was just a shot in the dark for the hell of it... we didn't expect to actually get a kill out of it.

Then there was Draycos7 getting my goddam role PM and spilling it to everyone. Now it would seem I had made him suspicious (probably due to my mistake in my claim PM, though I covered that well enough for everyone else it would seem), so I'll have to be more careful of that in the future. Still, pretty bad luck. But then we got the lucky break with Ranger attempting to test Draycos, leading to me surviving one more day. While I was unable to do anything the next night (thanks Nexus!), I did manage one last shot before I went down.

And that shot was convincing Ranger to suicide >:D as I'm sure those of you who remember were aware, I really started laying down the evidence against Ranger on day 3. Apparently Ranger felt so threatened by this that he was willing to go to extremes to prove himself, and thereby all the information and organizing he had done. So he changed his vote to me, against his persuasion. He did this for only around 30 minutes before the others convinced him to change it back, but it was too late. A quick check of the time on the last update post revealed that Ranger had was breaking his persuasion at the time of the deadline, and as such he got removed, much to my team's glee. I might have been out of the game, but things were looking good for us for the most part.

Well except for the fact that Draycos happened to kill Nexus IMMEDIATELY after BT had claimed to Penguin, which seemed like terrible luck at the time. Of course since YAYtears had actually inspected Nexus it actually didn't matter much, but either way it put BT's claim into extreme doubt. Still, we were sure we could win, as Blackhawk was in perfect position.

But then he gets hit by crossfire. This IS the single biggest piece of bad luck in the game. We could have won with him still in it, no matter what, but again due to the LME's refusal to share we ended up getting nailed.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering why we didn't kill AOPS on N2, the main reason was because we thought we could use him (and had things gone differently, we probably could have). AOPS was pretty naive, and we almost always knew who he was protecting, so we just didn't bother with him. We would likely had killed him flat out had the other scum revealed themselves to us. Instead, we end up crossfiring and hitting trollmonchan, which was NOT what we intended at all.

And yeah Blackhawk has it right about how the chain of command worked in the IA. While Blackhawk certainly appeared to be the most active and useful, all the things he did were decided together, and were usually orchastrated by me. Blackhawk simply did the actual actions and dirtywork, primarily because at first we didn't want to risk me and my role, and then later on just because he had an easier time communicating with BT than I did. Basically, me and blackhawk would plan, I'd give the final word on what we're doing, and Blackhawk relayed the plan to BT. So to anyone on the outside it'd look like Blackhawk was in control, but it was really a team effort.

It really was a shame I got outed so quickly though, I had Ranger's full trust. Really, reason why the day 2 lynch ended in a tie was due to that trust; Ranger trusted me more than he did Draycos and so wasn't inclined to take his incriminating role PM as gospel without testing. Indeed, if Honus hadn't played so cautiously and Draycos been lynched instead of the tie happening, it's not crazy to think I would've been considered totally cleared.

Still I made the best of my position by trying to unite the scum... which no one took me up on, leading to a village victory. So instead I spread as much dissent as I could, ending up in Ranger getting killed. Unfortunately nothing we could do was enough to counter our bad luck.

Lessons learned:
1. If mafia, don't claim hooker. Just don't.
2. Make sure that your role PMs are clear before sending it so you don't have to scramble
3. Avoid crossfire at all costs
4. No matter how well you play sometimes you're just doomed to lose.
D1 - N1: Chatted up with #congress and blackhawk. Then got killed, blamed inspectors. Turns out I basically got inspected by everyone because of aska, gg.