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Audino what to write here until I get Pokémon Online to work on my Mac.

Audino just how good Audino is, but I do know that it's great in Doubles compared to Singles, being the only Pokémon that learns After You and Trick Room, as well as being the only Pokémon that learns both Trick Room and Heal Pulse. This means that even though it's a good support Pokémon all around, it's probably even better as a Trick Room support Pokémon.

That's not actually going to be part of the analysis, it's just so I remember the general gist of what I'm going to write. So Audino what I'm really going to write yet, as I wrote above.


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Lightning Face probably could have put that more tactfully but I'll continue. Audino isn't good for most teams, however it certaintly has a niche. That niche is what you should write about, without it being outclassed. Also for the After You Focus Punch Conkeldurr set you mentioned on my analyis should probably be put in Other Options, IMO. So yeah, disregard Lightning's rudeness and make sure the set isn't outclassed.
Recently had a battle with someone using Audino. I was a little surprised seeing it used, although it is pretty gimmicky. Bulkier healers like Alomomola are what I would rather use. Audino cannot take a hit from a mach punch, however a set supporting a full on defense and chople berry/focus sash might at least water it down.

Audino (M) @ Focus Sash/Leftovers
Trait: Healer
EVs: 212 HP / 252 Def / 46 SAtk
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
- Heal Pulse/Healing Wish
- Helping Hand
- Shadow Ball
- Safeguard/Substitute/After You

Threw this set together just for some ideas. Although Audino may not be the bulkiest of trick room supporters. I would have Memento on it, although unfortunately looks like we won't be seeing that until the move tutors if we're lucky. Helping Hand can be replaced with Trick Room if you feel Audino is viable as an actual trick room setter. Defense is this main sets point. Subsitute can also be used to launch Simple Beam. However, it isn't a very strong strategy sprinkling your entire team with Simple just for a slim chance of getting stat bonuses. Focus Sash allows it to at least take one Mach Punch. With Chandelure in the trick room, Audino can assist with helping hand to at least do some reasonable damage. After you can be used to get some coverage next turn, either it be healing or using substitute to use Shadow Ball against other trick room threats such as Reuniclus/Golurk/Chandelure. Healer/Safeguard protects against the likes of Spore/Thunderwave, allowing it's partner to have some sort of protective shield against Amoonguss. This is all I was able to make out Audino, with a low speed and hopefully at least making use of its supporting role.
Having a lot of fun with a gimmicky Audino that uses Simple Beam. Alongside a Scrafty with Amnesia and Bulk Up, it can often turn Scrafty into a wall on the first turn if the opponent doesn't have both special and physical attacks in their lead set.

Simple Beam also has the unintended but useful side effect of crippling Conkeldurr, turning his Flame Orb against him.

For other attacks, I keep shuffling between an amalgam of Trick Room (more Scrafty support), Heal Pulse (to help Scrafty's recovery as he sets up), Lucky Chant (because crits are a Scrafty's worst enemy), and Encore. Obviously with a filler attack like Ice Beam alongside the other three.
Outside of Heal Pulse, I don't see how this thing isn't completely outclassed by any other Trick Room user. It's even weak to Fighting, so it's even worse than other Trick Room users.


Having a lot of fun with a gimmicky Audino that uses Simple Beam. Simple Beam also has the unintended but useful side effect of crippling Conkeldurr, turning his Flame Orb against him.

Gimmicks are good in VGC.

TorchicBlaziken, please write the analysis. Audino is a cool poke and it's not to be ignored.

This slightly warps Simple Beam's utility, making it so that Audino basically has to be faster for it to work well. Not deal-breaking, but something to keep in mind. Simple Beam seems too gimmicky to work to me, although to be honest, I haven't used it, so I shouldn't talk.
That's interesting if true, and definitely makes Audino and Beheeyem more difficult to use. Any idea if that mechanical change was implemented in PO? I haven't been doing rigorous calculations, but I haven't noticed any changes to the mechanics of Simple on there.

One redeeming factor is that this strategy has been most successful when used in a Trick Room set up by the leads. Because Audino, at 50 base speed, is slower than most of its Simple Beam targets, it can generally fire the Beam before its target starts boosting. Outside of Trick Room, a Simple Beam user would be well served to use the move as its target is switching in. Audino can be built with sufficient bulk to get the move off even if it's moving last, except against moves like Conkeldurr's Hammer Arm (which tends to be less common).
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