BW Ubers Tournament II [Round 3]

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BW Ubers Tournament II
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Basically a final hurrah for BW Ubers. While B2W2 is not a new generation, it will drastically change the metagame with new forms and new movesets, among other things. For this reason, the tier will be frozen so no new items, abilities, or pokemon forms added will not be legal in this tournament.

Tournament Rules
  • Ubers - BW
  • 6v6 Singles
  • Single Elimination

  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Wifi Battle

Okay, so I'm pretty disappointed at the lack of matches done, but I can't really do anything about them seeing as most of their participants either have not been on in a week or are forever destined to match dodge (KD24). Hopefully all the johns have been eliminated at this point (yeah right).

Round 2 Coinflips:
SethZiBritannia vs Z-rex
AkHolic vs dragonboy52

Round 2 Activity Wins:
BIG loven vs Morgenstern
Lusso vs PasY_G
Donkey vs Hugendugen
sOaz vs Megan_Fox
Hogan vs Seco453
Grimm70 vs Rockhp31
Metal Bagon vs Eos
kd24 vs LuckOverSkill
soviet vs Euler
DetroitLolcat vs Kennen

Round 2 Extensions:
Foster vs drcossack
[K-12] The Madchine vs Basti

Extension Deadline: Sunday, July 22, at 23:59 CDT (GMT-5)

Round 3 Matches
Grimm70 vs BKC
Kennen vs Focus
davidness vs Foster
Megan_Fox vs Steven Snype
BIG loven vs pokebasket
DarkLoic vs [K-12] The Madchine
Noodlez vs Alice
Lamppost vs Fiction.
Iconic vs LuckOverSkill
Double01 vs H-C
Seco453 vs Metal Bagon
dragonboy52 vs mostwanted
soviet vs vs Vinc2612
Hugendugen vs darkhallway
PasY_G vs Iceydude168
Z-rex vs -Mind-

Deadline - Friday, July 27, at 23:59 CDT (GMT-5)

~Highlight Matches~

I am requesting that anyone involved in a highlight match save the log/replay and PM it to me. I will not reveal teams until the end of the tournament, and as BW1 Ubers is an obsolete metagame, there should be little issue with team secrecy.

Megan_Fox vs Steven Snype

Legend has it that Megan_Fox once beat -mind- 7-0 in a DPP Ubers match. On the other hand, Steven Snype is no slouch, impressing the Circus Maximus Tigers enough to recruit him despite his limited VGC experience. Who knows what these two players have in store?

Noodlez vs Alice

Versatile Brazilian Noodlez faces underrated Belgian Alice in a match of national pride and romantic tension. Gamblers have deigned to bet not only on the outcome of this match, but also on how many times Noodlez will switch teams before he picks one.

Iconic vs LuckOverSkill

Iconic once again find himself the subject of a highlight match, but only because he is iconic for being terrible. Will Smogon newcomer LuckOverSkill prove his mettle and win or prove his namesake and lose?
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