BW UU Tournament

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As part of the fresh start in wifi I'll be running a BW UU tournament. So hopefully you can play, but even if not, you should try breeding Pokemon in the UU tier and trading them to players who may need them to participate.

  • This will be a 6v6 singles tournament played over BW wifi with Team Preview.
  • All Pokemon in the Smogon BL, OU, and Ubers tiers are banned.
  • Banned Abilities - Drought and Moody have been banned from UU.
  • Species Clause - You may not use two Pokemon with the same Pokedex number.
  • Sleep Clause - You may only sleep one of your opponents Pokemon at a time, sleeping a second one through your move selection is considered a forfeit.
  • OHKO Clause - No OHKO moves such as Sheer Cold, Guillotine, and Fissure.
  • Evasion Clause - No Double Team or Minimize.

To join simply post "in". Signups will last until there are 32 players or a week, whichever comes first.
Not open for further replies.