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Absolution Mafia: THE POSTGAME!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Outlaw, May 8, 2010.

  1. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008
    Hum, well..where to begin.. This game was made a year ago and sat idle for quite a few months because I could never find a co-host. It was only when there was a gap to fill and when talk about hosting mafia got my juices going to actually revive this. Earthworm was a good co-host for the most part, enlightening me to several glaring flaws in the role design and composition.

    It wasn't really the villages fault that they were so heavily destroyed early on. It was a LOT of bad luck. Most of their power roles were randomed. It kinda sucked.

    If you could call this game anything, it would probably be reverse DBZ. All in all, if people actually read the strategic forum, this should very well be the last mafia of its kind. I only wish it were more grand.

    Anyhow, lets begin by order of death!

    billymills (open)

    Role: Hah, if there is anything my game should be remembered for, it's bringing back the billyroll. Anyhow, this is just your basic inspect role. I decided to give the mafias a full inspector, while saturating the villages with an inspect role that was split up into different aliases.

    User: Poor billy, you can't fault the guy for succumbing to his curse. He did issue out the orders for his brief tenure. 8/10

    reyscarface (open)

    Role: WHY WHY WHYYY?! Will we ever get to see a spirit bomb go off? >:(

    User: Got randinspected by the Megalos and then summarily knocked off the next night. Didn't really do anything while he was alive though, 4/10

    kannon (open)

    Role: Hey look! It's what I SHOULD HAVE BEEN in pokemon mafia! Basically an ability ressurector. Shame that it got randomed.

    User: Poor Kannon actually never got the chance to use this role. And he did vote while he was alive so, 7/10

    Alchemator (open)

    Role: I like giving mafia odd powers, like a daily message power. Never got used because he was kidnapped, then lynched.

    User: Eh, if I recall correctly, he kinda spilled his allegiance to jumpluff when asking how to make a irc channel or something. 3/10

    Brain (open)

    Role: What?! A DAY thief? Ingenious I thought. Guaranteed the village always had the chance of an item while alive. A nice little twist I thought.

    User: Poor Brain, the first Village Leader. He released his role pm and then got summarily randinspected by Jumpluff (See the pattern?) Which led to his next night death. He also started this whole drama about getting role PMs then running them through a program to confirm them or something? I didn't like that one bit. 5/10

    Altair (open)

    Role: Standard mafia BG. Was actually very broken before the game was finalized, heh.

    User: Poor Altair, he got rangled into spilling his Allegiance thanks to Alchemator. But he did what he was supposed to and protected their killer. 7/10

    dak (open)

    Role: Standard lynchproofee. If it had lasted longer it could have made for fake fodder if the mafias ever got uppity and made for a reversal lynch or some such.

    User: Ah dak said he wanted to play but couldn't really get too involved. So I let him have this role because it required very little. However, he decided to be gimmicky with it for some odd reason, wanting to be lynched but instead he got killed. Meep/10

    Jimbo (open)

    Role: Ugh, another village role that never got to see its day. This was basically my role from Apoc and was intended to be used against the wolf and other moles.

    User: Jimbo only voted once, and aside from that he either couldn't or didn't do much else. 6/10

    RBG (open)

    Role: A tiny twist on the standard mayor role. Also added it a little utility to help the village with taking out mafians.

    User: Didn't really ever have a need to post twice so I can't fault him for not using his ability. Did have a nice gimmick. 7/10

    umbreon_dan (open)

    Role: Standard BG.

    User: It's suprising that the mafias lived so long without their BGs. UD did the right things and protected their killer for while he was alive, 8/10

    aamto (open)

    Role: My take on Robin Hood. Basically had a weapon only he could use until it was fixed up and all his ammo did different things:

    Standard Execution Rounds - Regular bullets, they can be blocked. (2)
    Double-Whammy Rounds - Can hit 2 users at the same time, they can be blocked. (1)
    Ricochet Rounds - Will bypass any bodyguard protection. (1)
    Armor Piercing Rounds - Will hooker any bodyguard for the next night as well as killing the intended target. (1)
    Stun Rounds - Will hooker the intended target, they can be blocked. (1)
    High Explosive Rounds - Will kill the intended target and at most 2 additional users, if they also targeted the victim. This can be blocked for all 3 users if they are each protected. (1)

    User: Oy vey, aamto got tricked by zerowing because of his fake PM that I gave him. And he knew a couple of people who had bullets but never picked them up. I don't get why unless he was saving up for his guns rapid fire power.. 6/10

    Lightwolf (open)

    Role: Probably my crowning joy neutral apparently. Was an itemized take on the variant neutral kidnapper seen recently.

    User: Ah the lovable Lightwolf. Was in cahoots with the Megalos from the beginning, sadly they didn't full trust him before it was to late and thus he never received any items from any faction. Although, he did have a huge plan to get the items he needed and he was very questioning about his power. Mad props, 9/10

    crabnebula (open)

    Role: One half of the village kidnappers.

    User: Worm told me he and puggy were in close timezones so I thought that they would eventually hook up since the village had been partly united under Brain/Aamto. Yet puggy and he never seem to connect. Was found out by the Megalos (Jumpluff once more) with an inspect which basically gave them the identities of both kidnappers since puggy had blabbed earlier. 6/10

    jumpluff (open)

    Role: Standard inspector.

    User: Man, she either hit a big role or a NPC every time. She was actually the first attempt at moling from the Megalos and was very vocal in her group, etc so 9/10

    Thorns (open)

    Role: The anti-Johnny. Mafias and the village could have given dangerous items to him and such. His WC was a tiny bit hard..my bad..

    User: Thorns..didn't really do anything wrong. He only lost because the village believed Eo. He was always sending in night actions but had very very bad luck with them. 7/10

    Dubulous (open)

    Role: Hooker

    User: Actually stopped a Dastardly kill once. And was very active otherwise. 8/10

    blue_light (open)

    Role: Villy BG

    User: Yeowch, got hit by every bad thing basically. Redirected, martyred, inspected and eventually killed. He tried though, 7/10

    Bass (open)

    Role: Megalo killer, if he had survived he would have been upgraded like Finn and gotten my idle ability from Viva. Survived even longer and would have gotten double kills.

    User: One of the megalo co-leaders, was doin well until he got randkilled by the delayed killer duo deviants. Pretty much killed off of jumpluffs inspects. 8/10

    moi (open)

    Role: Perhaps one of my favorites, he used the Z-Staff item to basically amplify his targets powers for the night to double their usual. On retrospect, I should have not have given him the item to begin with.

    User: Moi was perhaps the least active Megalo, only getting on to verify targets and such and be a pack mule. He did help Gmax fulfill his initial power though. 6/10

    Gmax V1 (open)

    Role: What?! A mafia rogue? Worst role ever m i rite gmax? -.-

    User: I'll wait until the next time he pops up.

    Flounder (open)

    Role: Martyr

    User: I guess the village leader never really got in touch with him. His targets all seemed random and were mostly harmless villagers themselves =/ 6/10

    Igor (open)

    Role: No power, but started with the WABAC Machine which let him view item transactions in the past.

    User: Never really did anything, never asked questions about the item either. 3/10

    lesm46 (open)

    Role: Ability inspector.

    User: Lesm v.v His bad luck with results led him to believe he was a paranoid inspector. He did step up and try and lead but his unfortunate post led him to getting killed. 7/10

    Amelia (open)

    Role: Half of Dastardly delayed killers.

    User: Uhm, nothing is really sticking out. I think she just followed cyzirs lead. Which was a good idea, 7/10

    Fishin (open)

    Role: Role name inspector.

    User: Well, he found the martyr, the megalo BG and inadvertently gave the power absorber a very nice role. He also used his item to prove his allegiance by giving it away. Unfortunately he never got his item back and was kidnapped by the Megalos, ruled as their kidnapee by elimination and was released then daykilled. Did try to unite the village though, 9/10

    TIK/Nook (open)

    Role: Power absorber

    User(s): Lets start with TIK, he found the village BG, Judge Doom and confirmed lesm. But, he had "exams" and couldn't play anymore -.- 6/10

    Er Nook wasn't really around for long, if I recall correctly we brought him in when his power had been changed to that of a rogue and he didn't even send in a PM 3/10

    Aura Guardian (open)

    Role: He basically allowed the DD's to see who had active night roles.

    User: Was fairly active, although bumbling. And he did successfully kill aamto with the dip when ordered to. 6/10

    Fishy/TeamAether (open)

    Role: One time on each user random redirector.

    User: Fishy, while not paying attention to the game, did pass her alias around to keep herself alive and sent in a PM almost every night so 6/10

    TA: Came in near the end and was just as good as Fishy. 6/10

    MagicMaster87 (open)

    Role: Just the holder of the BPV item.

    User: Although he had no powers, he was still very active in lynches and such. 7/10

    CyzirVisheen (open)

    Role: The second half ot the ne'er do wells. Was a BG for a short while after Amelia's death.

    User: The leader of the DD's for quite some time. He kept them on their toes until the moled village, combined with a powered up Megalo or two began to wipe them out. 9/10

    Yeti (open)

    Role: Standard hooker who could be turned into a killer.

    User: I am amazed the DD's got away with summoning her. 2nd in command really, she controlled the wolf and played great. She hooked several important roles as well. 10/10

    Shade V1 (open)

    Role: Thief with the chance to get an extra life. Also had a secret vote.

    User: Just wait a bit.

    Agape (open)

    Role: One time use GIGANTIC METEOR lynch.

    User: Played behind the scenes mostly, his timing on his power was perfect too. Other than that, he just tried to stay unnoticed. It doesn't help when people don't lynch you after you publicly GIGANTIC METEOR someone. 7/10

    Macle (open)

    Role: Standard killer for the DD's.

    User: Happened to be the longest lasting killer in the game =P It appeared to me that he just followed cyzir's orders for the most part, which was good. 7/10

    Shade V2 (open)

    Role: Started out as a thief, but quickly used his item to morph into his spider form which gave him a delayed kill of his own. Unfortunately died before it activated and also targeted a villager with it.

    User: Shade was a very good thief, got the TGRI Ooze from his opposite thief the first night and got his water from the wolf which would give him an extra life. However, as Mohawk he didn't get to do much. He did have a nice fake PM which let him dabble with the Megalos a bit. 9/10

    Accent/Supermarth64 (open)

    Role: Was supposed to fix items like the Lawgiver and power bands so the whole village could make use of them.

    User: Such bad luck befell the Accent/Supermarth. Got targeted by thieves multiple times, hooked, etc. Was only ever to fix the Power Bands which were promptly stolen too. Such a shame. 7/10

    evan (open)

    Role: Adventurer!

    User: Well, evan did get all his powers off just in the nick of time. I never heard word of him telling people about the moon exploding, people gaining new powers or about the how Pussyfoot gave Eo the stolen device piece which should have been odd. 6/10

    Coronis (open)

    Role: Villy Rogue, would have become the opposite to Gmax, killed at night, had a one time BPV, etc.

    User: Most WORTHLESS villager in the entire game. I'm not going to waste anymore space on him. 0/10

    Puggy (open)

    Role: Second half of the village kidnapper duo.

    User: Puggy never really did anything except attempt to give his device piece away..He also blabbed to jumpluff who he was. Never even tried to use his power. 2/10

    FinnRagetti (open)

    Role: Started out as a safeguard, became a dual safeguard or bodyguard. If the game lasted enough, would have become a dual bodyguard.

    User: While Finn might have got bamboozled by Eo, you can't fault him for being active. However, save for Fishin, all his targets were bad guys. Which was kind of funny. He did attempt to lead, which is a tough gig. 7/10

    Zerowing (open)

    Role: Wolf

    User: Zerowing, what an odd player. He let Yeti tell him what to do the entire game and yet he somehow lived. It kinda helped that aamto gave him the BPV item which saved him the night that Bugs died and also targeted him. Unfortunately, he got kidnapped by his target and never got released.

    Reachzero (open)

    Role: Graverobber and self protector.

    User: Uh..what can I say? He used his role once and then by fluke he got his WC fulfilled. Bad play on my part, but eh..what can you do? Cowbell/10

    DLE (open)

    Role: Thief, then a killer with a countdown.

    User: The mafia thieves were very good with their targets this time. Got the Bison Dollar N0 which let them surmise the name of Cecil Turtle, and also let them set Moi up as a pinata. And because of their device, he got his Ooze back which gave them the necessary power to end the game quickly. 8/10

    Strong man Gmax (open)

    Role: Day killer and one time lynchproof.

    User: Gmax took the reins of leadership once Bass and Jumpluff had died. He made Eo useless by publicly outing himself. He incited the wolf to attack him and get his new powers. And he setup the deviant downfall. STRONG/10

    Eo (open)

    Role: Sheriff for the split apart Megalos.

    User: Moleo. He did find out that Bookworm was NOT a MM. Was useless after that until Bass died and he received the kill responsibilities. His kills weren't groundbreaking, but they thinned out the village. His more important job was moling the village, which he did successfully well. I loved the Great Mouse Detective and he picked the perfect character, another mouse! 10/10

    Askaninjask (open)

    Role: Redirector and would eventually become a Power Copier.

    User: Aska, while not as independent as some of the other Megalos, he did follow orders exactly. And while he didn't get to return to the game with his new ability, I'm sure he could have used it well. 7/10

    Veedrock (open)

    Role: Kidnapper who I gave a rule so that they wouldn't just protect their own dudes with it.

    User: Veedrock picked up some nice targets, a DD, Fishin and the Wolf. Keeping them out of the game until they could be dealt with. GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS/10
  2. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008

    Best Denizen: Fishin.
    Worst Denizen: Coronis

    Best Dastardly Deviant: Cyzir
    Worst Dastardly Deviant: Alchemator

    Best Megalo Maniac: Eo
    Worst Megalo Maniac: Moi

    Best Player: Eo
    Worst Player: Coronis

    Best Luck: Megalo Maniacs
    Worst Luck: Denizens

    Best False Claim: Eo

    Best Play: Moi and Gmax for getting the wolf to kill the latter.
    Worst Play: Finn letting Shade die.

    Most Targeted NPC: Mugsy

    Eh, I'm not so good with this part. Let me know if you want anymore awards and what they should be.

    That does it, hopefully Hip's or whoever steps up next makes an even better game than mine. I hope you enjoyed the nostalgic flavor. And Prophecy was a damn good movie.
  3. Flounder


    Mar 1, 2008
    prophecy sucked
    its only redeeming quality was Christopher Walken
  4. shade

    shade i'm so mean i make medicine sick
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Live Chat Contributor
    Social Forums Leader

    Mar 28, 2008
    here here

    thanks for the good game, outlaw! gmax + finn i will exact my revenge soon.
  5. jumpluff

    jumpluff じゃまた!
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 22, 2008
    Thanks for getting this up so fast! Earthworm should get Worst Host. ^_^ Noob clampett. I really liked this game, even if I died kinda early (my fault but we already rationalised among us [the MMs] that it was for the best anyway). I'll let Gmax etc. ramble about it since I am lazy. Oh, yeah, and Fifi, the war isn't over.

    ++ My inspection luck was so much fun. I was constantly hyper from hitting good roles xD And when I found Brain's PM, I pretty much hit the ceiling with gleeful spam. Though I was lucky in picking targets, the latter NPC/big role inspections (Rey was just pure luck, sorry, dude... T_T) were sort of not just luck, since we deliberately targeted users based on their posting history, though we were also pretty lucky in that we picked the right aliases! We set up P and V columns in our spreadsheet early on to denote who voted and who posted, which helped us narrow down DDs, etc.

    Oh, right, shade? gj on completely fooling me. I was nearly completely convinced you were the wolf. oh yeah ps outlaw please unsnip the pms!

    gg everyone and MANIACS RULE!
  6. Veedrock


    Oct 18, 2008

    This was moi's doing. Give the boi some credit.
  7. dak


    May 29, 2007
    beep beep
  8. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008
    Unsnip the PMs?

    Oh, and I was unaware veedrock. Props to moi then.
  9. evan

    evan I did my best -- I have no regrets
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 30, 2005
    I did pass on all the information I received. Unfortunately since aamto had me prove myself to sylvester, it turns out that zerowing the wolf got all my information. Don't know if he ever spread that.
  10. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    Oh Outlaw, you are obviously missing some awards!

    Best Gimmick: All Monstars (jumpluff, billymills, Fishin, and myself) except for Pound (cyzir_visheen/Yeti).

    Worst Gimmick: Barnyard Dog's french?

    Now, I guess I can explain more about my opinions about this game. Obviously, I had a lot of fun since I was on the winning team, but player wise it was still one of my favorites. Of course, several of my fellow megalos were DEVIOUS, but they were still fun to talk to, whether I was talking about the game or not. Particularly Gmax, jumpluff, DLE, and EARTHWORM.

    Anyway, the first few phases of the game were really hectic for us. When I first got my role PM I was like "fuck, split mafia ftl", but thankfully, after a rather hilarious coincidence with Gmax (I accused him of trying to hide himself and billymills exposed him), I got into contact with the rest of my team (though of course I was a little reluctant to trust them at first). However, I came to realize that we had a pretty strong team both role and player wise, and once Brain took the pedestal as village leader, we all became more united than ever. Gmax and I were particularly paranoid because both of our aliases were on the very top of the list alphabetically and we thus believed that we were at the greatest risk of being inspected. And some of us had a very difficult time coping with some of Brain's tactics (which you can read more about in the "Concerning why I was klined" in Silicon Tor). Luckily we made the correct assumptions about Brain's playstyle (He doesn't lie and never posts in public forums unless absolutely necessary) and were able to quickly find his alias. We then encountered more problems when Lesm and aamto began to lead and began to lynch megalos, particularly u_d, who I absolutely needed for protection knowing that I was in cyzir's crosshairs. When I died, I thought we were doomed, but thankfully Gmax continued to encourage the team (and ironically, stood up for me after my death) and Eo firmly entrenched himself into the village, giving us the tools we needed to win. I was sad that I didn't live long enough to join in on the fake fuck tiger at the end, but I am still glad that we won! I guess that's all I can say in regards to my play.

    Also, I liked how cyzir and the deviants called us backstabbers, even though cyzir did it first by killing me (and more importantly not owning up to it).

    I guess the only way to conclude this post would be to include some of my favorite in game moments, log wise.

    Trolling Matt Aamto:

    <MATAMATO> need your alias
    MATAMATO is ~matamato@the.point.where.destinies.meet * matt
    MATAMATO is a registered nick
    MATAMATO on @#ice +#warau @#fluodome 
    MATAMATO using avarice.az.us.synirc.net Greed is Good
    MATAMATO End of /WHOIS list.
    <Forte> before i do that
    <Forte> let me ask you a perfectly logical question
    <MATAMATO> shoot
    <Forte> considering that neither you nor brain contacted me with targets since i claimed to you both
    <Forte> why do you suddenly come now expecting me to give you an alias?
    <MATAMATO> brain was the one telling people what to do when he was alive
    <MATAMATO> i cant tell you why he didnt contact you
    <MATAMATO> probably cause your role is kinda useless
    <MATAMATO> i care not for your role
    <MATAMATO> i need your alias
    <MATAMATO> so i can assemble a list of names
    <MATAMATO> of who is good at least
    <Forte> fine
    <Forte> how should i prove it
    <MATAMATO> tell me
    <MATAMATO> and then post in the nonsense forum
    <MATAMATO> or something
    <Forte> my alias
    <Forte> is
    <Forte> Mr. Retarded
    <MATAMATO> oh come on
    <Forte> :(
    <Forte> it's true
    <MATAMATO> you do not exist
    <MATAMATO> please 
    <MATAMATO> do not waste my time
    <MATAMATO> this is important
    <Forte> ok i'll be serious
    <Forte> i still have more questions to ask
    <Forte> before i really do that
    <Forte> when i claimed to you originally
    <Forte> you told me my claim was bullshit
    <MATAMATO> did i
    <Forte> yes
    <Forte> you nagged at me
    <MATAMATO> i honestly dont remember
    <MATAMATO> it was for the
    <Forte> over a capital letter
    <MATAMATO> enterprise
    <MATAMATO> yes
    <MATAMATO> well
    <MATAMATO> at this point
    <MATAMATO> the best you can do to help me help you in becoming a patriot
    <MATAMATO> is by being honest with me
    <MATAMATO> and giving an alias
    <MATAMATO> ...
    <Forte> Okey dokey!
    <MATAMATO> i have no time for nonsense
    <Forte> my real alias
    <Forte> this time 100% serious
    <Forte> is...
    <Forte> Mr. Retarded
    <MATAMATO> can you quit wasting my time
    <MATAMATO> and admit you are evil
    <Forte> Because I would have to be pretty retarded
    <Forte> to give you my alias without anything in return
    <Forte> i am not necessarily evil
    <MATAMATO> there is nothing to give you
    <Forte> i just dont like you
    <Forte> :(
    <MATAMATO> the burden of proof lies with you
    <MATAMATO> i have a sheet with names on it
    <MATAMATO> aliases of villagers
    <MATAMATO> yours is not filled in
    <MATAMATO> care to tell me why
    <Forte> you already know why
    <MATAMATO> you told neither brain and you refuse to tell me
    <MATAMATO> you are evil
    <Forte> the one who is wasting time
    <Forte> is you
    <MATAMATO> you are wasting my time
    <MATAMATO> you are evil
    <MATAMATO> i ask a very simple thing of you
    <MATAMATO> consider the facts
    <MATAMATO> there is NO ONE ELSE claiming the position of village leader
    <MATAMATO> no one
    <MATAMATO> not one argument
    <MATAMATO> not any one person saying DONT TRUST MATT HE'S EVIL
    <Forte> you bullying me with adjectives such as "evil" won't give you what you want
    <MATAMATO> i am asking you to consider facts as either a dumb villager or a mafia who likes wasting time
    <Forte> i dont really care if you are a village leader or not
    <Forte> it isnt in my best interest to give you my alias, regardless of my alliance
    <Forte> it's a fact
    <MATAMATO> i am fully trusted by other villagers
    <MATAMATO> yes it is
    <MATAMATO> why is it not
    <MATAMATO> this sheet is mine alone
    <MATAMATO> it was brains and he gave it to me
    <MATAMATO> no one else has access to it
    <MATAMATO> we were the only two who had access to it
    <MATAMATO> it is REALLY in your best interest to give my your alias if you are actually a villager
    <MATAMATO> so that our team does not waste time and resources during the night
    <MATAMATO> so either try to futily argue that
    <MATAMATO> or admit that you are mafia or a neutral
    <Forte> fine, you want to know the truth?
    <MATAMATO> naturally
    <Forte> ....................../´¯/) 
    <Forte> ....................,/¯../ 
    <Forte> .................../..../ 
    <Forte> ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ 
    <Forte> ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ 
    <Forte> ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') 
    <Forte> .........\.................'...../ 
    <Forte> ..........''...\.......... _.·´ 
    <Forte> ............\..............( 
    <Forte> ..............\.............\...
    <MATAMATO> mafia bass
    <MATAMATO> we are done here
    <Forte> :(
    <Forte> not quite but you learned one thing
    <Forte> i am not interested in working with you
    <Forte> maybe i will contact you again when i am
    <Forte> but for now that will be all
    <MATAMATO> no, you will be dead
    <Forte> you're right
    <Forte> but so could you!
    <Forte> let's just hope that we are both alive when the time comes!
    <MATAMATO> no
    <MATAMATO> you have really wasted enough of my time
    <MATAMATO> goodbye
    Continuing on with Lesm46:

    [14:48] <Lesm46> hello
    01[14:48] Lesm46 is ~Lesm46@synIRC-2565D93.ph.ph.cox.net * goodday
    01[14:48] Lesm46 is a registered nick
    01[14:48] Lesm46 on #obama &#risk &#battlearena @#warau @#fluodome 
    01[14:48] Lesm46 using swordfish.mo.us.synirc.net here fishy fishy...
    01[14:48] Lesm46 End of /WHOIS list.
    01[14:48] <Forte> hi
    01[14:48] <Forte> do you have business with me?
    [14:48] <Lesm46> for absolution, yes
    [14:48] <Lesm46> my spreadsheet lacks your alias
    [14:48] <Lesm46> though you are a villager apparently?
    [14:49] <Lesm46> can we get it
    01[14:49] <Forte> hm
    01[14:49] <Forte> if you have access to the spreadsheet
    01[14:49] <Forte> wouldnt matt have given you my alias?
    01[14:50] <Forte> because it told him before
    [14:50] <Lesm46> it's not on there
    01[14:50] <Forte> *I told him
    01[14:50] <Forte> hmm ok
    [14:50] <Lesm46> maybe he forgot to add it -_-
    [14:50] <Lesm46> brain was the one massively updating the spreadsheet
    01[14:50] <Forte> this is what I told him
    01[14:50] <Forte> my alias is...
    01[14:50] <Forte> Mr. Retarded
    [14:50] <Lesm46> lol
    01[14:51] <Forte> that is what i told him
    01[14:51] <Forte> not lying man
    [14:51] <Lesm46> i should play mafia just for the amusing false claims
    [14:51] <Lesm46> this game was much better than fe's
    01[14:52] <Forte> do you need anything else?
    [14:52] <Lesm46> yes
    [14:52] <Lesm46> your faction needs to start killing other mafia
    [14:52] <Lesm46> otherwise ill be sad
    01[14:53] <Forte> you misunderstand me lesm
    01[14:53] <Forte> im neutral, not mafia
    [14:53] <Lesm46> im only making a requrest
    [14:53] <Lesm46> *request
    01[14:53] <Forte> though i wasnt interested in working with matt
    [14:53] <Lesm46> if you're neutral you have every reason to give me your alias
    [14:53] <Lesm46> lightwolf was matamato's kill
    [14:54] <Lesm46> we literally know no mafia so we are random targeting everything
    [14:54] <Lesm46> we dont want to random target neutrals
    [14:54] <Lesm46> theres no point
    [14:55] <Lesm46> you would be wise to note that the village is nearing mafia-size in numbers though (8 dead vs. 2-3 dead in other factions)
    [14:55] <Lesm46> now would be a good time for us to ally, whatever faction you are
    01[14:55] <Forte> i thought the village was larger than thaqt
    01[14:55] <Forte> maybe i underestimated the number of other neutrals
    [14:55] <Lesm46> it is possible that there are villagers that refuse to claim to anyone
    [14:56] <Lesm46> we'll have to see though
    [14:56] <Lesm46> cn didn't claim to anyone
    [14:56] <Lesm46> or do anything
    01[14:56] <Forte> what was cn again
    [14:56] <Lesm46> a kidnapper
    [14:56] <Lesm46> i'm sort of glad he was killed actually
    [14:56] <Lesm46> it cleared up a spot on the spreadsheet
    [14:59] <Lesm46> anyways, if you are a neutral, please give me your role pm and ill help you win before i die
    [14:59] <Lesm46> our options for victory are more or less nonexistent so i might as well help neutrals
    [15:04] <Lesm46> you wont even show me your role pm? :/
    01[15:19] <Forte> fine
    01[15:19] <Forte> i didnt want to do this
    01[15:19] <Forte> because my real role pm
    01[15:19] <Forte> is so unbelievable
    01[15:19] <Forte> will you tell me your real role PM in return?
    01[15:22] <Forte> you there?
    01[15:22] Lesm46 is ~Lesm46@synIRC-2565D93.ph.ph.cox.net * goodday
    01[15:22] Lesm46 is a registered nick
    01[15:22] Lesm46 on #obama &#risk &#battlearena @#warau @#fluodome 
    01[15:22] Lesm46 using swordfish.mo.us.synirc.net here fishy fishy...
    01[15:22] Lesm46 has been idle 8mins 7secs, signed on Tue Apr 13 13:34:48
    01[15:22] Lesm46 End of /WHOIS list.
    01[15:25] <Forte> LESM
    [15:27] <Lesm46> wait
    [15:27] <Lesm46> ok real pm
    01[15:27] <Forte> i present this condition
    01[15:27] <Forte> we will format them
    01[15:28] <Forte> ie
    01[15:28] <Forte> go to your inboc
    01[15:28] <Forte> press quote
    01[15:28] <Forte> snip out aliases and other confidential info
    01[15:28] <Forte> and paste
    [15:28] <Lesm46> ok
    01[15:28] <Forte> tell me when you are ready
    [15:29] <Lesm46> [quote="Tex Avery"][quote][b]Dear Snip,
    [15:29] <Lesm46> You are Inspector Gadget.[/b]
    [15:29] <Lesm46> Wowzers! You are the gullible oaf of a detective that also happens to be a cyborg. You are always on duty, and always on the case. You have been sent here on a mission to capture all the villains by your Chief, Chief Quimby. However, this time you do not have your niece Penny to help find the crooks for you. There is no time to waste so get your Go-Go Gadget ass in gear and find those bad guys.
    [15:29] <Lesm46> During the night you can send a PM stating, "Night X - Go-Go Gadget Binoculars on USER" Your vision will zoom in on the user at night, and by the day you will find out what kind of power they have.
    [15:29] <Lesm46> You hold the Exploding Note. For some reason, the orders you received from Chief haven't exploded yet. On Night 0 you must send a PM stating, "Night 0 - Setting Note to Explode on Day X" Where the X is the day you want the note to explode. Then I suggest you hand it off. When the note explodes it will hooker whoever currently holds it for the night. If you fail to set a date, it will explode on you for once.
    01[15:29] <Forte> [quote="Tex Avery"][quote]
    01[15:29] <Forte> You are AlphaBravo.[/b]
    01[15:29] <Forte> Alpha who? You were once an ordinary newbie in the realm of #fluodome. However, you decided to take a shot at forum mafia but then proceeded to ruin it because of your inherent idiocy. You yourself are unsure of whether you did this because you were a bender or because you are just flat out retarded.
    01[15:29] <Forte> Because I don't want you fucking my game up in the same way, you have no night role. However, this might change if you manage to prove to the hosts that you aren't a complete retard.
    01[15:29] <Forte> Also, because your memory is so bad, you are unable to tell anyone your alias. If you are asked, you must respond with "Mr. Retarded" because it is the only thing that fits you! If only there was a way to restore your memory...
    01[15:29] <Forte> [b]You are allied with no one. You win if you restore your memory and survive at the end of the game.[/b]
    01[15:29] <Forte> "[i]What's a stealth lynch?[/i]"[/quote][/quote]
    [15:29] <Lesm46> [b]You are allied with the Denizens. You win if the Denizens win.[/b]
    [15:29] <Lesm46> "[i]Just as I suspected. A highly suspicious situation with a highly suspicious group of people.[/i]"[/quote][/quote]
    [15:29] <Lesm46> what the hell
    [15:29] <Lesm46> lol
    [15:29] <Lesm46> by the way, my note exploded night 4
    [15:29] <Lesm46> er
    [15:29] <Lesm46> day 3
    [15:29] <Lesm46> not night 4
    [15:29] <Lesm46> so that's why i didn't snip it
    [15:29] <Lesm46> who knows who it exploded on
    [15:30] <Lesm46> do you have any idea how to restore your memory
    01[15:30] <Forte> i am guessing it is an item
    01[15:30] <Forte> or getting rand inspected
    01[15:31] <Forte> and someone telling me my alias
    [15:31] <Lesm46> i unfortunately do not know of an item like that in the village
    01[15:31] <Forte> guess the mafia has it
    [15:31] <Lesm46> possibly
    01[15:31] <Forte> or some other neutral
    01[15:31] <Forte> perhaps LONEYLNESS
    [15:31] <Lesm46> lol
    [15:31] <Lesm46> lonelyness is a deviant
    [15:31] <Lesm46> gmax more or less confirmed it
    [15:32] <Lesm46> contact him maybe?
    01[15:32] <Forte> i thought gmax was megalo maniac
    [15:32] <Lesm46> yeah
    [15:32] <Lesm46> acting as village leader was far more helpful in getting gmax to reveal info than impersonating a neutral was
    [15:32] <Lesm46> ironically
    [15:33] <Lesm46> anyways if there's any way i can help you win i will
    [15:33] <Lesm46> i more or less just want neutrals to win at this point
    [15:33] <Lesm46> i'm not going to win myself
    01[15:33] <Forte> hmmm
    01[15:33] <Forte> well
    01[15:33] <Forte> maybe if you used your role on me
    01[15:34] <Forte> your inspect would reveal my night role
    [15:34] <Lesm46> unfortunately i cannot do that if you cannot tell me your alias
    01[15:34] <Forte> right
    [15:34] <Lesm46> also, i'm probably naive
    [15:34] <Lesm46> but i will random target and hope for the best
    01[15:34] <Forte> i cannot because i will get god killed
    01[15:34] <Forte> i can help you narrow it down though
    [15:34] <Lesm46> how
    01[15:34] <Forte> i have not posted once
    01[15:35] <Forte> so you can pick from that pool i guess
    [15:35] <Lesm46> can you say what letter your alias starts with
    [15:35] <Lesm46> does that get you godkilled
    01[15:35] <Forte> hmmm
    01[15:35] <Forte> i dont know
    [15:35] <Lesm46> you should ask earthworm
    01[15:35] <Forte> i'll ask
    01[15:37] <Forte> hm ew isnt on and Outlaw doesnt seem to be responding
    01[15:37] <Forte> i'll tell you when he does
    [15:37] <Lesm46> i will be leaving soon so you could just pm the first letter to me if he responds positively
    01[15:42] <Forte> ok
    01[15:42] <Forte> he responded
    01[15:42] <Forte> said i cant because that would narrow it down far too much
    [15:44] <Lesm46> well, i will just continue to random target then
    01[15:44] <Forte> ok
    Cyzir doesn't celebrate mother's day:

    [20:13] <cyzir_ghostin> what is it
    09[20:24] <Forte|Away> cyzir i heard you were a bad boy this year
    [20:24] <cyzir_ghostin> indeed i am
    [20:24] <cyzir_ghostin> a very bad boy
    The Walrus and Cyzir:

    09[00:22] <Forte> The sun was shining on the sea,
    09[00:22] <Forte> Shining with all his might:
    09[00:22] <Forte> He did his very best to make
    09[00:22] <Forte> The billows smooth and bright--
    09[00:22] <Forte> And this was odd, because it was
    09[00:22] <Forte> The middle of the night.
    09[00:22] <Forte> The moon was shining sulkily,
    09[00:22] <Forte> Because she thought the sun
    09[00:22] <Forte> Had got no business to be there
    09[00:22] <Forte> After the day was done--
    09[00:22] <Forte> "It's very rude of him," she said,
    09[00:22] <Forte> "To come and spoil the fun!"
    09[00:23] <Forte> The sea was wet as wet could be,
    09[00:23] <Forte> The sands were dry as dry.
    09[00:23] <Forte> You could not see a cloud, because
    09[00:23] <Forte> No cloud was in the sky:
    09[00:23] <Forte> No birds were flying overhead--
    09[00:23] <Forte> There were no birds to fly.
    09[00:24] <Forte> The Walrus and the Carpenter
    09[00:24] <Forte> Were walking close at hand;
    [00:30] <cyzir_visheen> ._.
    Maybe I'll include more when I feel like it.
  11. jumpluff

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    Aug 22, 2008
    lol the walrus gimmick was the best.
  12. supermarth64

    supermarth64 Here I stand in the light of day
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 26, 2008
    I have a feeling me talking with Eo made me lose my items in some way.

    What did the Power Bands do anyway?
  13. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008
    They could make you immune to all night roles, but they had a 2 night recharge time.
  14. FinnRagetti


    Jun 15, 2008
    There are a few things I will say:

    First of all, I was actually told to safeguard Sylvester by aamto (I wasn't involved at the time, so I just did as I was told). Eo was obv by my position.

    Secondly, I didnt want shade to die. I wasn't on at the time and I didnt expect that "Fuck Tiger" to occur, nor players changing their lynch at the time. I was away and unprepared for what happened. I didnt know shade would die then. The worst part was that I couldnt do anything about it, even if I was there. >_<.

    Edit: O. you were referring to the first time...yea...I didnt fully realize the numbers of the game until it was too late, plus Gmax knew who I was (Thanks to Eo and him having access to the spreadsheet) >_<.

    And also, I had the plan where I was going to switch the lynch at the last second to save Yeti; however, I needed the Deviants to come in numbers to easily turn the lynch, which never happened, so I didnt even bother. I had a way to put the village in the best chance to win, but the devaints didnt show. I tried to negotiate a way, but o well. Eo deserves all the credit in the world for the win.
  15. moi


    Jan 22, 2008
    its hard to consider myself the worst on a team full of winners
  16. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
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    May 8, 2009
    #1 thanks for the game Outlaw/EW, I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed being a mafian in this game a lot.

    #2 finnaivetti SUCKS

    #3 I wish I hadn't posted at the start, I could've looked like a NPC then

    I had this game all figured out lol -_- I was very suspicious of Eo and hey... I was right.
    Finn wanted us Deviants to vote with numbers we didn't have. He needed to ask all the villagers to vote and maybe we could've done something.
    Amake wasn't even on when the lynch ended so he was out, and I was one of them, we didn't want to expose macle and shade.... 8|

    We were doing so well until Finn took over too, then he just went along with whatever Eo said. He should've realized something was amiss when he was never told to target a MM with that few people but oh well.

    I told zw I hadn't gotten in and he believed me, which allowed me to tell him one way or another who should die: "____ has a dumb name kill that loser" etc. I feel bad for tricking him but it really helped us out a lot that he was sort of like an extra kill.

    I wish we hadn't told Gmax who he was though, that was definitely a mistake. Then they kidnapped him and it was like "cool" no chance. So sorry zerowing for messing that up for you lol.

    Thanks for the 10/10 though! Near the beginning of the game I was gone/busy a lot so it was hard to be on but I always tried to check in to make sure nothing was going down.

    Also I lol'd when Agape meteored and hit Lesm.
  17. Dubulous

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    Jun 9, 2009
    The best part of the game for me was when Alchemator sent me his night action for some reason. Based on his action, I was able to deduce that he was Dr. Horrible, a Deviant, and we lynched him accordingly.

    This game was pretty fun for when I was in it, but it wasn't cool when every village leader we had died the next night! Also I was killed right as I received sheet access, which was a bummer, but oh well.
  18. Coronis

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    May 25, 2008
    =/ sorry, should really never have joined this game as i didn't have enough time to spare.
  19. Amelia


    May 18, 2006
    I'm starting to understand why no one holds me in high profile when no one realizes what i did for the team.

    Also, she.

    Oh well, it means that i am still in low profile radar :P
  20. Agape

    Mafia Champion

    Jul 3, 2009
    Nice and fast game, the most active team won as it should(?) be.

    I couldn't get to collaborate much because others were on absurd timezones :(

    Posting restriction was nice.
  21. Amake


    Jan 1, 2010
    Yeti I think you are confusing me with someone else :OO
  22. Alchemator

    Alchemator my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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    Feb 7, 2009
    What do you mean I was the worst deviant? I wasn't in this... ;D

    Yeah... A mix of stupidity and misfortune got me killed quite quickly.

    Please don't hold this against me >_> just because I have a bad day lol.

    EDIT: To answer some stuff. I never spilled my allegiance to jumpluff directly, though that was one stupid thing. The other stupid thing was sending my action to Dubulous because I thought his alias was an admin one :s
  23. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008
    What did you do for the team? And also: Amelia is a girls name -.-
  24. Gmax

    Gmax kuahahahaha
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    Oct 29, 2006
    Man when this game started I really didn't think I would enjoy it much. I had a character from a series I disliked, and I was part of a split mafia, with the roles on my side being Rogue(me), Sheriff(Eo) and BG(u_d). We decided to let Eo unite the faction, while we lay low. However, Billy found me hiding on an alt on IRC and thought it would be amusing to out me, as a result of which I ended up calling for all Megalos to contact me. I got in touch with jumpluff, and we added a Thief(DLE), an Inspector(jpluff) and a Redirector(aska) to our arsenal. Stuff still seemed quite standard until we found Bass' crew which brought a Doubler who worked even on our killer(moi), the killer(Bass), and a kidnapper(Veed)! Man, this was some team to work with! Pretty much everyone was active, and everyone was capable of thinking for themselves. Daletterel stole the Bison Dollar on N0 and since Moi's power was entirely dependent on his item, he was the ideal holder of the Dollar, and we decided to stock all our items on him, since the only way we could lose all out items was if he were to be lynched. He also lost the TGRI Ooze, an item he could use to power up that night though. We eliminated a big threat in The Green Ranger on N1, and inspected the village thief, whom we knew to be Brain thanks to Bass getting his PM. On N2 we eliminated him, while the Deviants eliminated dak. The Deviants acted dumb about their BG's alias, thanks to which we also managed to kill him off. Shade claimed to be some neutral who needed the village to lose, and revealed that he had stolen our Ooze. Matt took over leading, and Eo got his claim in, which would prove crucial later. Matt lynched U_D and took out our BG as well ~_~. During the day a mysterious Bongo PMed Veedrock with suggestions about whom to kidnap from Dle, and gave Veed quite a scare! It was Dle himself, and it was an excellent piece of trolling lol. Jumpluff traded PMs with Puggy, and we found that he held one part of the device. We decided to find his alias during the day, and we closely monitored the posters that day to find him. We succeeded!

    That night, Matt directed the holders of the Wonderflonium and the Extra Proton Pack to pass them to Eo, so that he could make his item. Fishin claimed to be some neutral with a rolename inspect, who was supposedly checking jumpluff, and was responsible for U_D being lynched. We kidnapped him to stop her being checked, but she ended up getting lynched the next day anyway :| We also picked up the EPP from Puggy, allowing Eo to claim that he hadn't yet built the device. The Deviants took out Matt, and Lesm decided to take his place. The wolf killed Lightwolf, with whom we had been working, and we'd had a nice little arrangement with him that would've probably ended with him winning while we got ourselves a nice bunch of items. We were initially convinced that Lesm was a Deviant, but along with Cyzir we staged a little performance that ended with him being locked out of the village subforum by Fishin. He had access to the sheet though, so it didn't matter in the long run lol. Daletterel gave Eo the EPP, and he built the Planetary Magnet, a factionwide unstealable item capable of stealing all items in the game! The next night, both the village hooker and bg died, but we took a heavy blow with the death of Bass, our killer whose kill could be doubled. The Deviants had us convinced that the Wolf was responsible for this. They also gave us the Wolf's alias. We had attempted to kill him that, but we failed despite holding the Scotsman's Longsword thanks to Sylvester holding the BPV Mask -_- We seemed to be in REAL trouble next day, when the moile was put up for lynch. All out items ;_; Our doubling of abilities ;_______: ALL GONE. We were at the lowest point we'd ever been all game. And then we began to turn it around...

    Moi PMed Sylvester and sent him a nice threatening PM to kill me that night or die. I stalked him as I died and returned with a one-cycle recharge daykill and a one-time lynchproof! Then Eo obtained access to the spreadsheet, which made our life SO MUCH EASIER. It appeared to everyone as though our best roles had already died, when in reality we were just getting started... Eo took over killing duties for our faction, and killed off Rodan to pick up the WABAC machine to stop our aliases being revealed by it. Lesm and I struck up a deal that if they lynched a deviant the next day, we'd kill one the next night. Ironically we were both foiled as the Deviants unleashed their day-ending lynch-controlling BUT IT'S WRONG!!! on Lesm to protect Pete Puma (and activating Beetlejuice in the process), and during the next night the moon-destruction event took place which prevented all kills. Eo and Fishin were the only people with access to the village sheet at this stage, and we decided that Fishin needed to die soon, so that Eo would be the only person with the sheet left. We released him that night, and killed him during the day to catch him off his guard and prevent him from passing the sheet on. Egghead Jr. was lynched that day, which stopped the Deviants' delayed kills. Eo was now the only one with the sheet! We didn't want him to be the main leader as he hadn't exactly been cleaned. Eo gave Finn the sheet, thereby earning his trust. Finn also revealed that he now had a BG power! We decided to kill off TIK to stop him from attempting to lead, and leave things in Finn's hands because we felt he would be easier to manipulate than TIK, and unlike Eo, both he and Finn had trustworthy role claims or results to back them up. We decided that we'd had enough of the Wolf's presence since he was no ally of ours, and we didn't even know who he was, while the Deviants seemed to be controlling all his moves. Finn protected Eo, saving him from Cyzir's attack on what he believed to be a villager. Cyzir was triply frustrated, since his other kill on Ms. Prissy was also blocked by Evan deciding to disappear, and his orders to the Wolf to kill Hubie, i.e. Veedrock, a Megalo also failed thanks to Veedrock kidnapping the Wolf before he could touch him. We thought it was time Aska took off on his journey through the internet, since he'd posted on N0, pretty much confirming him as a mafia, and since we were going to be turning on the Deviants soon, we didn't want him around to be lynched or killed. We also unleashed THE PLANETARY MAGNET, and picked up everything in the game! We were shocked to find that the mask and the sword were broken lol, but at least the Power Bands had been fixed now. DLE had stolen them from somoene earlier in the game but we couldn't use them at that stage. We also got back the PKE Meter that we'd lost with Bass' death, and the TGRI Ooze. Gossamer the loudmouth got lynched in the meantime, and Finn kept playing the Deviants against us by posting crap about the Megalos having contacted him.

    We decided that it was time to make our move. DLE drank the Ooze that night, which would result in him powering up from Shredder to SUPER Shredder the next night. We believed that there were 4 Deviants remaining, and we could wipe them out by the end of the next night. That night, Cyzir, believing Rocky to have been the one responsible for the mass theft, decided to kill him, and was getting Toro The Bull the useless villager killed by Beetlejuice. We killed off Cyzir, breaking the alliance between the mafia. We assumed that Mugsy and Pepe La Pew were NPCs and decided to PKE check Pepe just to make sure. To our shock he turned up Deviant, which meant we'd miscalculated the number of Deviants.The next day, Yeti contacted Finn, offering him a Megalo kill the next night if he lynched a Megalo, while I offered him a nightkilled Deviant as well as a daykilled one that day itself if he lynched another, while if he rejected my offer I'd be daykilling him. He didn't know what both our factions had, he was operating off incomplete operation, to him we were 2 factions each with 4 guys alive, and he had to choose between 2 dead Megalos+1 dead Deviant+1 dead village BG and 4 dead Deviants+1 dead Megalo, so ._. stop hating on him for this. He was contemplating switching the lynch to us at the last moment, but he decided it was too risky in the end (with some convincing from Eo xD) and we ended the day with 2 more Deviant deaths, Beetlejuice Bosko and Pepe La Pew, whose PM matched Shade's supposed neutral claim, which showed us that Shade had been lying as we'd suspected. However, to our dismay, he seemed to have resurrected into another alias, leaving us with three Deviants to deal with. When the Night began, we were pleasantly surprsed by DLE's newfound powers which gave him 2 nights of BPV and 2 kills! We picked off Cecil Turtle and Bookworm whom we knew to be Deviant. That night Hubie, i.e. Veedrock activated the Power Bands. So our remaining aliases consisted of Hubie who was untouchable that night, Chester The Terrier(Eo), who was under BG protection, Pussyfoot(DLE) with his newfound BPV, Charlie Dog(Aska) off on his journey through the internet, also immune, and Sniffles(me). I was the only one vulnerable, so as long as I survived, we pretty much had it, and survive I did, as DLE was targeted for a kill. shade also told Finn his alias since they were working together, which Eo picked up. We entered the final day of the game, where after much discussion we decided to use Fake Tiger. Veedrock, who was being lynched, made a FUCK TIGER post 2 minutes before deadline, and DLE voted for Taz(Finn). Eo told Supermarth64 to counter this vote with a vote against Marc Antony whom we knew to be Shade. The rest of us piled on, clinching majority, removing the final Deviant, ending the game.

    I enjoyed the game a lot, and a lot of it has to do with how good a team we had. This team is pretty much the best I've been on ever, aside from maybe the Batista Regime, and there I got to pick and choose. There wasn't a single person who really let us down, everybody contributed, everybody was involved in the planning, and the victory is definitely the result of a team effort. MANIACS RULE!

    Thanks a lot to Outlaw and Earthworm for hosting such a fun game!
  25. billymills

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    Jul 6, 2008
    I tried moling but I chose a role that was already in the game.

    Only posting to contrast gmax's megapost.

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