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Thanks for the answers SS!
Okay, I figured out how accuracy boosts and drops work, but for +Spe accuracy boosts do you simply add them to the accuracy of a non 100% accurate move? For example, if a move has 80% accuracy and a Pokemon has 10% acc boost, does it become 90% accurate?
...Also, what does #capasb mean?
To answer your first question, yes. The +spe accuracy boost (and the -spe evasion drop, which works in the same way) is applied last, so work out all the other things (combo accuracy, Compoundeyes and stat boosts/drops) before adding it on.

To answer your second question, go here, select SynIRC from the drop-down menu labelled Connect, put IceSpade in the box labelled Nick, put #capasb in the box labelled Channel, then click the connect button.
Combination Attack Formulae said:
Same Attack:
Base Attack Power = BAP * 2.25
Energy Cost = (EC + (EC+4))*1.75
Effect Chance = Effect Chance * 2
Stat Boosts/Drawbacks = Stat Boosts/Drawbacks * 2
Return Damage = Return Damage Multiplier ^2
Recoil = Recoil * 1.5
Accuracy = (Accuracy^2) + Spe Modifier
Direct Recovery = Direct Recovery * 2.25
Contact = Yes if Contact Move is part of Combo

Different Attacks:
Base Attack Power = BAP 1 + BAP 2
Energy Cost = (EC 1 + EC 2) * 1.5
Effect Chance = Effect Chance 1 + Effect Chance 2
Stat Boosts/Drops = B/D 1 + B/D 2
Return Damage - Return Damage 1 + Return Damage 2
Recoil = Recoil 1 + Recoil 2 / # Recoil Moves
Accuracy = ((Accuracy 1 + Accuracy 2) / 2) + Spe Modifier
Direct Recovery = Direct Recovery 1 + Direct Recovery 2
Contact = Yes if Contact Move is part of combo.

Just wondering what Return Damage is. xP At first I asumed it was like recoil damage but yeah, theres recoil too xP. Also do you generally round up, or down?


Look at my shiny CT!
I think it's for things like Counter and Metal Burst. No clue about rounding, just round normally and someone will call you out on it if you're wrong.
You haven't missed the team tounament, not yet. It's still going on... Ten months and counting.

There should be a decent change log in the policy subforum, you should check that out.

Oh, and there's also Mollux, CAP 3. CAP 4 Aurumoth is coming very soon, the prevos are being finished up shortly.
And you missed the release of BW2 Tutors for ASB. Lots of 5th gen mons got major buffs, like Conkeldurr getting 12 BAP elemental punches to play with, and Braviary having one of the strongest moves in the game with Sheer Force Sky Attack.

Also, a few new TLRs. Windswept Meadow, Glacial Cave, and Ruined Eden.
I might have actually been in the first round...

Anyways, this is what I missed (followed loosely for a while after I unofficially quit:)

2/14/2013: Fake Out unbroken, CC bonus for maxed mons changed to scaling system, and no more stealing Rotom appliances from arenas.

2/10/2013: Project Moderators have been given the power to revoke counters from staged "Crush the Combee"-style matches. This will probably only affect 1% of matches, though.

2/7/2013: Arena Trap and Baton Pass now have their in-game effects (as an option for the latter).

1/18/2013: Huge Power & Pure Power hot-fix.

1/17/2013: Forewarn's effect changed to a much less haxy one, UC payouts for DQ battles have received a hotfix.

1/16/2013: Mass Trait overhaul, Part 2: Levitate is now Innate, Pokemon that got Levitate due to anime precedence no longer get the Levitate ability but get the Levitate command instead.

12/29/2012: Leech Seed consistent, Reflect & Light Screen more powerful vs. combos, & Mass Trait overhaul, Part 1.

12/23/2012: Embirch and Flarelm have been updated based on CAP threads, Rock Smash has been buffed. | Agility (Evade) & Teleport (Evade) no longer have evasive properties when combined with a suitable damaging move.

12/17/2012: Rank 0 Bonus has been abolished, & Wonder Guard has been buffed, as per ASB Council Votes.

11/26/2012: Dodge Combos are dead & have no saviour. Also, Damaging Priority Move Substitution Class implemented. | Illuminate no longer broken.

11/12/2012 Magic Coat Audit.

I just realized that there may have been a massive error at veekun regarding a mix-up of Magic Coat and Role Play users.

As a result, there may be a significant number of Pokemon using Magic Coat that actually learn Role Play.

Due to the competitive implications of this, please audit your Pokemon. If you find out they do not actually have Magic Coat, please make a prize claim thread post indicating you are swapping out an illegal Magic Coat for another legal move (if it was a starter Tutor move on a No Egg Move Pokemon, you must select another tutor).

This audit will apply to all new battles. If you currently have an illegal Magic Coat Pokemon in a battle, you may continue to use it until the end of the battle.

11/10/2012: Anime Only and Manga Only Attacks have been implemented. Anime Only and Manga Only Moves Cost 3 MC to purchase.

09/24/2012: Itempalooza breaks ASB. News at 10.

09/22/2012: Syclar revamped as per this thread.

08/11/2012: Changed Focus Energy and added Evolutionary Stones as hold items. Made Plus, Minus, and Stench Traits. Gave Volbeat and Illumise Innate Levitate.

Any summary of these? I'm annoyed that Abomasnow lacks Magic Coat now (grrr...) but meh.
You also missed the closing of the Fire/Fighting/Steel/Dark Gyms. Glacier vs Waterwarrior over the Ice Leadership is going on now. There is a three-Way struggle between Maxim, Simon, and Yarnus over the Normal Leadership. Texas is also the new Dragon Leader.
Don't forget about Rare Candy and Everstone, two items which changed the face of ASB.

...I need to get one of each, but I keep spending it on Pokemon...

Ullar has a point, Everstone/Rare Candy are great.

Neutral Spinda with Everstone, for example, is 90/4/4/4/4/60.

Neutral Abomasnow with Rare Candy goes to 100/5/3/5/3/60

Sableye is 90/5/5/3/3/50 while neutral.
Natures don't; certain items do. As for why the items would pick the ranks to adjust based on the pokemon's actual base stats, you'd be best off asking Deck since iirc it was his idea to do it like that.
Is there a way to simply sell the pokemon you don't want? I will continue to try to trade away my pokemon if not, but there are some pokemon I would like to sell if I am allowed to.
Ok, stupid random question that's probably obvious but I can't find the actual answer many battles can one Pokémon participate in at one time? I know the actual number of battles you can play is three, but I was wondering if Pokémon themselves could fight more than one at a time.
Ok, stupid random question that's probably obvious but I can't find the actual answer many battles can one Pokémon participate in at one time? I know the actual number of battles you can play is three, but I was wondering if Pokémon themselves could fight more than one at a time.
To add onto Espeon's answer, unless a Pokemon is in a TLR, it can be active in anything. For example, X-y the Y-mon can be in 3 battles, the Battle Hall, the Battle Arcade, the Battle Subway, a Raid, and so on and so forth, as long as its not in a TLR.
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