a wicked engine


take a seat. make yourself at home. this is my show, and these are my crafts. some have described my works as "brusque dickery." prepare to let yourself dive in the black abyss.

i have been working on a few stencils.

they are still relatively amateur, but i am merely an apprentice of the magic known as street art.
stencils are such a foreign affair to me that I admire anybody who can do em.

really dig the clockwork orange one especially. (your tag is BA too)
i have been busy with schoolwork, take a look

i had to create a logo for a personal brand, as if i actually had a company and what would it be about. i created ciscomics for those in you who like trippy, macabre comics.

and this was a site layout i made for a supposed webcomic.
triple post. i blame lack of user interest on myself; i have no pokemon to present. i do however have many other things:

this one is going unhidden
cool to see you getting into street art
i've been doing stickers n stencils for 5 or so years now
i really love putting up work and just watching it degrade over time haha
idk why... its just like, you know that it only comes from the passage of time
which just attests to the nature of the art, and art in general i guess

good stuff
and i love the world of pain haha


greyscale superhero
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you have improved so much, it is really enviable

well done man, you must be working hard. there's so much about that last post i love
i just discovered how to hotlink pics from facebook.

i've been painting! the last one is the first of 3 pieces that will all create a bigger image.

the cover of our first mixtape