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Army Men: Battle for the Frontyard

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Acklow, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.

    Jan 7, 2010

    Okay I have 0 player slots available:
    United Forces: 0
    New Generation Imperial Army: 0
    Conference of Rebel Forces: 0
    Unknown: ?

    Background Story:
    It is the year of TYS R CUL. The plastic people who just recently lived in peace, are now in all-out war for the last reserves of synthetic plastics. Three factions arose within the plastic people. The United Forces, whose goal is to get the last reserves and to create an even more synthetic solution, and to distrubute it to all free peoples. The forces of the United Forces answer to their commander, Sarge. The New Generation Imperial Army is a grand duchy whose goal is the global formation of a monarchy under the command of Count Vladimir. Their goal is to use the final reserves of plastic as a way to get control of the other factions. The Conference of Rebel Forces does not agree with either of the two other factions. Rather, their goal is to take the last reserves for themselves and to use it only for themselves. Their selfish goal is headed by a man known as Artemis.

    To join, please post your:
    Character: (One character in the game you want to play as)
    Faction: (The faction that character is in)

    When posting an action, please post in this format:

    The Factions
    United Forces (UF)
    Sarge: He made many famous appearances in video games, such as Sarge's Heroes. (FinnRagetti)
    [Courage Charge]: A unit you control gains two successive moves. (Use ONCE per round)
    Private Biff: This tough soldier has trained greatly in heavy weapons. (polelover44)
    [Tough Luck]: Target vehicle you control doubles its firepower. (Use once every TWO rounds)
    Captain Ken: His sharpshooting skills makes him a valuable asset to the U.F. (Spiffy)
    [Accurate Aim]: One unit you control that uses a sniper rifle doubles its firepower and range. (Use TWICE every TWO rounds)
    Sargeant Kelly: A disciplined medic. A master at guerilla tactics. What more could you want? (assassinfred)
    [Restore Morale]: All units you control restore 5 hitpoints of health and deal 2 more damage. (Use once every FOUR rounds)
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
    New Generation Imperial Army (NGIA)
    Count Vladimir: A powerful orator and a man of inconceivable wealth. He is known to have influence though prefers to not engage in combat.
    Duchess Nadia: A woman with a fair appearance and a know for stealth tactics. She is known to have taught the Cardinal in ways of assassination. She does not prefer to engage in all out war.
    Major Petrof: An officer that is adept to making quick decisions in battle, using any object to his advantage. (forks)
    [Last Resort]: All units you control that are currently using pistols triple their firepower. (Use once every TWO rounds)
    [Withdrawal]: Gain another surplus of funds this turn. (Use once every THREE rounds)
    Cardinal Dimitri: An officer who is familiar with enemy territory. (Chomper The Sharptooth)
    [Geo-Tactics]: Units you control either gain two firepower, receive an extra move, or increase their range by one,
    IF they are in enemy territory. (Use once every TWO rounds)
    [Hired Assassin]: Within the next two rounds, one random enemy unit will be killed. (Use ONCE every round)
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    Conference of Rebel Forces (CoRF)
    Artemis: The rogue leader of CoRF. He is a master at aerial warfare. He has given, however, Mr. Rich Uncle full control of the CoRF Air Force.
    Mr. Rich Uncle: Nobody knows his real name or motive for sure, not even Artemis. (Bunnymaster)
    [No Object]: Gain a surplus of funds equal to any other player's income. (Use once every THREE rounds)
    [Scheming]: Your max unit count is 40 instead of 30. (ALWAYS ACTIVE)
    [Wingmen]: All aircraft you control may carry allied infantry, and gain two firepower and movement. (Use once every TWO rounds)
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    The Infantry
    Your infantry. They are the footmen that make up the very roots of your army. When choosing your infantry, choose wisely because you want both efficiency and strength. Units take 1 ROUND to become fully mobilized.
    Also important is the fact that you (not the entire faction) have a maximum UNIT COUNT (UC) of 30.
    That means that you could have 30 gunners(1 UC), 15 heavys(2 UC), or 5 mortarists(4 UC) and 5 medics(2 UC), etc.
    This increases the difficulty you have to make in creating your army. Making sure that you have a team of soldiers that cover one another's weaknesses is vital to success.
    The following is the format used for units, so that you have an easy guide as to what the unit's attributes are and how much they cost in funds.
    ~Name:~ Description. Hitpoints(health): #. Unit Count(Described above): #. Weapons/Items: Weapons, Items, etc. Cost: # of Funds

    ~Gunner~: A basic unit. HP: 5. UC: 1. Weapons: Machine Gun, Grenades. Cost: 10 Funds
    ~Heavy~: Uses anti-vehicular weapons. HP: 5. UC: 2. Weapons: Bazooka, Grenades, Pistol. Cost: 20 Funds
    ~Sniper~: Uses long-range weaponry. HP: 5. UC: 2. Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Land Mine. Cost: 20 Funds
    ~Medic~: A unit whose sole purpose is medicines. HP: 10. UC: 2. Items: Rations, Role Call. Cost: 30 Funds *Medics may move twice
    ~Kamikazee~: A unit that sacrifices itself for greater damage. HP: 10. UC: 3. Weapons: Machine Gun, Detonators. Cost: 40 Funds
    ~Turret Gunner~: A unit with strong defense. HP: 10. UC: 3. Weapons: Machine Gun Turret, Grenades. Cost: 50 Funds
    ~Arson~: Uses fire to fight. HP:15. UC: 5. Weapons: Flamethrower, Pistol, Land Mine. Cost: 50 Funds
    ~Mortarist~: Carries heavy-ranged weaponry. HP: 10. UC: 4. Weapons: Mortar, Pistol, Grenades. Cost: 60 Funds
    ~Captain~: A powerful unit with a unique ability. HP: 20. UC: 5. Weapons: Pistol, Grenades. Items: Rally. Cost: 80 Funds *Captains may move twice
    ~Elite Gunner~: A strong all-arounder. HP: 10. UC: 4. Weapons: Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle. Cost: 70 Funds
    ~Engineer~: A tough defensive unit. HP: 15. UC: 4. Weapons: Shotgun. Items: Repair Pack. Cost: 70 Funds
    ~Cavalier~: UF unique unit. Rides on dirt bike. HP: 10. UC: 3. Weapons: Machine Gun, Pistol. Cost: 50 Funds *Cavaliers may move twice
    ~Gladiator~: NGIA unique unit. High defense. HP: 20. UC: 5. Weapons: Bazooka, Land Mine, Pistol. Cost: 90 Funds
    ~Grunt~: CoRF unique unit. Very cheap. HP: 5. UC: 1. Weapons: Machine Gun. Cost: 5 Funds

    The Vehicles
    Vehicles are similar to units. They have high defenses and come equipped with larger weapons. Some may even have the ability to move friendly units. Vehicles take 1 ROUND to fully mobilize.
    However, they come at a higher cost in funds. Vehicles consist of two types: GROUND and AIR.
    Ground vehicle can only be hit by weapons meant for ground vehicles. [Bazookas, Grenades, Mortars, Land Mines, Detonators, Flamethrowers, & Shotguns]
    Air vehicles can only be hit by weapons meant for air vehicles. (Machine Guns *Only if it is air to air combat, Grenades, & MG Turrets]
    Vehicles, just like units, have their own maximum VEHICLE COUNT (VC). This number is also 30.
    This means you can have up to 6 tanks, 3 tanks and 3 anti-air, or otherwise.
    The same format will be used with the exception of the vehicle count.

    ~Tank~: Basic ground unit. HP: 15. VC: 5. Weapons: Bazooka, Machine Gun. Cost: 40 Funds
    ~Heavy Tank~: Tougher model of the tank. HP: 20. VC: 5. Weapons: Bazooka x2, Mortar. Cost: 80 Funds
    ~Artillery~: Long-range combat unit. HP: 15. VC: 5. Weapons: Mortar x2. Cost: 40 Funds *Artillery may carry 5 infantry
    ~Anti-Air~: Created to combat air vehicles. HP: 15. VC: 5. Weqpons: Machine Gun Turret x2. Cost: 60 Funds
    ~Helicopter~: Basic air unit. HP: 15. VC: 5. Weapons: Grenades, Machine Gun. Cost: 60 Funds *Helicopters may carry 5 infantry
    ~Fighter~: Strong air unit. HP: 20. VC: 5. Weapons: Machine Gun, Bazooka, Grenades. Cost: 100 Funds *Fighters may move twice
    ~Combat Tank~: Green unique ground vehicle. HP: 25. VC: 10. Weapons: Bazooka x2, Mortar, Shotgun. Cost: 120 Funds
    ~Supply Truck~: Yellow unique ground vehicle. HP: 20. VC: 10. Items: Rations, Repair Pack, Role Call. Cost: 100 Funds *Supply Trucks may carry 5 infantry and may move twice
    ~Flying Fortress~: Blue unique air vehicle. HP: 30. VC: 15. Weapons: Bazooka x2, Mortar x2, Grenades. Cost: 150 Funds

    The Weapons and Items
    Weapons are the root of combat. They are what allow your units deal damage to the units of your opponents.
    Weapons do have a price: they have an upkeep. This means that every turn you must pay a certain amount of funds for units to be able to use their weapons.
    Items create a more unique sense of combat. They allow units to be healed, rallied, and even double movement.
    Items also have an upkeep.
    Machine Gun: Deals 5 damage to all types of infantry. In air to air combat, deals 5 damage.
    Grenades: Deal 3 damage to all types of units. When on ground, deals damage only to ground. When in air, deals damage to ground and air. (Ranged by ONE territory)
    Bazooka: Deals 5 damage to all types of ground vehicles.
    Pistol: Deals 3 damage to all types of infantry.
    Sniper Rifle: Deals 5 damage to all types of infantry. (Ranged by ONE territory)
    Land Mine: Deals 5 damage to all types of units on the ground.
    Detonators: Deals 10 damage to all types of units regardless of elevation. The user is killed.
    MG Turret: Deals 5 damage to all types of infantry. Deals 10 damage to all types of air vehicles.
    Flamethrower: Deals 5 damage to all types of infantry. Deals 3 damage to all types of ground vehicles.
    Mortar: Deals 5 damage to all types of ground vehicles. (Ranged by ONE territory)
    Shotgun: Deals 5 damage to all types of units regardless of elevation.

    Upkeep for Weapons:
    Machine Gun, Grenades, and Pistol: 1 fund each
    Sniper Rifle, Bazooka, and Land Mines: 3 funds each
    Detonators, Flamethrower, Machine Gun Turret, Mortar, and Shotgun: 5 funds each
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________
    Rations: Heals 5 HP to an infantry.
    Repair Pack: Heals 5 HP to a vehicle.
    Role Call: All friendly units in the territory that the role caller is in unite to defend regardless of movement or type.
    Rally: Target unit gains an extra move.

    Upkeep for Items:
    Role call: 1 fund
    Rations, Repair Pack: 3 funds each
    Rally: 5 funds
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________
    Weapon/Item Upgrades
    Upgrades are very useful. They allow your army to become more elastic in capabilities. Upgrades only help your army and not your teammates, so make sure you understand that. Once you purchase an upgrade, you no longer
    need to purchase it again. Upgrades do not have an effect on upkeep either, which is a nice thing too.
    Here is the format for upgrades:
    Upgrade Name: Upgrade Description. Cost: # of Funds

    (Machine Gun)
    Sub-Machine Gun: Lower firepower, but can shoot 2 enemy infantry at once. Deals 3 damage to all types of infantry. Cost: 40 Funds
    Grenade Launcher: Fires grenades simultaneous to firing the machine gun. Equivalent to using a grenade. Cost: 80 Funds
    Missile Launcher: Fire with greater power. Deals 10 damage to all types of ground vehicles. Cost: 120 Funds
    Shrapnel Grenades: Deals damage to 3 enemy units. Deals damage equivalent to a normal grenade. Cost: 100 Funds
    (Sniper Rifle)
    Scope: Cancels enemy sniper counterattacks. Cost: 120 Funds
    (Land Mines)
    Mine Detector: Prevents enemy land mines from exploding. Cost: 80 Funds
    (Machine Gun Turret)
    Sub-Machine Gun Turret: Lower fire power, but can hit 2 enemy units at once. Deals 3 damage to all types of infantry. Deals 5 damage to all types of air vehicles. Cost: 80 funds
    Dual tank: Increases damage dealt to vehicles. Deals 5 damage to all types of ground units. Cost: 20 Funds
    Greek Fire: Foes hit by flames are dealt 3 extra damage over 2 SUB-ROUNDS. Cost: 80 Funds
    Binoculars: Cancels enemy mortar counterattacks. Cost: 150 Funds
    Large Spray: Decreases firepower, but can shoot 2 enemy units at once. Deals 3 damage to all types of units. Cost: 100 Funds
    Small Spray: Fire every two SUB-ROUNDS, but increase firepower. Deals 10 damage to all types of units. Cost: 120 Funds
    Silencer: Increases firepower. Deals 5 damage to all types of infantry. Cost: 60 Funds
    Large Explosives: Deals 10 damage to 5 enemy units of all types. Kills user. Cost: 150 Funds
    First Aid Kit: Heals 5 HP to 2 infantry. Cost: 100 Funds
    (Repair Pack)
    Tool Kit: Heals a vehicle by 10 HP. Cost: 120 Funds
    Leadership: Target unit gains 2 extra moves. Cost: 150 Funds
    (Carry 5 Units)
    Carry Ability: Gives all your vehicles the ability to carry friendly units. Cost: 200 Funds

    Territories make up the battlefield. Each territory is either adjacent or separate from another. Whenever your army moves onto a neutral territory, you gain control of it automatically at the end of the round.
    If your army moves onto an enemy territory, a battle commences between your army and the defending force enemy army.
    The winner gains or stays in control of that territory.
    Territories provide three things: Funds, Legislative Power, and a Defending Force for that territory.
    Funds: Every upkeep, you gain the amount of funds equal to the funding for each territory your faction controls.
    Legislative Power: Legislative power affects your Max Unit and Vehicle Counts. 100% Legislative power=30 Units. For every 10%, you gain an additional 5 Unit and Vehicle count.
    Defending Force: Your faction's territories already come with a default defending force. Some neutral territories have an amount of units you can put in if you capture one.
    Whenever a unit within your army moves, it may move to another territory. Here is a map of all the territories (complements to (forks) for the wonderful map):
    Show Hide

    U.F. HQ: The United Forces have fortified their base in a bush by the front door.
    [Funding]: 30. [Legislative Power]: 60%. [Defending Force]: 10 gunners, 5 heavys, 5 snipers.
    Flower pot: A small flower pot located further away from the U.F. HQ, making a decent outpost.
    [Funding]: 10. [Legislative Power]: 10%. [Defending Force]: 5 turret gunners, 2 snipers.
    Small Bush: A bush closely located to the U.F. HQ.
    [Funding]: 10. [Legislative Power]: 30%. [Defending Force]: 5 gunners, 2 medics, 1 tank.
    N.G.I.A. HQ: The base of the N.G.I.A. has been fortified in a nest of lovely smelling carnations.
    [Funding]: 20. [Legislative Power]: 70%. [Defending Force]: 5 gunners, 2 heavys, 3 snipers, 2 medics, 2 gladiators.
    Untilled Soil: The operations of the N.G.I.A. are coordinated in an underground base here.
    [Funding]: 20. [Legislative Power]: 20%. [Defending Force]: 1 medic, 1 elite gunner, 2 engineers.
    Petunias & Roses: N.G.I.A. placed a small post to scout out any enemy attacks.
    [Funding]: 10. [Legislative Power]: 10%. [Defending Force]: 1 helicopter.
    -Big Tree-
    C.o.R.F. HQ: C.o.R.F. established its headquarters high in the treetops.
    [Funding]: 40. [Legislative Power]: 50%. [Defending Force]: 4 gunners, 3 snipers, 1 flying fortress.
    Big Tree Roots: Fortifications have been made to prevent access to the C.o.R.F. HQ.
    [Funding]: 0. [Legislative Power]: 20%. [Defending Force]: 10 gunners, 3 heavys, 2 snipers, 1 elite gunner, 2 medics.
    Birds Nest: Though it is low on the tree, it still provides a decent lookout.
    [Funding]: 10. [Legislative Power]: 30%. [Defending Force]: 2 gunners, 5 snipers, 2 mortarists, 1 helicopter.
    Tall Grass: Provides decent cover. (N.G.I.A.)
    [Funding]: 20. [Legislative Power]: 10%. [Defending Force]: Controlling faction may put up to 20 UC & VC of units into this territory.

    Mole Burrow: An intricate system of tunnels. (C.o.R.F.)
    [Funding]: 30. [Legislative Power]: 10%. [Defending Force]: Controlling faction may put up to 20 UC & VC of units into this territory.

    Open Pavement: A large sand covered plateau. Desert-like climate. Who knows what exists there? (neutral...or is it?)
    [Funding]: 30. [Legislative Power]: 0%. [Defending Force]: N/A
    Basket Ball Hoop: This tall structure allows a bird's eye view if climbed to the top. (C.o.R.F.)
    [Funding]: 20. [Legislative Power]: 10%. [Defending Force]: Controlling faction may put up to 20 UC & VC of units into this territory.

    Left Window: This windowsill has a SHRUBBERY growing in it. (U.F.)
    [Funding]: 40. [Legislative Power]: 0%. [Defending Force]: Controlling faction may put up to 20 UC & VC of units into this territory.
    Right Window: Nests a variety of small flowers. (U.F.)
    [Funding]: 10. [Legislative Power]: 20%. [Defending Force]: Controlling faction may put up to 20 UC & VC of units into this territory.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
    The Round-Sub-Round System
    The way this game works involves an intricate system which I, myself, designed. It is composed of what is called a "round-sub-round" system.
    A round is the overall action a player takes during his/her turn. This is divided into what are called sub-rounds. Sub-rounds are the individual steps
    that player takes in order to complete a round. Sub-rounds are sometimes divided into even more in-depth steps. At the end of each sub-round and in-depth
    step, all actions taken during those time periods conclude (except for CO abilities, which until the next round).
    Here are the steps to a round:
    -Upkeep (Funds are given to each player first, then payments to any units' weapons are made)
    -Initiate Commanding Officer's Ability
    -Main Sub-Round
    1.Purchase Units or Upgrades
    2.Move Units (Non-Combat)
    -Combat Sub-Round
    1.Initiate Commanding Officer's Ability (Do this only if you haven't done this before, or if your CO can use his/her ability twice)
    2.Move Units (Combat)
    3.Indirect Attack (You may either decide to take step 2 or 3)
    4.Direct Attack
    5.Repeat Steps 1-4 if you wish to continue
    -Post Combat Sub-Round
    1.Purchase Units or Upgrades
    2.Move Units (Non-Combat)
    -End Round
    These steps of course, describe an attacker's viewpoint. Since combat is simultaneous, when a CO moves units onto a territory you occupy, you can either move units onto the any adjacent territory, or you can decide to defend. The defending force must be the targets of combat before any CO that is defending is targeted. For example: say 2 Gunners attack a territory that has a CO who owns his own Gunner. His Gunner would not be dealt damage as long as there is an existing Defending Force and the Gunner would get a chance to counterattack. However, if there is no Defending Force, the defending CO would have to sacrifice his Gunner to combat. That same CO could move his Gunner onto an adjacent territory instead of engaging in combat too. He could move the Gunner to the territory the enemy came from, or could move it onto friendly land.
    If a territory you controlled was under attack, you would be allowed to move your units towards it during your enemy's move units combat step.
    Here's a detailed look at how combat works:
    1.Initiate CO's ability: Your CO has an ability underneath his/her description. Using their ability may give you an edge to combat.
    However, make sure not to squander your CO's ability if they can use it only so often.
    2.Move Units: This step occurs after the initiation of you CO's ability (it still occurs if you don't use the ability). Basically, you move your units onto an either enemy or neutral territory. Then, combat officially commences. This is different than the Non-Combat move, in that your move will cause combat to spur, where the Non-Combat move is meant to move units not going into Combat.
    3.Indirect Attack: During this step, if you have any units that are one territory away from the one combat is occuring in, you may have
    those units fire at the enemy units. However, if those enemy units have indirect units, they will automatically fire back at your indirect attackers. You may choose to attack units owned by a CO unlike direct attacking (look at Direct Attack for details).
    Units that can fire indirectly are those that are carrying the following weapons: grenades, sniper rifle, mortar. Note: Units may not move and attack indirectly on the same round.
    4.Direct Attack: During this step, the units that have direct combat weapons initiate combat with opposing troops. Taking advantage of the indirect
    attack step can decrease the amount of enemy units you have to face. During the direct attack step, you may have a unit do one of the following:
    a.Attack with their weapon.
    b.Drop a hazard.
    A unit that will take the first action will first damage an enemy unit, then that enemy unit automatically "counter-attacks." The unit that has no
    health left is considered "killed" or "destroyed."
    Only units with land mines or detonators can take the second step. However, if a unit uses a land mine, they take a chance at being counter attacked
    and/or killed.
    A unit that uses a detonator will automatically be killed once the direct attack step is over, and it will deal 10 damage to any other unit it may be
    Only units with rations, repair pack, role call, or rally may take the third step. These units risk being counter-attacked and/or killed.
    The effect of the recuperation then occurs (i.e. retreat, but only if a unit has the ability to take an extra move).
    When attacking, your units must target the Defending Forces of the territory you are invading first. If there are none, or if all Defending Forces have been defeated, then units owned by a CO may be targeted.
    *NOTE: A Unit may only take one action in an entire round. This does not include the Combat Move.*
    5.Once steps 1-4 have occurred. Then, you may repeat those steps again if necessary. Follow the same procedures until all units of one side have either retreated or defeated. After that, you
    may move onto the Post-Combat Sub-Round.

    Victory Conditions
    The following are the terms of a defeat for either a single player loss or a faction loss:
    1.If a CO's Army has been entirely destroyed, he is eliminated from the game.
    2.If all CO's to a faction have been eliminated, that faction is no longer capable of returning to play.
    3.A CO can only be resurrected if one of the following have occured:
    -A fee of 1000 credits have been payed either by a player or pooled together by a faction.
    -That CO's faction manages to capture and gain full control of an enemy HQ.
    4.A faction is eliminated if another faction manages to capture and gain full control of the original faction's HQ for 2 rounds.

    If a faction's HQ has been captured, they are no longer capable of purchasing units until they regain control. The faction that captured the HQ must hold control of it for 2 rounds in order to eliminate the original faction. An HQ can be liberated by the third faction that didn't take part in the capture (however if the original owners have been eliminated, the liberation is automatically a failure).
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
    Sarge: 130 Funds
    Private Biff: 150 Funds
    Captain Ken: 190 Funds
    Sargeant Kelly: 147 Funds
    Major Petrof: 270 Funds
    Cardinal Dimitri: 172 Funds
    Mr. Rich Uncle: 1 Funds

    Private Biff:
    Captain Ken:
    Sargeant Kelly:
    Major Petrof:
    Cardinal Dimitri:
    Mr. Rich Uncle:
    1xHeavy Tank

    Sarge: (Missile Launcher)
    Private Biff: None
    Captain Ken: None
    Sargeant Kelly: None
    Count Vladimir: None
    Duchess Nadia: None
    Major Petrof: None
    Cardinal Dimitri: (Grenade Launcher)
    Artemis: None
    Mr. Rich Uncle: (Sub-Machine Guns)
    -Legislative Power-
    U.F.: 120%
    N.G.I.A.: 110%
    C.o.R.F.: 120%

    Q: Is this Mafia?
    A: No, this game is a strategy game that plays very differently. Unlike Mafia, your "role" is seen by everyone in addition to your ability and whatever actions you take. What this game requires is a different mindset. Being sure to create a balanced army, and then when knowing how and when to strike at opposing players is a major aspect of this game. I will not and do not PM people "roles" as these are chosen by the player pre-game.
    Q: Can we contact one another "behind the scenes?"
    A: Yes, that way team strategies are developed.
    Q: How should I play this game?
    A: This game requires you to post regularly. You should make sure you always check the main page for any major updates (such as changes in statistics). Most of the game play is done on the thread.

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    Feb 8, 2005
    don't just post the game before a host responds with approval

    edit: okay, so this was approved!
  3. BunnyMaster


    Mar 8, 2009
    Mr. Rich Uncle
    Conference of Rebel Forces
  4. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.

    Jan 7, 2010
    Cool, first person is in.
  5. RODAN

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    Nov 13, 2007
    Username: Rodan.
    Character: Count Vladimir
    Faction: new generation imperial army

    THE_IRON_...KENYAN? Heep Beep Meme Creep
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Username: THE_IRON_KENYAN
    Character: Cardinal Dimitri
    Faction: New generation imperial army

    Lets fucking do this Rodan
  7. Nook


    Sep 1, 2008
    Username: Nook
    Character: Duchess Nadia
    Faction: New generation imperial army

    rodan has a small spray
  8. Johann


    Nov 7, 2009
    I realized that I may not have enough time to play this game to full interest. Withdrawing to I don't make it any less fun for other players.
  9. Thoughts


    Sep 12, 2009
    Username: Thoughts
    Character: Artemis
    Faction: Conference of Rebel Forces
  10. polelover44


    Dec 14, 2008
    Username: polelover44
    Character: Major Petrof
    Faction: NGIA
  11. forks


    Mar 8, 2006
    Username: forks
    Character: Sargeant Kelly
    Faction: United Forces

    helloooooo nurse!!!
  12. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    Username: Spiffy
    Character: Captain Ken
    Faction: United Forces

    This looks fun!
  13. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    I found a mistake in my character. (If I'm picked of course) In "The Factions" section, his/her name is Captain Ken. In "Statistics", his/her name is Captain Laura.
    EDIT: I apologize for double posting.
  14. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.

    Jan 7, 2010
    No problem, I had it set for a Forum that had more girls...*ahem*ahem*
    But I'll get that fixed up.

    Oh, and since there are only 2 more slots left, we'll be starting up very soon (this game is starting to attract people like moths to a lightbulb).
  15. Nook


    Sep 1, 2008
    can we kick polelover out of our faction
  16. RODAN

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    Nov 13, 2007
    i agree with nooks sentiment
  17. BunnyMaster


    Mar 8, 2009
    Acklow, actually we have nine people. Johan made his a real entry.

    Can I request a clearer map? The original one is hard to read.
  18. polelover44


    Dec 14, 2008
  19. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    NGIA and CoRF are going down!
  20. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.

    Jan 7, 2010
    @Johan: Okay, I'll get him signed up.

    @Rodan & Nook: What quarrel do you have with polelover?

    @Bunnymaster: That's the best map I could conjure up in my time. If you need any explanation I can do so, but for now I can only say that we'll have to deal with it.

    Edit: Cancel that Bunnymaster, looks like forks was nice enough to make an awesome map. It has most of the details down, so if that doesn't help, I don't know what else would.
  21. Nook


    Sep 1, 2008
    polelover is pretty annoying i mean he loves poles that is strange we do not want pole lovers in our army

    we do not like him so that will hinder our ability to destroy uf and corf i am sure my fellow members of the new generation imperial army agree
  22. RODAN

    RODAN wikifeet admin
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    Nov 13, 2007
    we all agree

    <&THE_IRON_KENYAN> yeah I dont want polelover on our team either
  23. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.

    Jan 7, 2010
    I will not kick anybody off of any faction unless they decide to leave or switch COs before the game begins. That is that. And please, no need to impersonate or act like jerks to other people, especially in this game. Thank you.

    In other news: We only need 1 more person. If you guys know anybody who wants to give this game a go, then I'm all ears.
  24. RODAN

    RODAN wikifeet admin
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    Nov 13, 2007
    acklow just replace polelovers character with forks

    he has expressed intrest in joining us, and we want him more than polelover
  25. polelover44


    Dec 14, 2008
    Fine, I'll change to Private Biff in the UF.

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